25+ Acrylic Nails Ideas – Ultimate Guide to the best for you

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Acrylic nails are not a recent invention, but celebrities and social media have given them a big boost back to the top. Do you want some awesome nail art ideas to try this summer? Are you curious about the tips to keep them in the prime state? You have come to the right place! In this article, we are going to show you the best Acrylic Nails ideas.

What are acrylic nails?

When you combine a liquid monomer and a powder polymer, you will obtain a paste that can bond to your real nails. While not hardening yet, the manicurist will shape them to the desired form, depending on what you want for the length, strength, and thickness.

Unlike gel nails, they don’t need to be subjected to UV lights to set, and they are much more durable. Although we can agree that gel nails look more natural, the difference is not too noticeable, hence you won’t be losing anything when you choose acrylic nails.

When done correctly, the nails should last from six to eight weeks. By getting a touchup between the newly grown cuticle and the nail, you can improve the appearance and maintain the best condition for the acrylic nails.

Best Acrylic Nails Ideas Designs

Rose Quartz

Acrylic Nails Ideas

The first design on the list is for new acrylic havers! Oval shape and average length make it fairly easy to maintain. The rosy hues resemble real crystals with a feminine vibe that suits either a flower-printed dress or a more formal attire!

Credit: ozh39k

Race Patterns

Black & white squares, fiery red, flames – you will find all of them in a racing track. It is about time these brilliant designs coming to life on your new acrylic nails! Summer is the best season for competitions and sports after all!

Credit: art of kia

Bandana Tips

If there is a pattern that promotes the American aura the most, it must be a bandana! It stands for revolution and union during the last decades of the previous century. The fighting spirit now spreads to the LGBT statement as well. You can pick this detailed design for a strong statement.

Credit: paragon nails

Black Roses

Goth ladies who love moody yet classic looks would be head over heels for crackles enhanced by two roses with a gemstone in the center. The main colors used here are red and black, finished by a nail filled with raven glitters. It has to be on your list of evening wears!

Credit: erika marie nails

Barbie Pink Glitter Nails

Are you still singing along to ‘I am a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world’? You wouldn’t want to miss out on these clear pink nails with glitters! The highlight here, according to us, is the transparent allure that isn’t usually seen.

Credit: chaun legend

Aztec Nail Art

A touch of ethnicity can take your nail art to a whole new level! We enhance the ring finger by drawing an Aztec pattern on the nail coated with a light pink shade, the rest of the nails are filled with dark brown for a nice and outstanding contrast.

Credit: nail sunny

Ballerina Pink Nails

It looks extremely simple with gentle pink decorating the long & slim nails and silver glitters emphasizing the finger you want to put in the spotlight. It certainly can be conversation starters when you match it with equally lovely and elegant outfits.

Credit: art of kia

Butterfly Acrylic Nails

If you are all about nature and liveliness, don’t skip these cute little butterflies! With a bright blue canvas, the picture is more realistic than ever! Yes, it is kind of flirty too, if you are aiming for a beach look!

Credit: kd’s nails

Neon Acrylic Nails

Nude and neon are almost on the opposites of the intensity, but together, they create an explosive effect. You can do ombre like this artist does or paint the area with swirls – the vibrancy remains the same!

Credit: lesley stevenson

Galaxy Acrylic Nails

I can’t seem to find a flaw in this design, how about you? Tiny, intricate details have always had my heart, and the mysterious eyes surrounded by glittering stars are too gorgeous! If you are fond of astrology or celestial, you would hate to let this chance slip!

Credit: victoria nichol nails

Pink Peony

Peony resembles femininity, power, prosperity, and nobility. It is quite tricky if you want it on your nails, but a professional would excel! Since the flower is already intricate, you only need champagne pink or nude polishes for the other nails, preferably with a gemstone on each cuticle! Don’t be shy to accentuate one nail with shimmers!

Credit: ana 0m

Mermaid Patterns

No one will be able to take their eyes off this gorgeous design inspired by mermaids from fairytales. The metallic polishes combined with glitters turn your nails into the best resemblance of scales. Try a simple, monotone costume to commend the intricacy!

Credit: paragon nails

Neon Green

We have to admit this lime green is one of the most audacious shades when it comes to polishes, although not everyone is confident enough to flaunt their nails in such hues. Paint the filed tips and the edges with green and fill the rest with nude color – wow, you will be the focus of the crowd!

Credit: elize nails

Asian Lucky Kitties

The most obvious benefit of acrylics is the freedom you have when it comes to cultural designs. The inspiration this time is the famous fortune kitty from Asia with the pattern of half circles that symbolizes wealth. It is great for the New Year holidays, but the vibrancy suits summer just fine.

