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A nail stamping kit is perfect to have on hand if you enjoy keeping your nails looking stylish and unique. They not only come with various designs but are often very easy to use as you only need to stamp the prints on each nail. If you’re curious to learn more about these products, as well as some of the best nail stampers to invest in, you’ll want to check out this article. Below you’ll find some benefits they offer as well as some other helpful information.

What is a Nail Stamper?

A nail stamping kit is a product that features a variety of different nail designs that you can transfer to your nails with a special stamper. It uses a stamper to remove the etching from a transfer paper which you then press on your nail to secure. Once you place the stamper on your nail, you can then use the scraper to help paste the design on your nail.

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The Benefits of Using a Nail Stamping Kit

Nail stamping kits come with a few different benefits. You’ll find some of them below.

They are Easy to Use

Nail stamping kits are so easy to use that beginners in the nail styling world can easily use them without problems. They only require you to pick a design, press the stamper on it, and then press the stamper on your nail so it transfers.

They Come with a Variety of Designs

These kits often come with many different types of nail designs. You’ll find everything from patterns to pictures of animals you can decorate your nails with. Some kits also have themes, like geometric, so you can find one that fits your style perfectly.

They are Affordable

Unlike if you pay a nail stylist to do these designs for you, nail stamping kits are very affordable. Even the priciest nail stamping kit tends to be much less expensive than a day at the nail salon.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Nail Stamping Kit

Before buying a nail stamping kit, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Below are some important things to consider during your shopping.

How Many Designs it Comes With

An important thing to consider when buying a nail stamping kit is how many designs it comes with. This will vary as some kits will only come with four sheets while others will include up to nineteen. Depending on your needs, it’s important to see how many designs you’ll get with your kit.

The Stamper

The stamper is a key part of a nail stamping kit. Because of this, you want to make sure to invest in a durable one. You should make sure it’s constructed out of stainless steel and has a soft head, usually one made of silicone. This will help ensure it stays durable and will work well.

How Easy the Transfer Process Is

Sometimes the transferring process can be a little tricky. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, you’ll want to make sure the model you buy has transfer paper which will help to make it easier for you to stamp the design on your nails. You’ll also want to make sure the scraper included is tough enough to secure the design to your nails but without damaging the design.

If It Can Be Used with All Nail Polish Types

You’ll find that sometimes nail stamping kits can’t be used with certain types of nail polish. This is because the polish is either too strong for the stamper to make an indent in or the chemical properties of it could cause the stamper’s head to corrode. Because of this, make sure the stamping kit you plan to use can be applied on all nail polish types.

Cleaning Your Nail Stamping Kit

You always want to make sure to clean your nail stamper after each usage to ensure it stays durable. To do this, take some acetone and wipe it over the stamper head. This will help to remove any traces of the previous design so it’s not transferred.

You can also take some packing tape beforehand and quickly swipe it over the stamper head to get most of the etchings up before rubbing it off with acetone. The scraper it usually comes with will also help with this and can be gently scraped on the stamper plate to remove any leftover materials.

Our Top Nail Stamping Kit Picks


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Best Nail Stamping Kit

Our top choice is the Biutee Nail Art Stamping Kit. This kit comes with the best nail stamping plates and over 19 sheets of designs as well as a durable stamper and two scrapers. In addition to this, this product has a storage bag you can safely keep all the pieces in.

Runner-Up Nail Stamper Kit

If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider our budget nail stencil kit pick, the Born Pretty Nail Stamping Kit. While it comes at a low price, it has many design options and comes with a protective film to help make the transfer process easier. The stamper also helps to ensure deep edges so you can paint the design without hassles.

Budget Pick Stamper Kit

The UR Sugar Nail Stamping Kit is our runner-up pick. While a little pricey, this option comes with many different materials, like liquid tape, three bottles of nail polish, and a durable scraper.

