20+ Christmas Nail Designs That Will Rock Your Party

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When icy winds start knocking on your windows, you know Christmas is around the corner! This holiday never fails to fill us up with excitement due to the festive colors and activities. You can celebrate and enjoy the occasion by hosting a party, watching Christmas movies, or redecorating your house. However, things can get a bit overwhelming. What is a better way to keep yourself motivated than giving your hands one of these Christmas nail designs? Every time you feel tired, glancing at your fingers will make you feel full of joy again!

The trendy colors for Christmas are snowy white, festive red, leaf green, and icy blue. They can create multiple combinations with signature Christmas designs: candy canes, snow, Santa Claus, French tips, and more. You have plenty of choices with nail polishes, stencils, stickers – let’s get to work!

Signature Christmas Nail Designs

Santa Claus

Colorful drawings of Santa, reindeer, snowman, polar bear, and more, like PBL Nails has done, might be fun to try! Since the details are jolly and festive enough, they will look better on a simple canvas, and we think grey matte with sprinkles will do the trick.

Candy Cane Ombre

No drawing is necessary here, not when the glitter polishes look festive enough for your nails. If you don’t believe us yet, check out this simple yet alluring design from Olive and June! They resemble those gorgeous gift wrappers as well, in a sense!

String of Lights

Ornaments dangling from hanging strings have inspired Nail Swag to create this lovely design. Pearly white polish makes such a perfect background for golden strings and sparkly decals. You will only need a couple of minutes to complete it!

Holly Green

Christmas nail designs that resemble vintage artwork always hit differently, and we couldn’t ignore the artistic idea from Nails by Liz! Even if you have short nails, you can still enjoy this dreamy pattern.


Reindeer is not childish at all if you combine it with elegant brown, glamorous glitter, and gems on a pretty matte canvas like Puro Nails. It seems extravagant, but only you know how quick and easy it is. You can even hide in your corner for a 100% DIY project and surprise everyone later!

Candy Canes

Roaring Nails suggests a natural nude base with various candy canes for a strong impression on the eyes. If you are afraid that you won’t be able to paint such intricate figures, try these stencils for an easier job.

Ornament Nails

If ornaments with thick glitters are not enough to give you the festive vibe of Christmas, we don’t know what else will! What’s up Nails has utilized the stamping polish so amazingly and given us this intricate design!

French Tips Holly

If you love the holly-inspired nail arts but prefer something simpler, you can combine it with the trendy French tips! The white tips make your nails more eye-catching and also act as a great background for the holly pattern, like what Nail It Media did here!

Red Plaid

An absolutely gorgeous Christmas nail idea from Anna Gasiennica! Even the plain matte base is enough to give you the bold, cheerful look you are expecting from the most anticipated holiday of the whole year. We love the dainty snowflakes and the gold stickers, making the manicure classy!

Winter Nail Designs

Snow Glitters

Enamelle has truly surprised us with how creative they are with nail jewels. The pure white polish, the nude base on the middle finger, and the extravagant glitter – if you are attending a glamorous party for Christmas, it is for you!

Sweater Weather

Let’s take a detour to the territory of press-on nails and give this set a chance! Half of it is for the pattern of white sweaters, while the rest is painted with red polish and winter drawings. Artificial nails are such a blessing if you don’t have the time or the skills.


Inspired by the global hit named ‘Frozen’, nail blogger Andy Tulsa has turned lovely jelly nails into a masterpiece with glitters, gems, and expert drawings. If you want to put your deft hands in a real challenge for a DIY project, your chance is here!

Festive Dots

The Gel Bottle Inc. shows us how an artwork might come from anywhere with this deadly combo of nude base and neon tips. And they don’t stop there! Instead, they use dotting tools to create a pattern of confetti.

Winter in Wonderland

Are you looking for something gorgeous but still modern? Check out this wonderland manicure from Star Nail & Hair Fountain Valley! Sweaters, bows, glitters, clear polishes will look pretty with either a glamorous gown or a sporty attire.

Snow Ombre

Sweet and Savvy Nails once again proved to us how proficient they are when it comes to simplicity. They blended white and nude pink polishes in a smooth gradient, then decorated the base with a nail pearl for each nail. How easy could it get?

Festive Stars

From the basic French tips, All Things Beauty – Jelly Bayn has developed a new art with glitter polishes on the tips and sparkly stickers on the bare nails. You can replace the galaxy stickers with anything else, as long as you find them pretty!

Red with Snowflakes

Red matte base with white snowflakes on is one of the most gorgeous and expensive-looking models, and Patriciq Nails is too clover when using hearts to form the flakes in place of the basic form.

Blue with Snowflakes

On the contrary, Ramona Marysia likes to preserve the cold blue shade of ice and snow. Spontaneous patches of oceanic hues and snow decals make a creative painting of a blizzard.

Colorful Nail Designs for Christmas

Glitter Galore

Nothing depicts festive spirits better than glitters, and Beautifile doesn’t miss the chance to put sparkly gems on plain nails and amaze us with the splendid outcome.

Neon Hues

When we talk about styles for festivals and holidays, neon colors are always a choice worth considering. Indi Glow Nails has turned simple jelly nails into an irresistible piece of art with neon ombres and matching gems!

