How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership? Planet Membership Cancellation Ultimate Guide

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Joining any gym, including Planet Fitness, is a big decision that involves planning for the future and thinking about your ability to be an active member at the gym. Sometimes, however, circumstances arise that may cause you to need to cancel your Planet Membership. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you have no reason to worry. The important thing is to learn what the process of cancelling your membership entails. Let’s go to cancel planet fitness membership!

Statement of Intent

When it comes to cancelling your Planet Membership, no matter which method of cancellation you choose, you will need to provide a Statement of Intent. Though it may seem very complicated for a gym, Planet Fitness is interested in learning and tracking the reasons their customers decide to cancel memberships.

Canceling Your Planet Fitness Membership

Your Statement of Intent will be just that. A simple, but clear explanation of why you are choosing to terminate your contract. This is something you want to think about before you submit it because it could have an effect on the way your cancellation process goes.

For example, if you’re cancelling because you have an injury or health condition that bars you from being able to use Planet Fitness’ services any longer than you should consider providing documentation along with your Statement of Intent. If you prove that a health issue is a reason for your cancellation, then you are more likely to avoid paying any fees.

Cancellation Tips to Consider

Cancelling your Planet Fitness membership will not be difficult, once you learn the methods you can choose from, but there are some important things to keep in mind before beginning the cancellation process.

You want to think about:

  • Cancelling before the 10th of the month, for a 1-month contract.
  • Cancelling before the 25th of any month, for a yearly contract.
  • Cancelling your contract before your scheduled billing period.

The reason it’s important to keep these things in mind is that Planet Fitness follows strict procedures. If you find yourself trying to cancel outside of their procedures, you will likely be unable to do so.

Know Your Contract

Canceling Your Planet Fitness Membership form

Before you make the move to cancel, you need to sit down and go over your contract, so that you know exactly what you initially signed up for. There are many ‘no contract’ or ‘no sign-up fee’ promotions offered by Planet Fitness, which may lead you to feel confused about why and how you must cancel your membership.

Make sure to:

  • Read your whole contract. You want to look for things like the specific terms of your contract, including length, and the end date of your initial contract.
  • One-year contracts are very common at Planet Fitness, so check to see if you signed that type of deal.
  • Remind yourself of your billing cycle. Remember, for monthly contracts, you need to cancel before the 10th of the month. For yearly contracts, before the 25th of any month.
  • Notice if there is any specific mention of what fees are involved with the cancellation of your membership.

Waiving Cancellation Fees

how to cancel planet fitness membership

There is a good possibility that you will be required to pay cancellation fees to Planet Fitness. This may be surprising, but generally, when you back out of any contract, consequences are involved.

There are two situations in which you may be able to get your cancellation fees waived by Planet Fitness:

  • Injury or medical inability to exercise or use gym facilities.
  • Moving out of the area, a region of Planet Fitness you are a member of.

First and foremost, unless you are in one of these two predicaments, there is very little chance that Planet Fitness will be willing to waive your cancellation fees. So prepare yourself in advance for what you may need to pay.

If you do fall into one of these categories, you will need to provide more than your word in order to have your fees waived.

Here is how to establish and prove your position:

  • If you are medically unable to continue your membership with Planet Fitness, you will need to present a note from a doctor’s office that explicitly says you cannot use the facilities at Planet Fitness. So there is no chance for confusion, ask your doctor to include the amount of time you will be unable to use the facilities. This will make it clear that your contract no longer serves any purpose.
  • To waive fees because of relocation, you need to prove that you will not be within 25 miles (40 km) of any Planet Fitness location. Planet Fitness prefers to transfer memberships, so if they see that another location is near, cancelling without fees will not be an option. You can prove this by having your employer write a statement confirming your relocation, and identifying the new address. If you’re really worried, bring a map marked with your location, and the location of the nearest Planet Fitness (more than 25 miles away).

You will be able to cancel your Planet Membership for sure, but whether or not you will have to pay fees will depend on your specific situation.

How to cancel planet fitness membership

The most important thing to know about cancelling your Planet Membership is that it cannot be done online. Planet Fitness does not offer an online service through which your membership can be cancelled. So there is no need to waste any time searching for that option.

There are two ways to cancel your Planet Fitness membership: in person, at your Planet Fitness branch, or through the mail.

Check out this video before moving ahead

1. Cancelling Your Membership in Person

a. Before you head to your Planet Fitness branch, make sure that you are equipped with vital information you will probably be asked for.

  • i. Membership identification number.
  • ii. Date of birth and social security number.
  • iii. Driver’s license.
  • iv. Address with which you registered your contract.

b. Write your Statement of Intent.

  • i. One page written later including relevant membership information and reason for cancelling.
  • ii. If you have valid fee waiver documentation, reference that in your letter.

c. Call and request a cancellation meeting at your Planet Fitness branch.

d. Attend the meeting, provide your Statement of Intent, and express your desire for cancellation.

e. Retrieve proof of your cancellation.

  • i. Ask for written documentation that you’ve cancelled your membership.
  • ii. Request the signature of the employee who facilitated the cancellation.
  • f. Make sure future billing is cancelled from your credit card.
  • i. If you need to pay another instalment, ensure that it will be the last.
  • ii. Ask for contact information to use in the case of issues with further billing.

g. Watch for any extra payments being charged to your credit card after cancellation.

i. If you see charges, call customer service for help or visit in person. Call Centre: 0861 496 463

2. Cancelling Your Membership by Mail

planet fitness cancel membership

a. Write your Statement of Intent.

  • Make sure to include any documentation which might lead to fee waiver.

b. Go to the Post Office and send it as a Certified Letter.

  • Require physical or electronic signature at delivery. That way you will know that your cancellation has been received by Planet Fitness.

c. Request confirmation of cancellation in your Statement of Intent. Ask Planet Fitness to call you upon cancellation and send you written proof of cancellation.

d. Keep an eye on your bank account after sending the cancellation to make sure that you are not being charged further.

i. If you see charges, call or go to your Planet Fitness in person.

The Takeaway

There is no reason to be anxious overwhelmed when it comes to cancelling your Planet Fitness membership. There are clear procedures in place for you to follow. When you make the final decision to cancel, choose the method you want to follow, and perform the required actions. Remember, if you have any difficulties during the process, the best thing to do is to speak to a Planet Fitness employee in person at your specific branch.

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