Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

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Some gyms offer saunas and steam rooms as part of their amenities in hope of improving the well-being and the health of the users. These days, gymgoers have had a more in-depth view of the benefits brought by a sauna, which brought us to our main question today: Does Planet Fitness have a sauna or steam room?

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

The short answer is no. Planet Fitness doesn’t provide a sauna or steam room service in most of their clubs.

The reason why Planet Fitness is so popular is the affordable memberships they offer. What they focus on is to create a friendly environment for the majority of people to work out without spending too much money. They offer an average membership at $10, and the most expensive tier of membership available is the black card at $22.99.

Meanwhile, the fee of installation (for pools, basketball courts, and so on) will surely exceed the expected budget, and not everyone is willing to pay an extra sum. The installation of saunas is enough costly, and the maintenance fee will push the expense off the roof.

Furthermore, the United States doesn’t allow unisex saunas and steam rooms, which will multiply the installation and maintenance cost by twice at least.

However, selected locations still have this luxury amenity. It might be a traditional steam room or an infrared sauna. You might wonder why they are selective, but it is not complicated!

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

Why does Planet Fitness have a sauna in some regions?

The ownership and the operation of Planet Fitness gyms are individual. If the owner targets a higher group of customers, they will decide to equip their club with such luxuries. In another case, they might install a sauna to compete with other gyms in the area.

If you think about it, Planet Fitness is a worldwide business, while the sauna is only common in some countries other than the US. It is not abnormal for you to find few branches with a sauna in the US.

For people who put a sauna above everything when it comes to gym amenities, it is time for you to either contact your local Planet Fitness or finds a different club! However, we say the former choice is worth a shot!

Sauna Benefits for Gymgoers

Sweating is not a new therapy! It was with the Mayans 3000 years ago, and 1/3 Finns population are still using them. In the US alone, people said there are more than a million saunas across the country. (1)

Sauna improves you as an entirety

The number one benefit of using a sauna is its positive effect on your body as a whole. It helps you relieve stress and muscle tension, which are the main causes of many diseases. Besides, it feels like a whole new world when you step inside a sauna and leave all troubles behind.

As you relax in the heat of the sauna, the endorphins within you will increase and cover you in a glow of happiness.

Sauna soothes aching muscles

The aforementioned endorphins also have a soothing effect on sore muscles, therefore many gymgoers love to include a sauna in their workout session.

With improved blood circulation, you will heal naturally a lot faster. Professional athletes favor the heat of a sauna much better than a normal shower.

Sauna detoxifies for you

If you don’t sweat actively and daily, the toxins within you won’t get a chance to escape. However, the sauna can solve this problem.

Under the effect of the heat, the veins will dilate and the blood flow will increase, giving the perspiration glands a signal to produce sweat droplets and cool you down. The sweating process is much deeper in the sauna, consequently removing mercury, zinc, lead, and toxic chemicals that the environment leaves in you.

Skin problems are gone

Gymgoers are not the only group of clients for the sauna! Many salons also offer heat bathing as part of their cleansing process for better exfoliation and capillary circulation. You can count on it for more radiant skin.

Improvement on cardiovascular health

As sauna enhances the function of your heart and improves blood pressure, the researchers firmly believe in a definite link between the frequency of sauna usage and the decrease of deaths from heart issues.

Sauna helps with the brain

A project of the University of Eastern Finland has been prolonged for 20 years, and they proved that regular use of sauna lowered the risk of facing Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

By relieving you from stress, the sauna prohibits the production of cortisol. It is a hormone you would never want to get, at least not in an abundance, for it initiates health problems such as insomnia and weak immunity.

Alternatives at Planet Fitness

With or without a sauna, Planet Fitness offers a wide range of amenities if you purchase their black card membership: total body enhancement, tanning, or hydromassage. None of them is a substitute for a sauna, but they still have amazing effects on you.

Total Body Enhancement

Known as the Beauty Angel, the process of total body enhancement is based on the red light, which means it uses infra-red lights instead of UV lights. Therefore, if you find it similar to a tanning booth, know that they only look the same.

