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Welcome to the list of acrylic nail kits for your convenience!

Acrylic nails are a mixture of powder and liquid monomer that combines and forms into a little dough-like substance. Acrylic nail is another term for saying “false” nails or “fake” nails. This is another type of nail you can ask for when you go to the nail salon. There are many nail types and designs that professional can do for you. However, you can do it on your own as well.

Although there are many kinds of false nails; gel nails being one, the process of getting acrylic nails does not require a UV or LED lamp to cure the nails. There is only one process to getting acrylic nails and it is quite easy since the process never changes.

The benefit to getting acrylic nails is that you do not have to stay with the original nail shape of your nails and you can shape acrylic nails into whatever shape you desire: round, oval almond, squared, squoval coffin or stiletto.

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When you are looking for acrylic nail kits, the first thing you want to do is make sure it that the powder and liquid that you use is of high quality. Making sure that an acrylic liquid is easy to work with is something you want to look at because you have to sculpt your nails into the shape that you desire.

If you use an acrylic liquid that is not doing a great job, then it will be hard to shape your nails. In doing so, you will be wasting a lot of time. You also want to make sure that the acrylic liquid has been tested and approved by the Board of Cosmetology.

What you also want to look for is to make sure that the acrylic nails that you want to buy or that comes with a kit has little to no odor. You do not want to smell the fumes of the acrylic liquid all day. That is not good for your health and it just smells awful!

Here is a list of acrylic nail kits you can choose from to get the nails you want without stepping out of your home!

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Warm Girl Pro Acrylic Liquid Powder

If you are looking for options, then you can’t go wrong with this Warm Girl Pro Acrylic Liquid Powder. There are 12 different colors of acrylic powder and this acrylic nail powder kit comes with a dappen dish, so you can hold a small quantity of the acrylic liquid. This way, it makes it easier for you to mix and apply the liquid and powder.

Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail Set for Beginners

If you are a beginner, you do not have to feel intimidated by applying acrylic nails on your own. You can get this Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail Set for Beginners to guide you through the process. This professional acrylic nail kit will give you professional looking nails in no time. In this kit, some of the things you will receive are white, pink, beige, and clear powder, liquid monomer, nail tips, a sanding block buffer, a nail file, a dappen dish, and a dust brush.

Mia Secret Acrylic Nail Kit

Here is another acrylic nail kit from Mia Secret. This Acrylic Nail Kit is great because you can take it on the go with you. This makes it easy because if your nail breaks, you can fix it wherever you are and you won’t have to wait to get it fixed at a nail salon; you can do it yourself!

Beauty Sales Odorless Acrylic Nails Kit System

You do not want to have nails that smell bad. Of course, it is not healthy to continue to have this smell surrounding your nose, but you also don’t want you nails to have the same smell. You can get this Beauty Sales Odorless Acrylic Nails Kit System because it is great for people that are new to acrylic nails and people who love to wear them. You won’t be turned off by the idea of getting acrylic nails.

NSI Attraction Acrylic Sampler Kit

In order to get an idea of what you are looking for or like, this NSI Attraction Acrylic Sampler Kit would be of great use. You can use this to get a feel for how acrylic nails feel and get used to them on your fingernails. This acrylic nail kit is great for beginners.

KISS French Acrylic Sculpture Kit

Are French nails your favorite kind of style? You can get this KISS French Acrylic Sculpture Kit to do French acrylic tips and the great thing about this kit is that it can be used for other nail designs as well! This is a great at home acrylic nail kit if you are looking to practice and see how your French acrylic nails come out or any other nail design you want.

Young Nails Professional Acrylic Kit

You don’t have to keep buying separate acrylic nails when you want to do your nails because this Young Nails Professional Acrylic Kit has enough of all its products to create 50 sets of acrylic nails! This kit is great professional acrylic nail starter kit, so you continue doing your nails when you break a nail or if you want to change your nail art.

Baisidai Acrylic Liquid Powder Tool Kit

Now, you can do your nails professional and at home; all without having to go to the nail salon. This Basisidai Acrylic Liquid Powder Tool Kit is great for those who are just beginning to do their own nails. There are fingers you can practice on before you do your own nails and even practice nail designs. This acrylic kit can’t do you wrong if you want to learn how to do acrylic nails on your own.

Coscelia Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Kit

Are you a fan of glitter? You can now find your favorite colors in this Coscelia Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Kit. Let your nails sparkle in the sunlight and feel good about your nails. This full acrylic kit is great because your nail can last a long time and the glitter will not fade. While you’re at it, you can strengthen your nails as well.

TP Nail Care Acrylic Nail Kit

If you are looking for something simple and easy, you can’t go wrong with this TP Nail Care Acrylic Nail Kit. The acrylic nails adhesive is strong enough, so you can have a clean and professional finish when you apply them. Also, your nails won’t be discolored when you put these nails on. This kit comes with acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, bond primer, a buffer, a nail file, nail glue, 20 nail tips, and an acrylic nail brush.

Alternatives to Acrylic Nails

If you don’t think that acrylic nails are best for you, you can always try gel nail tips. Instead of using acrylic powder and liquid, gel nails are cured under a UV or LED lamp. These nails can last up to three weeks if take care of them properly.

You can also try fiberglass nails. If you have short nails, you will be able to use this kind of nail and look like you have long nails. These nails are thin wraps that are being applied to your nail for extra reinforcement and a hard surface.

Some fiberglass kits you can use are:

DIY Acrylic Nail

The first thing you want to do is prep your own nail, so it can be ready when you’re going to apply the acrylic nails.

Step 1: Use a cuticle remover and pusher to remove any cuticle that might be on the nail bed.

Step 2: Using a buffer to smoothen out your nail and get rid of any shine.

Step 3: Remove the dust that appeared once you started to buffer your nails.

Step 4: Pick out the correct nail size for each of your nails.

Step 5: Apply a small amount of glue to the nail tip where it will meet your natural nail.

Step 6: Press and hold each of the nail tips to your nails until it is firm and let it dry

Step 7: Cut down the nails to your desired length.

Step 8: File down the nail to your desired shape or until it is not too sharp.

Now you’re ready to apply the acrylic powder!

Step 9: Pour your acrylic liquid into a dappen dish

Step 10: Take a brush and dip it into the acrylic liquid and then into the acrylic powder and wipe of the excess liquid.

Step 11: Apply the mix of acrylic liquid and powder on the brush onto each of your nails, one by one. Make sure to smooth out any bumps.

Step 12: Wait for each of your nails to dry. It should be hard after it’s done.

Step 13: File the entire nail until it is smooth all around to get a nice finish.

Step 14: Apply any color you like to your acrylic nails and finish it off with a top coat.

How to Remove Acrylic Nails

To remove acrylic nails when you’re ready to take them off is by soaking your hand in acetone for a couple of minutes or you can clip your acrylic nails as short as you can and pry the edges off with something pointy. However, using a nail polish with acetone is the better option.

Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight with this list and you know the benefits of acrylic nails and what kit you want to get!

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