Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy – Beauty Angel RVT 30 Review

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It seems like there are always new and innovative beauty procedures being marketed as must-try processes. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to know which processes to try and which companies are trustworthy. Beauty Angel offers a variety of beauty services and is a reliable company. One of the most popular services you will come across is Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy.

What Beauty Angel Offers

beauty angel red light therapy

You can feel safe using all of Beauty Angel’s services and products. The brand is part of the JK, a company which has been in successful operation for over 40 years. All of Beauty Angel’s products and services are created in Germany and are tested to meet all relevant standards of the European Union.

Beauty Angel specializes in offering you services for your skin and body, and has six main products for you to try. Here is a little more information about them:

  • Beauty Angel ELT: hanging panel device using Energizing Light Technology (ELT).
  • Beauty Light and Sunlight: machine like a tanning bed, offering you various light treatment options.
  • Whole Body Relaxation: bed style for relaxation with music and light therapy.
  • Beauty Angel RVT 30 Vibra Shape: combines red light therapy and whole-body vibration in standing booth.
  • Energizing Skin Massage: massage combined with light therapy.
  • Beauty ‘N’ Go: fast treatment for combination of light therapy and beauty procedures.

All of Beauty Angel’s services are offered at many salons and spas. If you like the sound of one of the treatments, you can do some research in the area around you to find a place offering Beauty Angel services.

What is Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy?

Whole Body Relaxation

Beauty Angel has taken advantage of a procedure that has gained popularity as of late, red light therapy, and added it as an aspect in the majority of their services. What is red light therapy, you ask? It’s a good question and important to understand before you use Beauty Angel treatments.

Red light therapy, also known as low level laser therapy, is a process by which wavelengths are emitted through the skin and absorbed to have a positive effect on cellular energy, nervous system, and metabolic processes. (1)

You cannot feel red light therapy because it doesn’t produce heat, so you don’t need to worry about experiencing any pain. Red light therapy has been shown to offer many benefits for joint and tissue health, and even anti-aging benefits.

How does the Beauty Angel RVT 30 work?

Beauty Angel RVT 30 Reviews – Vibra Shape

The Beauty Angel RVT 30 is a machine that has become very popular due to its ease of use and the many benefits offered. It is often used at gyms, salons, and spas. It is sometimes referred to Total Body Enhancement.

The first thing to know about the RVT 30, is that it uses non-UV rays, so there is no reason to be worried about skin damage as a result of engaging in the procedure. The Beauty Angel Total Body Enhancement is a standing both, which resembles a tanning booth.

The Total Body Enhancement is different from most red light therapy machines because it combines its treatment with whole-body vibration. This combination creates new opportunities for a collection of benefits. The machine is meant for use by one person at a time.

Don’t worry about using it for the first time, it’s simpler than you think. Here’s what you will do:

  • Go into the booth. It’s up to you how clothed you want to be. The skin you want to be treated should be exposed.
  • Use the remote control to turn the Total Body Enhancement machine on.
  • You will then select your settings for the whole-body vibration foot pad and for the cooling fan.
  • Then you are good to go!

While your eyes are completely safe while using the Total Body Enhancement machine, the lights are fairly bright. So, if your eyes are usually sensitive to the sun, you may want to consider wearing sunglasses while you stand in the booth, for increased comfort.

How to use Beauty Angel RVT 30?

Benefits of Beauty Angel Total Body Enhancement

Energizing Skin Massage

You must be asking yourself if there is a real purpose to using the Total Body Enhancement machine, or if it is simply another superfluous procedure. The answer is that, not only will you receive benefits from your time in the Beauty Angel RVT 30, but you won’t experience any side effects either.

These are the benefits you can reap from using Total Body Enhancement:

  • Combination of red light therapy and whole-body vibration can aid in reaching your weight loss goals.
  • Red light therapy is helpful for repairing sun damage to your skin.
  • Consistent treatments over time can lead to the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.
  • Can help in healing acne and other skin blemishes.
  • Will speed up the healing process of wounds.
  • Works to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Energizes you before a workout.
  • Helps reduce stress levels.

Now that you know the benefits you have to gain, you should start searching for a gym, salon, or spa near you where you can use the Total Body Enhancement machine.

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Results and Side Effects of Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy


Nothing is a miracle fix, and the same is true of the Beauty Angel RVT 30. If you rely solely on treatments in the Total Body Enhancement machine, you will see results over time, but they will not be as distinct and permanent as if you combine your treatments will proper diet and exercise.

The body and skin benefits that red light therapy offers does stand on their own, however, they will be enhanced when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. And, as you know, when it comes to reaping any weight loss benefits, you need to be sure that you’re following an effective regime for your weight loss to show and stick.

You will not experience any negative side effects from using Total Body Enhancement, as it uses natural procedures to provide benefits to your body. Just remember that it is advisable to take 48 breaks between Total Body Enhancement treatments.

If you want to get palpable results from your time spent in the Beauty Angel RVT 30, you will need to commit to consistent, long-term use of the machine. While you may notice slight changes after just a few treatments, the real changes will come after a few months of use.


There is no risk to trying the Beauty Angel RVT 30, in fact you stand to gain a lot from prolonged use. If you’re looking to optimize your exercise and beauty regimen, then spending time in the Total Body Enhancement machine is just what you need. Once you start searching, you’ll be surprised to learn how popular the RVT 30 is, and how easily you can find one near you!

13 thoughts on “Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy – Beauty Angel RVT 30 Review”

  1. Thank you so much. I was so lost the first time I used it because they ran through the instructions so fast and when I got in the booth I just started pushing buttons so I don’t know if I was enhanced or not. But reading your article it is now crystal clear. So thank you once again.

  2. You will not experience any negative side effects from using Total Body Enhancement, as it uses natural procedures to provide benefits to your body. Just remember that it is advisable to take 48 breaks between Total Body Enhancement treatments.

    48 breaks???????

  3. I tried this for the first time today at my local gym. I liked it, but a word of caution – if you have any disc problems or sciatica, take it slow – you may want to avoid using the vibrating plate at all and just use the light therapy until you’re sure your body can handle the vibration. Depending on the vibration program you select, it can be pretty intense. I enjoyed it, but by the end, I really was ready to get out – 12 minutes was a little long for me the first time. (And 12 minutes was the session my gym offered – you’d have to do a double session to hit the 20-minute mark, if your gym allows it.)

    I will say it’s very relaxing, and very easy to kind of get into a meditative state while in the booth. I tried it on a whim today, because the hydro massage chairs that I normally use after my workout were out of order. I’m glad I tried it – I’ll probably do it a few times a week in rotation with the hydro chairs.

    In terms of the breaks, the labels on the side of the machine say to use it 2-3 times per week, so a break of 48 hours as mentioned in other comments would make sense.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I recently watched a YouTube video reviewing the various aspects of Beauty Angel RVT30. While the 820 nm can be beneficial, the amount of EMF and flicker from the lights are actually quite toxic. Any benefit derived from the red light is overshadowed by the negative impact of exposure to high levels of EMF and also a dangerous amount of flicker. I am bummed about this since it means I will stop using the device, but this information was validated by the engineer who tested 3 devices at 3 locations, and they all resulted in the same findings. So, I’ll be looking for red light options that limit EMF and flicker exposure. I’m not trying to solve one health issue whilst causing another. So bummed.

    • Hi,
      I just started using one of these machines at my gym, I know what EMF is but what are you referring to about flicker? Of the lights? If so, what harm does that do?
      Thank you


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