Top 10 Best Nail Stamping Kit Reviews

Ejiubas Nail Stamping Kit

The Ejiubas Nail Stamping Kit comes with three stainless plates that feature various designs, like zebra, flowers, and patterns. These designs are double-sided which helps to prevent them from being uneven when you apply them. The etchings are also very thick which helps to hold the polish once it has been applied. The plates also have a blue protection film which makes it easier for you to stamp them onto your nails. This product is perfect for both beginners and professionals, although keep in mind it might not be the most durable.

AIMEILI Nail Stamp Kit

This nail stamp kit by AIMEILI is an affordable option that comes with five stainless steel stamping plates, two stampers, and two scrapers. The stamps included come in various designs which include bicycles, stars, and leaves. These measure about 1.5 x 2 centimeters which help to keep them secure within the edge of your nails. The stamps are easy to apply thanks to the latex peel-off tape that is attached to them.

Biutee Nail Art Stamping Kit

The Biutee Nail Art Stamping Kit is a little pricey, but it comes with many pieces which allow you to be very creative with it. This professional nail stamping kit contains 19 plates and includes a durable stainless steel stamper and two scrapers. The designs included with this kit include animals, leaves, and flowers. It also comes with a stylish storage bag which you can keep the kit in. This bag comes in blue, pink, and black color options. However, keep in mind that the stamps shouldn’t be used with thin nail polish as they might not stick very well.

Born Pretty Nail Stamping Kit

The Born Pretty Nail Stamping Kit is an affordable choice making it perfect for those who are on a budget. It features four stainless steel plates and a jelly stamper. This kit comes with a variety of different patterns and designs which include zebra and floral prints. Each of these designs is covered in a protective film which helps you to better secure the design to your nails. The stamper will also make sure that the edges are thick which can make it easier for you to color the designs in.

BeautyBigBang Nail Stamper Kit

This nail stamper kit by BeautyBigBang is filled with unique animals prints which range from owls, rabbits, and pandas. It comes with four stainless steel plates as well as a blue transfer film to make stamping your nails a bit easier. This option can be used by both beginners and professionals, although keep in mind to watch the type of nail polish you use. Certain types might interact negatively with the stamper provided.

Ejiubas Three-Piece Nail Stamper Kit

This newly improve three-piece nail stamper kit by Ejiubas features three stampers, scrapers, and replaceable heads. The stamper features a silicone top which makes the application easy to use while being gentle on your nails. This stamper is also very small which can help you to better line the design up with your nails. However, this small size might be a little too small for some which could cause some difficulties. It should also not be used with nail polish as it could corrode the stamper head.

Makartt Nail Stamping Kit

The Makartt Nail Stamping Kit comes with 12 pieces and multiple trendy patterns to decorate your nails with. It comes with a scraper and silicone stamper which will help to ensure there are deep edges on the designs. This stamping kit is designed to be used with special nail stamper polish. Otherwise, the transfer might not be very vibrant.

NAVSUMA Nail Stamper Kit

This nail stamper kit by NAVSUMA comes with a silicone stainless steel plate which helps to make transferring the designs easier and gentle on your hands. This stamper also has etched grooves to helpfully transfer the design to your nails without part of it peeling off. This product also comes with a scraper.

Biutee Nail Stamping Kit

The Biutee Nail Stamping Kit comes with two silicone stampers, two scrapers, and 30 nail designs. These patterns feature various types of floral and animals prints. In addition to this, the kit also has a plate holder to make the transfer easier as well as a storage bag to keep all the pieces in when you’re done using them. Keep in mind though that sometimes the stamper needs to be pressed down a bit to ensure the prints are fully transferred.

UR Sugar Nail Stamping Kit

The UR Sugar Nail Stamping Kit features numerous designs that vary from nature to geometric prints. The stamper is made with stainless steel and comes with a durable scraper. This product comes with liquid tape to help with the transfer, three bottles of special nail polish designed especially for stampers.

In Conclusion

Nail stamping kits are perfect for those who want to give their nails a unique and stylish look. They come with various designs so everyone can find something that matches their style. If you’re on the search for one of these products, definitely keep the information mentioned above in mind, especially our top picks.

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