Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Perfect Wedding

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Everyone is busy choosing the best gown and hair for the bride because she is the main character of the big day, but how about the bridesmaids? Don’t worry, your to-do list won’t be getting longer! We have got the most trendy and beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles in this compilation, and you surely will find something to your liking here!

Things to Know About Bridesmaid Hairstyles

The first thing we have to discuss here is probably the style. Sometimes, the couple will leave the decision in their sidekicks’ hands, but they might also have an idea for it already. If you are in the latter situation, make the pair happy by following their choice.

If the bridesmaids can agree on a theme for their hair, it would be splendid! However, it doesn’t have to be identical for all of them!

No rule determines who has to cover the fee for the bridesmaid’s hair and makeup, and the main two mindsets are acceptable. Some people think it is an honor if they are asked to be a bridesmaid, hence stressing over money is simply not cool. Meanwhile, other people believe they should share the cost as a way of saying thanks.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Short Hair

Glitter Headband

What you should focus on with short hair is how to keep the fringes away from your beautiful face in the most stylish way! A headband made of a thin string and many glittery decorations would be lovely on the crown of your head.

Credit: Jennifer Behr

Low Bun

Short hair is more than qualified for buns! You can wrap it into a low bun, which looks incredibly elegant against the tall column of your neck. A dainty floral accessory would complete the beautiful look expected from a bridesmaid.

Credit: Pinterest

Pearl Barrette

If you have short hair because you love the simplicity and want to keep it that way, give it a deep side part for the sleek appearance and fix the strands with a barrette – the fancy and extravagant accessory will commend your hair. We recommend pearls because it is a wedding tradition!

Credit: Lucy Hale

Wreath Headband

It is a doubled headband to be exact because layers are not only for cakes! Besides, you can get it done within minutes without giving away that you have pulled a white night. Form a small bun with your hair and leave a few strands framing your visage before finishing the look with the wreath. Voila!

Credit: BHLDN

Short & Braided

A braid on the side is good enough to match with short, curled strands! If you usually sport styles for short hair, you will feel refreshing with a more feminine look while still having the usual comfort.

Credit: Rebecca Yale Photography

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Pearl Bun

You don’t need to have seamlessly long strands to adorn a bun! In fact, sometimes, a small bun will be much cuter! However, the unique detail about this hairstyle is the tiny little pearls scattered all over the hair in an unruly yet even pattern!

Credit: Justine Marjan

White Scrunchie

Who tells you a hair with medium length is difficult for bridesmaid hairstyles? A low pony would be more than enough to prove them wrong if only you decorate it with a dainty scrunchie! It suits a wedding theme while remaining trendy.

Credit: made with love bridal

Pearl Part

Your simple shoulder-length hair can be enhanced tremendously with a few pearls placed strategically. Well, we are only teasing you a bit! There is no actual strategy, just put the gems along the line parting your hair! This minimalistic style can rock without a care about the hair texture.

Credit: Jenny Cho Hair

Bouncy Curls

Big, voluminous curls can give you a variety of bridesmaid hairstyles to choose from! It has the classic, nostalgic vibe of the previous decades, but it is too pretty it will withstand the test of time. Tie a small part of the hair with a large bow for emphasis!

Credit: Lily J Collins

Star-Studded Braids

If the main event is in the evening, you would want something more sparkly than flowers and pearls, these metallic stars and hoops will be the perfect choice for you. Attach them randomly along with the braids, and you will feel more confident than ever!

Credit: Pinterest

Front Braid

Braiding is also an efficient method when you want to keep your stray strands neat in a fashionable way. Curl the remaining strands slightly and give them a spray for more shine, and you will be ready for the most important day of your bestie.                                                                                                                                                         

Credit: Michelle Lange Photography

Classic Chignon

Professionals agreed that a classic chignon would never disappoint! It suits medium hair the most, although long yet thin hair should meet the criteria as well! You can have the bun high or low, sleek or soft – it depends on your preference.

Credit: Pinterest

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Braided Pony

Attending a summer party is tough enough, being a bridesmaid only makes the heat and the workload more of a challenge! You will feel grateful for whoever invented braids and incorporated them into ponytails when you are on the dance floor!

Credit: Laura Harrier

French Braid

You can never go wrong with your bridesmaid look if you give the classic French braid a chance to shine! If your hair has overly fine hair, a texturizing spray will help to maintain and fixating it throughout the important day.

Credit: Taylor Swift

Half Up, Half Down

If you are going for a subtle and elegant look, this style should be the first that comes to mind. Simply curl or braid the hair by your temples then tie them backward loosely for an emphasis on the long, silky tresses. Adding flowers that match the dress is also a brilliant choice!

Credit: Purity Weddings

Oversized Bun

Some people even accept the long wait of getting extensions because it means they can flaunt a giant, loose bun without concerns, even though natural hair is still the best. You can weave a gorgeous accessory in the bun for a stronger impact!

