20 Ideas for Christmas Party Outfits

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Who doesn’t want to look rock Christmas party outfits whether they are celebrating with family members or colleagues? If you are unsure about the trends, our list of costumes as well as fashion tips will definitely come in handy!

How to choose the right Christmas dress?

Let’s not start counting the number of designs for Christmas party outfits and dresses – there are too many choices! The real question here is: how do you know if a dress is right for you?

Think about your body shape

The first and foremost key to a perfect dress is how well it flatters your body. With an hourglass figure, you might want to emphasize and flaunt your dreamy waistline. For a pear shape, avoiding outfits that cling to the hips would be your best bet.

How is the party?

Are you attending a formal party? Or are you enjoying the holiday at home with your family and friends? How casual the party is will help you determine the kind of dresses you should wear.

20 Christmas Party Outfits Ideas

Sequin Dress

If you are having a nice party, be it with your closest people or formal acquaintances, an elegant Marks & Spencer dress with a sequin galore could never go wrong. The knee length will also give you freedom in movements. A matching pair of heels will quickly complete your look.

Christmas Party Outfits

Plaid Set

Matching sets always have their special position when you are in need of an outfit for festivals. They also have a prim and proper aura for an office party, and with this plaid pattern of Self Portrait, you will also look ready for some fun!

Christmas Party Outfits

A Leather Skirt

If you are one of the folks who have plenty of tops that need a perfect match, don’t miss out on the very affordable skirt from The Drop. It goes extremely well with sweaters and boots of any color, but a contrast will give you more appeal.

Christmas Party Outfits

Long Faux Fur Coat

This gorgeous coat made of faux fur has drawn a lot of attention to Mango shops. What’s a better choice for winter than a fluffy coat with tender lavender shade? Pretty dresses are nice, but you will easily catch a cold without something to keep you warm.

Christmas Party Outfits

Sweater Dress

A thick but comfy sweater dress is your best bet if you want to stay warm without wearing too many layers. Keep an eye out and be ready for the dilemma, as Pink Queen offers a wide range of 24 colors for you to choose from.

Christmas Party Outfits

Hot Red

A lady in red is simply irresistible, always! Take a look at this dress with ruffle straps from Susana Monaco and pair it with thong heels, and you will have a perfectly trendy outfit! This combination is decent for both family and office parties.

Christmas Party Outfits

White Blouse & Trousers

If you are in need of an elegant attire to join your colleagues or business partners at a party, go for a classic combo of blouse with a giant bow from Eloquii and trousers wide legs. You can easily change from workwear hangout-wear with a set like this!

Christmas Party Outfits

Bicolor Dress

We all know the colors that symbolize elegance the most is black and white, but they will look even more impressive as two opposite halves of your dress. You would love to dance the night away once you are wrapped in such a gorgeous piece.

Christmas Party Outfits

A Tulle Skirt

Needle & Thread offers this small-sized tulle skirt at a reasonable price considering the quality of the material and the excellent design. You can use it with a simple blouse or a thin sweater, as long as the place is warm enough for bare legs.

Christmas Party Outfits

Wrap Suit

When you are not sure if the party will end up with mulled wine and finger foods or energetic activities, an ASOS wrap suit is your solution! It is chic but also glamorous due to the sequins. Last but not least, it comes in different sizes for both petite and curvy figures.

Christmas Party Outfits

Sequin Wrap Dress

Black is usually the dress code for Christmas work events, and yet you don’t have to sacrifice the festive spirits if you pick this gorgeous gown from Chi Chi London. Match it with a pair of embellished heels for a stronger statement!

Christmas Party Outfits

Game Changer Dress

As the name indicates, this Rehab Couture dress is for people who want to deliver a powerful message. The stretch fabric will easily hug the curves of your body and the backless behind only emphasizes the seductive vibes. You wouldn’t want to ignore the rose details!

Christmas Party Outfits

Floral Skirt

You might be asking, what do floral patterns have to do with Christmas? They might be a strange addition, but with an elegant silky blouse by SIKA’A, no one will question your choice! Is it good for a party with your colleagues? You bet!

Christmas Party Outfits

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses are such a perfect category when we are talking about Christmas party outfits. A small note though: the veil and the sequins have provided enough sparkle and glow, hence you should definitely tone down with the accessories.

Christmas Party Outfits

High-waisted Pants

We can’t help but agree that velvet is born to reign during holidays, especially Christmas. The cozy and smooth texture makes these Treasure & Bond wide-leg pants possible. You will feel comfortable and the cold won’t ever get to you throughout the night.

Christmas Party Outfits

Striped Jumpsuit

We love the versatility of jumpsuits, and you can experience it at Warehouse! The upper part hugs your body perfect without causing any discomfort and the trousers are the infamous wide legs. It seems casual but still glamorous with metallic stripes.

Christmas Party Outfits

Velvet Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are never outdated when it comes to parties, and you would have to add one of them to your wardrobe for Christmas. The luxurious material and the sweet design from Karen Millen are timeless, classy, and attractive when combined with matching heels or boots.

Christmas Party Outfits

Shiny Gown

Whether you are at home or office, you will own the place with this gorgeous Lulus gown and a pair of suitable heels. The color looks exceptionally captivating, drawing all the lights and the eyes towards you. Be ready for the attention!

Christmas Party Outfits

A Satin Shirt

Bardot has got your back if you are not a fan of feminine looks. Who said you can’t attend a Christmas party with a dangerously sexy blouse and tight jeans? It will still go well with a flowy skirt if you want to try! That’s how versatile it is.