Credit: lacquered lawyer

Radiant Cherry Art

You are missing out on all summer funs if you neglect the bright shades of pink with cherry designs! It is lovely enough for a beach date and bold enough for a night party! We have to give the manicurist brownie points for the rhinestones on top!

Credit: adore dolls parlour

White Marble Nail Art

If your nails are square with medium length, you would love to decorate them with a white base and black swirls. The effect is similar to the finest marble. The best thing about it is it takes less effort than it appears to be!

Credit: style ‘n designs

Evil Eyes

They say evil eyes can chase away the negative energy, so why not try them on your new nails? Using gemstones for the eyes and colored patterns on surrounding nails, the uniqueness has no limit. You can have two nail shapes for this look too!

Credit: nails by nurse

Black, White, and Gold

Although the designs are vastly different, the synchronization of the colors still connects them. We have one nail painted black and another with golden glitters, leaving the rest as room for creativity. Little hearts or stripes in bold hues are more than enough to capture the eyes.

Credit: the cuddl

Unique Onyx with Gold Glitters

Acrylics seem to be the perfect base for glitters. Even a design as simple as this can turn heads and become the showstopper. Paint your nails black and adorn the tips with gold glitters, and you are good to go. Don’t hesitate to be extra with sparkles on one nail for emphasis!

Credit: wink and blush

Deep Ocean on Short Nails

Something about abstract designs makes them such a great match for acrylic nails, and we can mimic the effect of the endless ocean on short nails. Whoever told you short nails cannot flaunt a manicure, they are definitely wrong!

Credit: pinterest

Clear Clean False Nails

We suppose we can end a list of extravagant and flashy designs with something completely different. With your acrylic nails filed into a square shape and painted with a mildly sparkly, clear polish, you can wear them anywhere, from casual hangouts to formal work hours.

Credit: nail garden

Acrylic Nails Tips

#1. Make sure your nails are healthy enough to get acrylic nails. Don’t force them to endure acrylics if they are already weak and brittle. Jojoba oil is one of the easiest oils for the nails to absorb, hence they are better than commercial strengthener products, which contain formaldehyde.

#2. Check if the tools in use are in great condition. An instrument not sterilized can lead to a serious infection that is bad for your manicure and your health.

#3. The manicure side is important. The acrylics also need to be taken care of, or they won’t stick to your cuticles for long.

#4. You are probably very excited about the discussion and choosing part, which is also important. If you are getting acrylics for the first time, go for the classic oval shape and the minimum length because they are low-maintenance. When you become more familiarized with intricate nails, they might have grown longer and ready to be filled.

#5. Now that you have adorned fancy nails, you need to spare them some attention. Of course, we still have chores to attend to, but if you use cleaning products, always wear gloves, especially if there is bleach in the substance.

#6. Prepare a small bottle of cuticle oil and bring it with you. If the nails look dry, don’t hesitate to apply the oil right away.


Are acrylic nails safe?

The bad reputation thrown onto acrylic nails is not entirely true. Indeed, they leave side effects on your nails if you don’t take care of them well, but most nail products are not harmless either.

The crucial part is the removal. Impactful chemicals might weaken your nails, but the damage is only temporary if you follow the steps accurately.

Another thing to keep in mind is the breathing space between the nail sessions. Every three or six months, you should stop getting acrylic nails and let your real nails have time to recover and rejuvenate.

How to remove acrylics?

Since we emphasize the importance of the removal process, it would be our mishap to not suggest a good method.

– No matter what you do, don’t ever try to pull the acrylic nails off with force. The adhesive is strong enough to damage your cuticles.

– The best way to get the artificial nails removed is by letting a professional take care of them for you. It takes time and effort, but it lives up to every second you spend.

– They will use electric filing to dispose of the top layer of the acrylic before wrapping the nails in foil made of cotton balls soaked with acetone. If there is excess acrylic, it will be removed with a cuticle pusher and cuticle oil.

Are acrylic nails high maintenance?

Let’s face the harsh truth. Manicurists all agree that their clients need to come back after every 2 weeks for a touchup if they want the nails to look as perfect as new. With the right maintenance, the set will stay with you for 6 weeks at least and 8 weeks at most.

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Final Thoughts

You have got every necessary piece of intel about acrylic nails, hopefully, you will be more confident about trying these beautiful creations! If you are looking for specific nail art to adorn on a special occasion, don’t hesitate to shoot us a comment!

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