Credit: Sabrina Dijkman

Boho Hairstyle

For a wedding with boho vibes, there is no hairstyle for bridesmaids that can possibly surpass this one! The long hair braided into a long tassel and tosses over a shoulder creates such a natural and feminine look that all bridesmaids would approve of!

Credit: Jennifer Behr

Gentle Updo Braids

You probably have seen undone braids a thousand times, yet this updo might snatch your heart at first sight. It is even more gorgeous and romantic when you pair it up with a gown in pastel colors, even better if the details are made of lace.

Credit: Duffy Photo & Film

Fishtail Braid & Florals

A fishtail braid simply holds so many characteristics that people can’t take their eyes of it! You have a wide range of choices for accessories as well. Use a floral crown for more naturality or weave baby’s breath in the tresses for more elegance – it is entirely up to you.

Credit: Kristen Kilpatrick

Headband Braid

A summer wedding calls for a whimsical and unique hairstyle like our braided headband! Create one braid on each side and drape them over your crown to form a headband that suits almost every type of accessories! Leave the rest of your hair loose and natural.

Credit: Pinterest

How Should a Bridesmaid Prepare Herself?

If it is your first time being a bridesmaid, let it be known that you are having a privilege and not a duty! However, there are things you need to keep in mind to ensure nothing but perfection for the big day!

Rule 1: Be supportive

The preparation for a wedding is physically and emotionally exhausting even though it is also exciting. There is an uncountable number of tasks in the checklist, many of them don’t even have a specific name! Therefore, it is important for the bridesmaids to stick to the bride, not literally, but the bride should be able to believe that they will be here for her when she needs it the most.

The maid of honor also needs that support, for they carry so much on their shoulders although they might not be a professional planner. As a bridesmaid, you should listen to the ideas and help them decide. The keyword is HELP. Don’t be shy about giving your opinions, but don’t be pushy either.

Rule 2: Communicate with honesty

Bridesmaids have responsibilities that should be discussed from day one, from financial matters to expectations. If you feel like something is beyond your capability, don’t hesitate to converse honestly. As close and trusted friends, you guys should find a mutual voice without struggles.

For example, organizing and paying for the events preceding the wedding (the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, for example) are usually on the maid of honor, though the other bridesmaids should help as much as possible as well. We want to cover the amount of the bridal shower and at least cover the bride’s part for the bachelorette party. Simple examples show how far communication can take you.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is the relationship between the bridesmaids. They don’t always know each other since the bride is the one who invites them. Keep an open mind and do not judge anyone! Honest conversations are immensely different from problematic behaviors and unnecessary dramas.

Rule 3: Assist with attires

Not all brides have a clear vision of what they want the wedding to be like, and you can totally contribute your ideas if the bride needs help! Even if you are not into the costumes chosen for you, it is alright to compromise and keep the peace.

Nonetheless, if the attire makes you overly uncomfortable (a dress with a super low cut, mayhap) then it is more than fair to bring it up. You only need to let the bride know before she decides on the outfit so her plans and money won’t go down the drain.

Rule 4: Gifts

Sending the couple your gift is customary if you can afford it or the bridesmaids all agree to chip in! Otherwise, a small present like a spa ticket might be thoughtful enough during these busy days.


What should a bridesmaid do?

Attend the wedding – obviously, you have to show up at the ceremony and the reception. And we are not talking about merely being there. If there is a dance floor, you should be one of the first people to step up and dance. The only exception is if you have recently lost a family member or your health doesn’t allow you to participate.

Take care of yourself on the night of the wedding, especially if you need to go on a trip far from home. The bride should make it clear that the bridesmaids have to be ready for an overnight stay. Ensure you are in the best shape, physically and mentally, because the wedding ritual leads to many side requirements: feeding the bride and the bride’s mother, getting ready for photos, looking after the bride for any sign of fatigue, and more.

Stay after the wedding and take leftover items back to the “headquarter”. If there are rentals, make sure to return them on time!

Create an album (digitally) with the videos and pictures while the couple is waiting for their official photos. The photographer usually takes a whole month to wrap everything up, and although everyone has moved on with their life, the couple might still anticipate it, thus you also need to keep a positive mood and indulge them!

What colors are good for bridesmaids?

The most obvious problems when it comes to choosing dresses for bridesmaids are the possible palette the couple wants to keep and the differences amongst the bridesmaids. However, there are some colors that suit every type of complexion!

Emerald is the most versatile shade of green albeit not very common. It won’t darken or whitewash anyone!

Black won’t be excluded from the list since it can be an interesting twist on the traditional wedding palette. It is also slimming, how convenient!

Navy is a softer choice if you think black is too extravagant!

Red might not be the first choice you have in mind, but the primary shade of red can brighten up every face.

Blush, why not? It is trendy and easy to wear.

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Final Thoughts

Not only did you have a list of bridesmaid hairstyles, but we hope this article has also given you sufficient knowledge about bridesmaid duties as well as tips to make the wedding perfect. Stay with us for more updates on the hottest trends and always be a beauty!

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