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Are you on the search for the best nail shape for your hand? There are many different options to choose from which can make it a bit difficult to find the best one for your hands. This article is designed to help you out by exploring more behind different nails shapes and trends and some of the best nail shapes for different types of hand.

10 Best Nail Shape  ideas

Why Focus on Nail Shapes?


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It’s important to focus on your nail shape for many reasons. They not only will help to define your style, but will also tend to be the focal point of you. Because of this, using the wrong nail shape can make your fingers look strange. It could also take away from your style as the shape might not match the design well.

Finding the Right Nail Shape for Your Hand

There are a few ways you can find the right nail shape for your hand. Below are a few tips you can keep in mind to ensure you do.

Consider the Length and Width of Your Fingers

The best way to find the right nail shape for your hand is to consider the length and width of your fingers. For instance, if you have very long fingers, a square shape would be ideal as it will show the length of them well. On the other hand, if you have chubby fingers, an oval shape might be good to use because it will make your fingers look a bit longer. This aspects also pertains to the width of your fingers.

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The Nail Polish You Plan to Use

Another thing to consider is the color of the nail polish you plan to use. Sometimes, certain colors will not look right with specific nail shapes. If you want to wear metallic or bold colors, a classic nail shape, like square and oval, is probably best. However, if you plan to use a darker nail polish, a longer nail shape might be ideal.

Your Style

You should also keep your style in mind when trying to find the best nail shape for your hand. If you plan to wear classic or elegant clothing, almond or square nail shapes might be best. For those who plan to wear trendy and modern styles, more creative shapes are best, like ballerina and stiletto.

Types of Nail Shapes: Traditional Options


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There are many different types of nail shapes to choose from. Below are some of the most common shapes.


An oval nail shape is ideal for those who have short fingers as it makes them look narrower.


Square nails are a classic and conservative look. They are ideal for narrow fingers as they help to even them out.


The squoval nail shape is a mix of both the oval and square nail shapes, hence its name. The nail is a square until it reaches the tip which is rounded. This nail shape isn’t sharp and is easy to maintain.


This unique nail shape features a very long nail that has a rounded edge. It helps short fingers to look longer.


Around nail is a classic shape that is very simple and easy to create and maintain.


This new nail shape is a very trendy option that is considered to be a milder version of the stiletto shape. The ballerina is a medium-length nail that curves inward.


One of the newest nail shapes today is the stiletto. Named after the iconic shoe, this nail is a very long and sharp option but allows you to be creative after forming it.


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Nail Shape Trends

While most often go toward using classic nail shapes, such as the ones mentioned above, there are many unique nail shape trends to also consider. Below are some of the most recently created.

Flared Nails

Flared nails have recently become cool again thanks to their unique look. A flared nail, also known as duck feet nails, extends about a centimeter above the skin and then flares out to the sides. Flared nails are best for acrylic nail shapes or gel paints.

Pointed Nails

Similar to stiletto nails, pointed nails are a bit less sharp. They basically feature a square shape and then are trimmed very slightly at the top to have a pointed effect. Pointed nails are best to use with acrylic nails as it tends to be more durable for this type.

Lipstick Nails

Lipstick nails look exactly as their name implies: a piece of slanted lipstick as you lift it up from its tube. They extend about half an inch above the nail bed and are then cut to have a diagonal slant.

Arrowhead Nails

Arrowheads are similar to pointed nails but are less pointed. This makes them ideal for those who want the pointed nail look but in a milder form.

The Best Nail Shapes for Different Hand Types

Best Nail Shape for Long Fingers


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For those who have long fingers, some nail shapes to consider are square, squoval, and almond. You can decorate your nails with bold designs and patterns as they will work well for these shapes.

Best Nail Shape for Fat Fingers


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If you have fat fingers, you might want to look at nail shapes like ballerina, stiletto, and almond. One design option to consider using with the ballerina style is an ombre effect which has one solid color that fades over each nail in a lighter shade.

Best Nail Shape for Big Hands


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Big hands can sometimes be a bit difficult to find the perfect nail shape for, but there are three to consider trying: oval, round, and squared. One trendy oval nail shape to consider trying for big hands is glitter nails. You can paint over your nails with different color sparkles or make a unique effect with them by only painting one nail with glitter.

Best Nail Shape for Chubby Fingers


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If you have chubby fingers, you might want to think about using oval, almond, or round nail shapes.

If you plan to use a round nail shape, you can go for a classic look with each nail painted with a similar solid color. Round nails are also ideal for French manicures which are always in style.

Best Nail Shape for Short Fingers


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Short fingers often look best with almond, oval, and round nail shapes. For almond shaped nails for short fingers, you could consider painting different designs on each finger. This can add a unique look to your nails while also letting you be creative.

Best Shape for Natural Nails


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For those who want to keep their nails natural, three to consider are oval, flare, and stiletto. The oval nail shape is especially ideal for natural nails as it gives your hands a simple yet elegant look and is easy to maintain.

In Conclusion

Finding the best nail shape for your hand type doesn’t have to be hard. By considering just a few things, like the length and width of them, you can be sure you’ll create stunning nails for your hands.

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