Christmas Party Outfits

Black Velvet Dress

If you want to feel warm without wrapping yourself into a burrito, consider getting a velvet dress like this Mango creation. The long sleeves and the knee-past length will engulf you in warmth and preserve the elegance at the same time.

Christmas Party Outfits

Tips for Christmas Party Outfits

Go for multiple layers

Winter months are usually cold, especially in northern countries. However, as soon as you get to stay indoor for the party, the air conditioner and the fireplace will warm you up instantly. Therefore, we strongly recommend wearing several layers, so you can adjust to the toasty temperature easily. If you only have one or two thick shirts, it might be difficult to add or remove clothing as you wish.

Know the crowd

Although it is a party, you should still think about what type of guests will be there. For example, a glamorous dress might be impressive at an office party, but it will be too extravagant for a family gathering. Or a tight black dress might be amazing when you are single, and not appropriate in your in-laws’ eyes.

Be yourself

Choosing an appropriate outfit is important, yet you shouldn’t pay too much attention to what people think and end up losing yourself. After all, you will feel more confident wearing what makes you comfortable. With good senses of fashion and secure picks, you can’t possibly go wrong with your clothes.

Seek inspiration

So, what if you don’t have a particular idea on what to wear or a solid fashion style? Don’t hesitate to get inspiration from celebrities. Perhaps you would want to recreate an elegant, glamorous look from the red carpet, or a casual street style. Grab what you need and freely personalize it.

Take traditions to a new level

We all know the traditional palette for Christmas: red, green, and sometimes brown. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors. I mean, what’s the point of forcing yourself to wear colors that don’t suit you? White and blue are always a combo worth trying for winter.

Avoid tacky sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become an affectionate term for the traditional sweaters with colorful snowmen and reindeers. If you need them for a family picture, go ahead! But keep in mind that they are not considered fashionable – they belong to the deepest corner in your wardrobe.

Choose the texture

Depending on the outfit you choose, textures might play an important role in adding dimensions to it. Faux fur, for example, can give a dramatic effect, while velvet is more classic and subtle. Also, an outfit with only one or two colors will need more sequins and beads to stand out.

Be glamorous

Don’t be shy to put on your fancy jewels and sparkly accessories. A gorgeous necklace or a sequined clutch might be the missing puzzle piece in your Christmas party outfits. Remember: a little shimmer will never fail to make you shine.

Focus on the quintessence

Sometimes, less is more. Your mix-and-match will be more effective if you choose a key element in the set and build the rest around it. It can be a unique pair of earrings or a glamorous handbag. If you want to adorn a lot of accessories, then a simple top or dress will do justice.


If the place you live has few sunny days, your skin is bound look pale and even dull. No matter what clothes you choose, they won’t be able to brighten up your face, unless you put on some makeup! It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant: dusting your cheeks pink, wearing a suitable lipstick, and giving your eyebrows some attention, and your entire look will be complete.

Tips for Hosting a Christmas Party

Now, if you are attending a party, preparing gifts and dressing up are everything you need. But what if you are the host? There is more to worry about than finding a pretty dress!

Set a budget

Plan the basics for the party so you have an insight of how much you need to spend. This amount should be marked as ‘Christmas party budge’ and kept away from your other expenses. As you start purchasing necessities, take notes and keep track of the remaining sums.

As always, making a list before you go shopping will help you determine what’s more important. In case you run out of money halfway, you will still have the most necessary things ready. For example, you would want to have the main dishes, the drinks, the desserts, the decorations before concerning yourself with details like tablecloths and paper goods.

Make a guest list

You don’t need to have 100 guests for a successful party. Keeping the gathering small between close friends will still give you plenty of beautiful memories. With a small group of guests, you can even settle for a casual dinner and Christmas activities afterwards. When your party is manageable, you will get to bond and hang out with the guests instead of being a waitress or waiter.

Smart decorations

If the budget doesn’t allow you to decorate the entire place, highlighting a few spots would be the best solution. The front door, the table, and the mantel are where people gather and pay attention to. This way, you can save funds without losing the festive vibes.

Have enough food

Having enough food for everyone doesn’t mean you need to serve one hundred dishes. The time of the party will help you choose the food to serve:

– Before 10 A.M.: breakfast or brunch

– 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.: lunch

– 5 P.M. to 7 P.M.: dinner

With enough preparation, you can stick to finger food without being on a short of supplies. However, we highly recommend including the menu in the invitation. Maybe you will receive feedback and suggestion on what to do.

Don’t hesitate to combine homemade and store-bought. If you have a signature dish that everyone wouldn’t want to miss out, bring it to the party with a bit of help from outside. Don’t worry about your favorite dishes not being the traditional treat for the Christmas – you can make up for it by adding colors to the table or simply serving a dish of candies.

Host Christmas party games

A Christmas party won’t feel the same if you don’t have games up your sleeve, especially when not all the guests are in a circle. Let them know whether they need to bring anything or not, because it is awkward to join traditional games unprepared.

Don’t hesitate to try something every year. There are many, many games you can choose for a Christmas party. But be mindful of the guests’ preferences if you want something like a drinking game.

Keep it festive

Photo booths might be old, but they give your party the necessary spirits. A photo booth with Christmas theme will bring festive vibes and joy to every guest who attends.

Last but not least, a party won’t be completely satisfying without music! If you want to be stylish and festive, creating an exclusive playlist instead of choosing a random compilation from the internet.

With our suggestions, hopefully you won’t be too nervous about choosing the right Christmas party outfits! After all, the holidays should be a fun time spent with your beloved people and not a shopping race. Keep yourself comfortable and healthy, and enjoy a merry Christmas.

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