Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool? 5 Benefits of a Gym Pool

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The idea of jumping into a pool after working out or incorporating swimming into the routine is very appealing to many gymgoers. As one of the popular names when it comes to local gyms, they expect it from Planet Fitness when they consider purchasing a (black card) membership. So, does Planet Fitness have a pool?

Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool

Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

The short answer is no.

Planet Fitness aims to create a friendly, non-judgmental, and affordable environment for people who want to start exercising and improve their health. Installing a pool amongst many other gym tools would raise the cost to an unwanted level.

With a pool added to the amenities, the $10 monthly fee would become insufficient. It doesn’t matter how much the additional fee is – customers simply don’t like it when something suddenly becomes more expensive.

What Does Planet Fitness Offer?

If swimming is not your passion, you will find many benefits from a Planet Fitness membership, especially the black card option.

A personal trainer costs no extra fee. After filling a form, you will get a program planned for only you by a professional. The trainer will work with you and accomplish the goals together.

24/7 gyms are ready at your service, and you have no reason to skip your routine. It is an exceptional feature for people whose schedules are irregular or unpredictable. Amenities and staff are always there for you.

Hydromassages, tannings, haircuts are part of what Planet Fitness offers. You can find more details about these amenities by following the links!

Free guest pass is very useful and economical, for you can bring a person with you (family or friend), as long as they stay with you all the time.

Besides these attractive features, you will also receive offerings such as discounted drinks and 20% off on Reebok products. Some gyms include spray tanning, Wi-Fi, and a free T-shirt. You can contact your local branch and ask them if they have what you are looking for.

Why Are Gyms with Pools Expensive?

The expense is for the pool itself. It is not simply a mass of water. The real estate, the installation, maintenance, insurance – they cost significantly when added up.

Real estate is an essential matter for the gym owner to take care of. If the pool is bigger than necessary, it is another sum that goes to waste. However, a pool smaller than it should be will earn them more complaints than appreciations.

Maintenance takes up a large part of the general expense. You need to spend time and effort on it if you wish to preserve a classy appearance. A pool can be an ideal ground for bacteria to reproduce and multiply if not maintained properly. After all, if people are willing to pay an extra fee for a pool, they are likely to make the most out of it.

Health Benefits of a Gym Pool

We have known the reasons why Planet Fitness doesn’t have a pool for its gyms but are you curious why many people look forward to this amenity?

Regardless of your fitness level, swimming always provides you with irresistible benefits, thus no one is too cool for a pool. Let’s find out what those benefits are, with science-based proofs!

It helps you relax

When you are underwater, you practically leave the world outside. We are surrounded by digital stimulation and internet interactions, and it is good to forget about everything sometimes.

Furthermore, if you know how to swim, you can enjoy your future trips fully without backing out when everyone else is ready to visit a beautiful swimming zone.

Cardio activities have a great, positive impact on sleep duration. The energy you need for such thorough and intense workout forms will render your body ready for a sound slumber.

It strengthens your muscles

Whether you do butterfly or breaststroke style of swimming, your body gets a full workout. Plus, the resistance of water forces your muscles to exert and hence burn more calories. Researchers said with the same movements, 30 minutes of swimming is equal to 45 minutes of exercising on land.

If you want to up the challenge level, simply speed up! A person who tries hard in the pool will have more defined arms, thighs, and upper body.

It prevents diseases

As an effective form of cardiovascular practice, swimming for only 30 minutes a week is enough to lower the risk of heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, and strokes.

It works even during pregnancy

While working out is not recommended for pregnant women, swimming is generally safe. The support from water doesn’t cause any pressure on the baby bump and reduces swelling in the joints.

Researchers have found out regular swimming is a great prevention method against congenital defects and preterm labor.

It is not boring

You have many swimming styles to try (breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, front crawl, butterfly), hence it doesn’t feel boring. Also, each style will target different muscles in your body. For example, breaststroke has the same effect as a LISS workout (low-intensity & steady state), while front crawl leans more to cardio.

Tips: If you need to stop and recover after a short burst, you might be doing it wrong. Good swimming technique allows us to switch paces effortlessly.


Which swimming technique should I try?

Butterfly is your most reliable calorie burner if you can keep up with the intense and repeated movements. It focuses on building a strong core.

Front crawl is both speedy and easy. It targets your shoulders, sides, and arms, so you can definitely choose it for an admirably toned upper body.

Breaststroke has a more relaxed pace. Compared to front crawl, it also involves even breathing that improves the function of your lungs. The bonus point is the complex leg motions for your firm thighs!

Backstroke is all about elegance and technique, and it can make your overall posture so much better since it shapes your whole back as well as thighs.

Does Planet Fitness provide towels?

Although Planet Fitness has multiple shower stalls in their locker zone, they don’t have towels. If you plan to use the showers, you will most likely need to prepare your towels from home.

What are other amenities that Planet Fitness offers?

We are glad you are asking the important question! Planet Fitness doesn’t have a pool in their gyms but it doesn’t mean they lack tools and amenities. They have everything you need to build a healthy and toned body, and if you have a black card membership, you can have access to hydromassages, tanning beds, and amazing services.

Final Thoughts

A pool is a luxury feature to add to a pool, and because Planet Fitness aims to be an affordable place for the majority of people, a Planet Fitness pool is still far from coming true. If they add such a costly feature to the facility, the monthly fee surely will increase and take away their clients. Unless you are a swimming enthusiast, you will feel satisfied at one of these gyms.

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