Almond Nails | 21 Amazing Designs for Summer

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When it comes to elongating the length of the fingers (optically) and emphasizing the feminine allure, almond nails have little to no competition, especially when it leaves generous room for creative art designs as well. However, there are still notices you need to know before you jump onto the bandwagon.

Things to Know about Almond Nails

– If you are trying to shape your nails to the almond form, it is better to start from short square nails. Be patient and file the nails until you achieve an oval shape, then finally almond. For a more practical explanation, you can file towards the center.

– Many people believe the almond shape needs the nails to be at an average length at least, but you would love to keep them short for a less dramatic look. The shape prevents your nails from wearing and tearing, hence the maintenance is not overly high.

– Almond nails might cause your daily routine some struggles. You will find it more difficult to open a can or unbutton your clothes, all in exchange for a sophisticated set of nails. If you choose to flaunt these nails, it is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and forget about the blunt yet convenient nails.

Beautiful Designs for Almond Nails

Abstract Almond Nails

If you like to flaunt your artistic side, there is no better choice than abstract patterns. You have various designs to experiment with: colorful dots, unruly swirls, or geometrical shapes. With a nude or pastel coat, you have a canvas ready to commend the spontaneous lines decorating your nails.

The fun doesn’t stop here! What makes this design fun is you can play with the colors as much as you want to!

Credit: pretty little you stamford

Rainbow Almonds

We need a whole rainbow to celebrate the most festive season of the year as well as pride month. However, when painted with a variety of soft colors, it also radiates tenderness along with vibrancy. You might want to try ombre for a more impressive appearance.

Credit: chill house

Press-on Nails

These press-on nails are nothing like the sticker we played with during our childhood! If you don’t want to try the acrylics or you have unfortunately broken them, the press-on can be a quick substitute. Certainly, you have complete freedom to test new designs before making them official!

Credit: allure

Nude & Neon

Pair your favorite nude base with bright neon polishes (green and blue are very remarkable!), and people would have no chance of taking their eyes off you. Random triangular shapes commend this style so well, though you surely can try swirls for more subtlety.

Credit: hey nice nails

Watercolor and Smiley Faces

Have you ever thought “why do I have to stick to one color or pattern”? A spectrum of pastel colors looks great on your nails, but a smiley face on the coating will only make them better. How can we possibly be in a bad mood with happy emoticons always within sight?

Credit: rowi singh

Glittery & Golden Almond Nails

If you are new to almond nails, you probably would want to keep them short and neat, but it doesn’t mean you need to skip intricate nail airs! Take a different route with glittery gradients and shiny stars, and you will be the center of attention.

Credit: she nail did

Outlined Almonds

There are simply too many ideas you can generate from the colors of the spectrum! Instead of painting the nails, you can opt for a diaphanous base and outline the nails with prominent shades. It won’t be as colorful and strong on the eyes as a whole rainbow if you are looking for a subtle design!

Credit: olive and june

Ocean Blue & Deep Green

Shades of the ocean will never be outdated, not when summer is still with us. Instead of relying on blue hues, you might as well experiment with a tinge of green for more depth and transition. Should you find the design plain, a few black swirls can make up for it!

Credit: pinterest

Floral & Gorgeous

Incorporating the season into your OOTD is never a bad idea, and the nails are not an exception. You can paint four of your nails with a pale, pastel shade and give the last one a contrasting base with a flower on top! It looks like blossoms are flourishing on your hands!

Credit: pinterest

Heart Tips

So many twists can be done to the classic French, and these crimson hearts are one of them. However, they are much better on almond nails with length, therefore you might want to grow your nails a little or get some acrylics at the salon!

Credit: kim kim nails

Exotic Pink

Metallic and matte polishes create a contrasting yet balanced effect on the nails. But it gets even more fun with glitters all over your pinky fingers, and a few golden stones on the cuticles. If the gold gemstones feel too extravagant for you, try silver or white!

Credit: pinterest

French Manicure with Butterflies

The almond shape is simply perfect for French manicures because both of them are made to flaunt elegance. The artist begins with clear polish for a glossy look then borders the tips with a tender shade of pink before finishing the artwork with butterfly stickers and a high-quality top coat.

