Top 10 Best Fast Drying Nail Polish Reviews and Buying Guide

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Enough said and done, how your nails look like makes a real fashion statement. That, of course, applies to you ladies. Just like a killer necklace on your neck, or even some classic shoes on your feet, nail color can make an essential body part accessory. The color also needs to match with the season, event, and value.

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Getting a fast drying nail polish is not just a walk in the park. The market is so full of different types of products. Choosing one from among the similar many becomes a hard task. There’s a need of understanding what to look out for when searching. That’s why this review intends to remove the burden from your shoulders by providing you with a buyer’s guide and the best products.

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What to Consider when Searching for Fast Drying Nail Polish

Nail Types

Before you venture out to start searching, it is better to understand nail polish types. There’re four types, including base coat, color polish, top coat, and specialty formulas. Base coats are the starters and are thin, colorless, and fast drying and are for the first application. It’s optional, but necessary in case you want to make an application of a color polish that’s highly pigmented. The top coat usually covers the color polish as a protective layer for the nail. It protects against breaking, flaking, chipping, and also creates manicure durability.

Polish Formulas

We have unique formulas like Gel, crackle, and shimmery nail polish. The Gel works just like regular polish, while shimmery and crackle needs a base color underneath.


The way the chosen nail polish smells is essential. Remember your fingernails become a fashion statement when polished and not something to keep people away. A sweat smell will make you and the people around you comfortable. Don’t go for a product with a strong odor as it might make people choke and run away from you.


Quality and Brand are synonymous. Individual companies are known to produce quality products. Nail polish quality looks at the ability to dry fast, and the time it lasts on your nails. It’s essential to know the features to look out for and the formulation before you choose.


Color combination is crucial as it determines the extent you portray the fashion statement. You can choose your preferred or matching color. Just consider well before you settle on a particular color combination.


Think about the finish and glittering. Some things like nails are just made to glitter and attract. Depending on your specific preference you can choose either shimmer or matte finish. Nails with a glittering polish are more noticeable than those with dull colors.

List of Top 10 Best products

INM Northern Lights-Hologram Top Coat- DUO

James and Charlene, when they started the venture of nail fashions, didn’t realize what they’re giving out to the community. Times later, their investment grew and became INM (International Nail Manufacturers). All this to meet the needs of nail technicians and products users.

The Northern lights is a perfect nail polish product with super-quick drying topcoat. It has a glittering ability with its finely processed particles of holographic film producing a dazzling three-dimensional effect. The polish is unique as it dries smoothly within 45 seconds. You can easily remove it with polish removers. Applying it ensures you that, your nails don’t turn yellow.

Notable Features and Benefits

  • Super Drying: All enlightened nail technicians know that INM is the product of choice. Nail coat lovers prefer it because of its super drying ability.
  • Nail Art: The nail product has established itself as excellent for nail art. The polish advertises what nail art can do, its beauty and durability.
  • Top Coat: You need to test it out to see what kind of glitter this product possesses. Considered everywhere as the most top nail product makes it highly rated.

ILNP Juliette Holographic-Nail Polish, Rose- Gold

The precise product formulation makes it ultra-classy and feminine. It’s gorgeous and a real luxury held in a small bottle. It is uniquely formulated to give it maximum sparkle at the same time maintaining a hard to keep the metallic rose-gold finish.

The polish gets made with high performance and artistic balance all in mind. The instant dry nail polish is cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic. This product shows a high glittering quality due to the assorted super thin metallic-flakes.

Notable Features and Benefits

  • Careful Formulation: The Juliette polish got formulated with a lot of care and precision. It’s made with high-quality premium ingredients, to make it one of the highest performing nail polish on the market.
  • Safety: Feel free when using this nail polish. Its makers ensured not to use any of animal-derived ingredients. Juliette nail polish is indeed cruelty-free, safe, and entirely vegan.
  • Glittering Qualities: The nail polish always shows a glittering rose gold holographic sparkle, and luxury rose gold finish. It’s a beautiful product to have.
  • Removal: As it’s chip resistant, you can easily remove using the known nail polish removers.

Essie Nail Polish

The nail product for all high-end users tops the list as one of the best nail luxury products. It’s the nail polish for beauty queens, celebrities, fashion icons, and industry insiders. It features prominently on fashion runways worldwide, showing beautiful color collections that influence trends at all seasons.

Features and Benefits

  • Customer and Nail Care: Essie makers know the importance of making and maintaining clients by providing a wide range of products. The Essie product is one of them and has helped in attracting Clients.
  • High quality: It gets formulated with DBP, Formaldehyde free, and toluene ingredients. Essie is committed to high-quality and ensures it has lined out nail products like priming color correctors, cuticle care, and top coats. It addresses all your nail needs.
  • Color: The Essie nail polish has a deepening beauty to it. It also stays longer than any other nail polish.

BONTIME Non-Toxic- Nail Polish

Bontime got formulated as a non-hazardous nail polish product. The perfect water-based nail polish offers a safe solution to your nail coloring. It has no chemical smell as it’s water-based avoiding any trouble on application. The polish can be termed as eco-friendly and safe for nail color application.

The Bontime formulation makes it easy to apply. It covers all the nails and doesn’t create awful ridges and lines. It ideally ensures your nails get protected at all times.

