TOP 5 Best Spray Tan Machine | Ultimate Guide for Safe Tanning

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Spray tanning has become an incredible method for us who love to have a healthy, sporty skin tone because it doesn’t depend on where you live or how the weather is. However, the price for a tanning session is still a significant expense, and investing in the best spray tan machine for the long run … Read more

Head Wrap and Sneakers | 6 Gorgeous Headscarves

For the records, head wrap and sneakers might not be the best of friends, but sometimes we can’t resist adding edges to your daily attires. Since they both come in handy on all casual occasions, I thought of combining them, and I was more than pleased with the result. Credit: Ada However, creativity shouldn’t be … Read more

How to Wear Pink? 6 Tips for Pink Outfits!

How to Wear Pink?

When it comes to how to wear pink, there is no in-between. Some people love to adorn pink pieces all the times and embrace the joy it brings, while the others hesitate to try and flinch at the thought of being judged. However, if you follow our tips, rocking the pink color is not a … Read more

20 Ideas for Christmas Party Outfits

Who doesn’t want to look rock Christmas party outfits whether they are celebrating with family members or colleagues? If you are unsure about the trends, our list of costumes as well as fashion tips will definitely come in handy! How to choose the right Christmas dress? Let’s not start counting the number of designs for … Read more

The Best Body Paint Guide for Beginners | 3 Things You Need to Know

You are interested in aesthetic photoshoots, or simply looking to do special makeup for a certain occasion. Either way, you are about to venture into the land of body paints, and you need a general guide for the best body paint ever! There are so many factors to consider – the price, the safety, and … Read more

20+ Christmas Nail Designs That Will Rock Your Party

Christmas Nail Designs

When icy winds start knocking on your windows, you know Christmas is around the corner! This holiday never fails to fill us up with excitement due to the festive colors and activities. You can celebrate and enjoy the occasion by hosting a party, watching Christmas movies, or redecorating your house. However, things can get a … Read more

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Perfect Wedding

Everyone is busy choosing the best gown and hair for the bride because she is the main character of the big day, but how about the bridesmaids? Don’t worry, your to-do list won’t be getting longer! We have got the most trendy and beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles in this compilation, and you surely will find something … Read more

Almond Nails | 21 Amazing Designs for Summer

When it comes to elongating the length of the fingers (optically) and emphasizing the feminine allure, almond nails have little to no competition, especially when it leaves generous room for creative art designs as well. However, there are still notices you need to know before you jump onto the bandwagon. Things to Know about Almond … Read more