Credit: pretty little you stamford

‘Just Do It’ Logo

Who said sneakers can’t get along with stylish nails? You need a diaphanous polish for a neutral base and different neon hues to highlight the nails by the edges before completing the look with the famous commas of NIKE. Emphasize them however you like!

Credit: nail’d by kimberley

Floral Patterns

Whenever you are in doubt, you can put your faith in a floral pattern. It doesn’t have to be vibrant and colorful! The artist chooses tamed hues like pink, white, grey, and a bit of black for this nail art. Having the intricate design on two or three nails is enough, the rest will be perfect with a matte ombre.

Credit: pinterest

Crystals & Matte

If a matte base seems too simple for you but you don’t want any details either, adding several crystals is a wise solution! We love emphasizing one nail only, hence the placement of the gemstones is extremely important. Impressive and class are what this design promises!

Credit: almond nails

Pink Yin & Yang

Instead of black & white, you can pick two contrasting colors from thousands of shades out there and recreate this symbol of balance. First, paint the tips in French style with the lighter color, let it cure, and top it with the darker shade. Don’t forget the dots, and you are ready!

Credit: nails by daisy may

Starburst Nails

Almond nails give you plenty of space to play with detailed designs, and you can try these cute starbursts for a taste of nostalgia for summer festivals and fireworks. After decorating the smaller nails with several shimmering stripes, the almond shape will truly stand out.

Credit: over glowed it

Stained Glass Almond Nails

Have you ever looked at stained glass and let the ethereal glow consume your mind? With the same patterns on, your nails will never be unnoticed. Manicurists suggest marble, haze, artistic strokes, and of course rhinestones for the maximum effect!

Credit: pinterest

Pink & Blue Glitters

What is the first thought that comes to your mind if you need to decorate a matte pink base? Probably not blue glitters, yet they are surprisingly compatible! The contrast is simply irresistible. Warning: Prepare yourself for conversation starters from people!

Credit: bella tag

Pink & Purple Candy Swirls

Get ready for your disco nights with these retro and lovely swirls! The pattern with hearts of different sizes is what we call “love is in the air”. You might also save it for the next Valentine’s since this design can easily set the mood.

Credit: faveable

Colorful Almond Nails

This design might have a stable ranking in any list of rainbow nails, but it will stay in our almond category for now! The silver sequins create a unique base for the glittering, colorful stripes that easily capture everyone’s eyes.

Credit: nail pro magazine

Funny Almond Nails

Almond nails are the epitome of elegance, but an exception always exists! On a nude base, let your creativity and spontaneity take over in the form of black patterns, and you will be surprised will the funny and attractive result!

Credit: rebecca’s nails 07


Are almond nails and stiletto nails different?

They share so many similarities that the most obvious difference you will notice is the tip! Almond nails are broader at the tips compared to the stiletto shape. They are both elegant and feminine, but you can feel the audacity in stiletto nails, while almond nails lean more towards the quiet and tender side.

Do almond nails break easily?

Since they have a rounded tip and a broader body than stiletto or coffin nails, they are more durable. As a matter of fact, they can’t overpower square and round nail shapes.

What is the most popular nail shape?

There are some factors that determine the popularity of a nail shape, for example, the trend of the year and the impression you want to leave. For people who adore flashy outfits, coffin or stiletto nails are irreplaceable, while sporty and active folks love to keep their nails short and round for low maintenance.

What are the best drawings for almond nails?

– The lines should be neat and smooth, arranged in a graceful setting to accentuate the femininity of the nails.

– Keep in mind minimalism is trendy. Don’t hesitate to decorate only one nail of each hand and leave the rest as simple as you could.

– For now, people love geometry, light lace, abstract, and floral patterns. The colors for each design might change according to the season, hence you should always keep an eye on the news!

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Final Thoughts

Are these designs inspiring enough for you to try out the stylish and elegant almond nails? Do you want to follow the trends or pave your own path through this summer? Don’t forget to let us know by commenting below!

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