Notable Features and Benefits

  • Water Based: As compared to the oil-based product, this water-based nail polish doesn’t produce a pungent smell. It’s completely non-toxic and doesn’t contain any flammable solvents which can be corrosive on your body nails.
  • Easy Removal: You don’t even need to use polish remover liquids for this nail product. It’s quite easy to remove by simply peeling off in seconds.
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Contains no derived animal ingredients thus making it cruelty-free, vegan, and safe

NICOLE DIARY Quick- Dry Nail

The NICOLE DIARY polish was formulated to be an oil-based product providing sheer, smooth, and long-lasting nail color minus messes. With just three applications, you will have the exact color with instant drying ability. The product allows you to have brilliant and beautiful colors with only an easy application and drying up.

Features and Notable Benefits

  • Quick Dry: The nail polish dries super-fast and is durable. It’s a great choice of a polish free from any formaldehyde. It has beautiful and vibrant colors and stays fixed on your nails for long. You can term as instant dry nail polish.
  • Smooth Product: The NICOLE DIARY goes on smoothly on your nails, making them look natural, pretty, and healthy. Everyone would like to take constant glances at you.
  • Beautiful color: The polish is translucent and oil-based formulated. It’s the kind of lacquer with unique and transparent color and texture. After three times of application, it shows the perfect natural like color.
  • Ideal Gift: The quick dry nail polish without any glitter or shimmer makes a good summer gift from your loved one.

Lavany 12ml Matte-Dull Nail Polish

With LAVANY MATTE, you have a nail polish that can last up to 16 full days. It shows beautiful and bright colors that never get cracked or chips. The nail polish doesn’t have any hazardous ingredients that are harmful to the environment. There’re no bad smells and other negative related issues.

The nail polish is made to dry out fast, easy to apply, and with a super salon finish. There’s no need for treating your nails for long periods to achieve your desired colors. The nail polish, as well as being long lasting, also ensures that your nails are adequately covered. You can also remove it easily

Notable Features and Benefits

  • Environmental Friendly: The non-toxic, low smelling, and fully packed with healthy ingredients nail polish is environmentally friendly. It will wear off comfortably and in minutes.
  • Durable: The nail polish affords you super-bright and fantastic nails that will last you up to 16 days


It’s not experimenting, but the way it happens. This polish will conveniently change colors when there’s a temperature change. That’s super formulation, ensuring that you don’t get bored with seeing the same nail color on your body for weeks without end. It gets to be something fun, and even eye-catching. It also can get funny as it can turn to have an ombre effect when between temperatures.

Notable Features and Benefits

  • Durability: Unlike other conventional nail polish, the Aimeili product with its mirror-like shine finish stays on your nails for up to 21 days. It will also come out like Gel, in minutes.
  • Neatness: The nail polish has smart properties such that there’re no chips, nicks, or smudges. However, you need to use a UV or LED lamp for drying.
  • Temperature effect: Unlike all other nail polish, the Aimeili changes color depending on the prevailing temperatures.
  • Application: There’s a need to shake the bottle slightly before use to get a better consistency.

OPI Nail Envy- Nail Strengthener

The Opi quick dry nail polish offers you what no other nail product provides. It’s the real cure for your weak or damaged nails. It gets made with targeted nail strengthener ingredients with a different formulation. It includes Matte Original, Soft and Thin, Maintenance, Sensitive and Peeling, and Dry and Brittle.

The strengthening ability gets brought by the addition of protein and calcium. It then builds manicure-ready nails to be harder, stronger, and longer staying than before. All OPI Nail Envy gets used as a base-coat alternative or standalone treatment.

The treatment affords you color addition as Opi comes with four neutral shades. Three iconic and classic shades that include Bubble Bath and one exclusive hue to add a tint of color. Hydrolyzed wheat protein plus calcium work towards making your nails longer, harder, and stronger.

Sally Hansen Treatment

The Sally Hansen got formulated using matting agents to immediately transform your nail color to matte finish from the high gloss. It will surely deliver your wish any time you want to turn your nails color to a matte finish. The applied coat will last on your fingers for a good ten days as long as you use one layer over the dry nail color and allow to dry.


  • It’s formulated to offer your fingernails an extreme matte finish to the envy of your friends and onlookers.
  • It adequately protects and improves your manicure
  • It has quick drying properties

Butter LONDON-Nail Lacquer

Butter London is a highly-pigmented lacquer that is available in many colors and finishes. They get created explicitly for the catwalks. It’s enriched with vitamin to enhance nail strength and beauty coverage.

The product was formulated with care using only high-quality ingredients for a standardized and high-impact color. It’s free of eight properties including formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Tphp, and Xylene.

Features and Benefits

  • It has color rich pigments that provide a one-stroke coverage
  • Ends with a high shine finish together with chip-resistant wear
  • It has Hydrolyzed silk, Vitamins B, C, and also E, and Horsetail extract
  • It enhances healthy and strong nails

Final Verdict

Your nails are important parts of your body. People will quickly note the state of your nails easily and assess you and your fashion tastes. You would always want your nails to look neat and beautiful. It, therefore, becomes essential to choose carefully the nail products you wish to apply.

The above guide, combined with your specific requirements takes you a step ahead in making your choice. Also, ask yourself the following quetion Do you want to make a fashion statement in a particular event, or it’s for personal gratification? That way, you will be able to make a sound decision.

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