Christmas French Tips

Jazzy Nails X convinced us that French tips wouldn’t be outdated anytime soon by crafting a creative version of the style with only two basic colors. It will look so good with your Santa costume or any Christmas attire you want to adorn!

Dark Colors

This PB Nails Poland nail design is for you if you don’t like bright colors. Let’s not forget that Christmas has signature dark shades like chocolate brown and purplish red, which are the perfect canvas for white snowflake stickers.

Rose Shimmer

Pink hues might not be the most festive color for Christmas nail designs, but we can’t deny the effect it has. Add pink and silver glitters like The Little Things by Ania did, maybe plaster some decals as well, and you will have a set of princess’s nails.


We would end the list with this lovely nail art from Betina Goldstein. If you are into simplicity, it will surely make your heart skip a beat. Paint your nails with a clear polish and add a colorful dot or a pearl on top, and you are all good to go!

What Nail Shape is in Style for 2021 Winter?

Whether you are all about DIY or nail salons, it might be difficult to determine which nail shape to get for the occasion. Knowing about the advantage of each type can definitely help you decide!

For Short Nails

If someone says you need nails with extravagant length, tell them they need to be more updated! You have several options to adorn a lovely nail art without encountering inconvenience.

First of all, the savior for biters: round shape. It doesn’t go more than a millimeter past the nail bed and it is close to our natural shape, hence it remains the most popular choice in salons. If you want your nails to not tear or break, this is your top choice.

Secondly, square shape. It also requires little maintenance – filing the tip of a round nail and you will have a more defined version. However, you might need to grow your nails a little bit if you have chubby fingers.

You can also ask your manicurist for a combination of both: rounded square shape. It looks remarkably softer since the signature features of the original two have been toned down.

For Medium Nails

You will feel more confident with medium length when you don’t have to use your hands for heavy tasks. However, these shapes will demand more attention from you.

The oval shape should be your default choice for a feminine look, especially when you want to cheat a bit and elongate your fingers.

Combined the oval form with the square form, and we have a squoval shape. Same as a square-round shape, it is for people who want more dimension than angular contouring.

Another way to upgrade the oval nails is to turn them into an almond shape. With a slender form and a rounded tip, it can add some length to your fingers while not causing any trouble for you in daily activities.

For Long Nails

These nail shapes are surely amazing, but only when you can keep them in prime condition and away from physically harsh tasks.

If your nails are naturally sturdy or you simply want to try some of those unconventional acrylic faux nails, ask your manicure for ballerina or coffin shape. They make an exceptionally good combo with impressive and intricate nail arts.

Since you have stepped in the territory of press-on nails, you might also find stiletto shape tempting! Although they are not practical or easy to handle, the statement brought by them is certainly something we shouldn’t overlook.

Tips for Healthy Nails

Since you are about to get real with nail polishes and faux nails, your natural nails and cuticles will endure serious damage if you don’t take care of them. Good news for us: nailcare is a journey in which you invest time, not only money. Good habits will manifest good results that even pricey nail tools can’t give you.


No matter what we are talking about – skincare or haircare – moisturization is the essential step for a healthy body, and nails are not an exception. With enough moisture, you won’t suffer brittle and broken nails, thus feeling more confident with wearing press-on nails and applying various polishes.

It doesn’t take much time! When you use hand lotions, spare the fingernails a few seconds as well. Nail moisturizers are not hard to find!

Cuticles are not your enemy

We usually push and cut the cuticles but, unfortunately, they are no malice. In fact, we will lose the natural protection for our nail beds and put them at risk of damage. Ruined cuticles also affect the way your nails grow.

Using suitable cuticle oil will solve this problem and effectively strengthen the nails.

Avoid excessive exposure to water

You don’t need to go the extra mile and do everything with gloves on, but limiting the contact between your nails and water is important. As you might have known, your hair is the most vulnerable when soaked. Since hair and nail are atomically the same (made of keratin), the caution steps for handling wet locks can also apply to wet nails.

Therefore, dipping your nails in water prior to a manicure session might be a bad approach. Water absorption turns the nail texture spongy and thus prone to breakage and brittle. Not only does it harm your fingernails, but it also reduces the efficiency of the nail adhesive.

Be gentle

Digging under your nails with a nail file might break the connection of it with the bed beneath and create room for dirt to accumulate instead of getting them out. Yes, infection and fungus are coming for you.

Always remember that your nails are not tools. You have many ways to open a can or a bottle rather than using the nails for it.

Take care of them

As previously mentioned, nails also come from keratin – the main component in our hair – and treating them like you treat your hair is the new golden rule. If hair undergoes dyes, chemicals, or heat, the nails have nail glues, polish removals, and artificial nails to deal with. Common hair issues are frizzy and split ends, while nails can become brittle and dry if not taken care of.

You can start by picking the right products. Press-on nails can help you avoid polish removers, but if you can’t resist a nice manicure, we highly recommend non-acetone removers. Instead of sticking the nail filer under your nails, use a nail brush to get the dirt out. You have various tools and products to keep the nails healthy, as long as you keep an eye on the market.

We hope you will find something you love in these Christmas nail designs! Don’t forget to determine the best nail shape and keep your hands at their peak state!

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