Carrot for Skin Lightening – How to use it?

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Carrot is a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen. It also serves as a good choice if you want to decorate your dishes or simply look for a low-calorie snack. You can have it raw, pressed into juice, or cooked in various methods. But we are here to introduce to you the benefits of carrots for skin lightening as well as how to prepare these remedies at home.

Benefits of Carrot for Skin

No matter how hard we try, UV rays still get to us. Combined with impurities from the environment around, it becomes the culprit for the dryness, aging, and wrinkles on your skin. Here is where the carrot steps in and becomes your savior.

carrot benefits for skin

Skin enhancement

Skin lightening

Carrot has anti-inflammatory properties that can purify your bloodstream. This pureness will reflect in the smoothness and softness of your skin tone. Even the stubborn dark circles and the saggy eye bags won’t survive this purge! Not only does carrot lighten the skin, but it also balances the tan and the uneven spots.

Wrinkle prevention

The rich content of antioxidants in the carrot protects your whole body from the negative effect of free radicals. Thus, in a sense, we can say using carrot for skin slows down the aging process.

We have heard that vitamin E boosts the production of collagen, yet vitamin A can do the same. This collagen rejuvenates the cells and refreshes your appearance thoroughly.

Glowing skin

Aside from the well-known vitamin A, the carrot doesn’t lack vitamin C either. Vitamin C forms a powerful team with antioxidants & collagen and takes down dullness, restoring your glowing skin.

Control of Oil Production

We can’t completely get rid of sebum, as it’s a part of our body’s function. However, who can deny the control over excess oil when we utilize carrot for skin benefits.

Skin repair


UV rays create free radicals that take part in the chain reactions in our body and initiate the damage from inside. The carotenoids along with the pair of carotene – alpha and beta – combat against these radicals and forbid them from harming the dermis.


By attacking the free radicals, the antioxidants reduce the level of oxidative stress too. Furthermore, it brings down the inflammation and efficiently minimizes the chance of acne breakouts.

Soothe the skin

Unlike Aloe Vera or watermelon, the carrot isn’t rich in water content itself, but the vitamins and minerals can be an excellent assistant in retaining water and nourishing the skin.

If you are in the midst of acne treatment, the carrot will save you from the concerns about scars and redness. Its nutrients promote the healing of the skin tissues and keep them moisturized.

Supplementary ingredients

supplies for carrot

Olive oil

  • Skin exfoliation. The components in olive oil speed up the exfoliation of skin when it becomes slower with age. As a result, healthy cells have the chance to show up and receive the treatment from products you apply later.
  • Moisturizing. By using olive oil directly on the skin, you can feel the softness without the oiliness. It also forms a layer of protection against external factors.
  • Reduce skin pigment. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin tone. Olive oil can partially delay the synthesis of melanin and, therefore, lighten the tone.

There are a few more benefits olive oil can provide alongside with carrot for skin: cleansing, sun-blocking, emulsifying. (1)

Vitamin E

  • Regenerating. It enhances the formation of new skin cells and quickly returns the perfect texture to you.
  • Anti-aging. Almost every recipe of eye cream to prevent wrinkles includes vitamin E. It encourages the production of collagen and nourishes the skin layers from deep within.
  • Moisturizing. Vitamin E can solute oils without leaving the skin dry as well as restore the lost moisture.
  • Cleansing. As a heavy emollient, vitamin E gets rid of impurities efficiently while still maintaining the oil balance in your skin.


  • Humectant. Glycerin is in almost every cosmetic product because it’s a humectant, which helps to retain the moisture in your skin and refresh the appearance of it.
  • Emollient. If you have dry or rough skin, glycerin can soften it tremendously.

In addition, this component also possesses antimicrobial and exfoliating properties to lighten your skin and protect the sensitive layers at the same time.

Coconut oil

  • Brightening. With the healthiest components like fatty acids and vitamin E, coconut oil can combine with carrot for skin bleaching and whitening. With smaller molecules compared to other essential oils, it can penetrate the layers of the dermis and treat the underlying inflammation.
  • Moisturizing, antifungal, rejuvenating. You can count on this warrior in acne treatment, thanks to its counter-effects on all the causes of acne breakouts.

We find it necessary to warn you about the rise of breakouts when you first use coconut oil. Don’t be afraid! It is how the oil removes impurities. To reduce the primary side effect, make sure your diet contains sufficient nutrients.

How to use carrot for skin?

#1. Carrot Oil for skin


  • 1 carrot
  • Olive oil: 1 cup


carrot oil for skin
  • Remove the two ends and the skin of the carrot. Use a grater to turn the flesh into tiny threads.
  • Boil carrot and olive oil with low heat for about 5 minutes.
  • Let the mixture cool down before straining with a sieve to obtain the liquid part.
  • Apply to your skin and massage gently in 1 minute. For best results, leave it on overnight and repeat the process for 10 – 15 days. Our carrot oil still maintains its quality during that long duration if you bottle carefully and keep it in the refrigerator.

#2. Carrot Serum for Skin


  • Carrot juice: 2 tablespoon
  • Vitamin E: 1 teaspoon
  • Glycerin: ½ teaspoon
  • Coconut oil: 1 teaspoon


carrot serum for skin
  • Remove the two ends and the skin of the carrot. Use a grater to turn the flesh into tiny threads.
  • Use pressure with a colander to obtain carrot juice.
  • Mix the carrot juice with other ingredients.
  • Apply to your skin and massage gently in 0 seconds. For best results, leave it on overnight and repeat the process for 10 – 15 days. Our carrot serum still maintains its quality during that long duration if you bottle carefully and keep it in the refrigerator.

We hope this mini article about the benefits of carrot for skin lightening and how to use carrot will come in handy for you. For more beauty tips, make sure you subscribe to our channel, and I will be back soon with more interesting recipes!

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