TOP 10 Gel Nail Kits | Reviews and Buying Guide

best gel nails at home

There are so many ways you can do your nails in the comfort of your home and you wouldn’t even need to step outside. Maybe having acrylic nails isn’t something you’re into, you have the option of choosing something else that works for you. If you are looking for something that can make things easier … Read more

Top 10 Best Nail Drill for Nail Technician | Review & Buying Guide

Best Nail Drill

Most nail technicians need the best nail drill in their salon to help with delicate nail care. These devices help to cut back on the hard work technicians have to do when cleaning and designing nails. Because of this, drills for nails are an essential tool to have. However, there are numerous nail drills on … Read more

TOP 10 Best Toenail Clippers | Review & Buying Guide

Best Toenail Clipper

Toenail clippers are a very important beauty tool to have, regardless of whether they’re for your home or for a salon. These tools help to keep your nail in the best shape possible by preventing hangnails, jagged nails, and many other common problems. However, with the vast amount of toenail clippers available, it can be … Read more

Daisy Nail Design – DND Gel Polish | Review 2021

DND nail polish

One professional gel nail polish that has become popular lately is Daisy Nail Design aka DND Gel Polish. If you’re someone who likes to make sure that your nails are always neat and well-painted, then you know just how many options there are when it comes to manicures. It seems like there are always new … Read more