When exposed to red light, your skin cells produce more ATP – the source of energy for the cells – and give you great cellular activity.

So, what will you have from this amenity? It is rejuvenation for the skin, from the very cells. Issues such as stretch marks and wrinkles can be taken care of with the involvement of red light therapy. In addition, the Beauty Angel booth also sends vibrations to your body and helps to tone the muscles.

Everyone can have total body enhancement since there are different levels for pros and beginners. The experience is guaranteed to be relaxing with your chosen songs played in the background.


The tanning service at Planet Fitness is not too different from what you will find at a beauty salon. Their tanning beds are self-service, but the tanning spray calls for professional assistance. Nonetheless, you have to comply with a few rules:

– Be aware of how long you use the tanning service. The limit is 15 minutes, or you will put yourself at risk of cancer.

– The staff won’t keep an eye on the waiting line, hence it is on the gymgoers to remain courteous and reasonable.

– Make sure the tanning bed is clean. The clubs usually have the personnel for cleaning but if you want to be extra certain, there are paper towels as well as cleansers ready.

– Clothes for tanning and for exercising are different. Planet Fitness has locker rooms for your comfort!


Like traditional massage, hydromassage is a method to reduce muscle pain and improve blood circulation.

– Hydromassage can certainly be a big help if you are suffering pain from arthritis and inflammation. Both the pressure and the heat leave a relaxing impact on the body.

– The pressure also targets multiple areas of your body and circulates the blood more evenly. As a result, the nutrients can spread to every cell within you and the toxins are disposed of efficiently.

The unit might be quite loud if you are sensitive to noises, so get your earphones ready for a relaxing session.

Why Choose Planet Fitness?

As we have mentioned, the inexpensive membership and the number of branches are the major reasons behind the popularity of Planet Fitness, plus the wallet-friendly amenities. However, they have plenty of advantages that will keep you coming back.

They open 24/7

If your schedules only allow you to work out in the very early morning or late at night, Planet Fitness can help. They open around the clock hence they will fit themselves in your timetable instead of making you adjust.

Besides, you can also avoid the peak hours and have more flexibility with your exercises with Planet Fitness 24/7 access. There is no need to wait in a long line if you have an option.

They clean diligently

Most Planet Fitness membership owners agree that their clubs are pretty clean. The polished floor is what convinces them to get a membership, not to mention the machines are in great condition and the curtains are regularly changed.

If you are currently going to a gym that offers less than basic hygiene, you know you should drop them now!

Try Home or Portable Saunas

Types of Saunas

We have different sauna types, mostly based on the heat source.

Wood saunas guarantee high temperature and low humidity.

Electric saunas also share the properties with wood saunas. There is an electrical heater attached to the floor that provides the room with heat.

Infrared saunas function very differently from wood and electric saunas, for they heat the body instead of the whole room. The temperature is only enough to make you sweat.

Steam rooms are usually mentioned along with saunas, but they are not quite the same. We use water to heat the steam rooms, hence there won’t be a shortage of humidity.


Sauna is safe for most people, as long as you don’t have any cardiovascular disease. In this case, you should ask for your doctor’s opinion first.

– Using a sauna before or after getting in a cold swimming pool can increase blood pressure.

– Sweating profusely might cause dehydration, which is not recommended for anyone with kidney diseases.

As for yourself, there are many things you can do for safety even at home!

– Don’t drink alcohol before using a sauna. It might lead to dehydration, hypotension, and sudden death in the worst case.

– Spend a maximum time of 20 minutes in a sauna session, and only 10 minutes if you are new to it.

– No matter what type of saunas you choose, don’t forget to drink plenty of water before and after the session.

– Sauna has many health benefits yet it is not safe for ill people.

– Children above age can use a sauna, but not for more than 15 minutes.


How to track your sauna habits?

The data measuring the effects a sauna affects a person might vary because our bodies are vastly different. You can use health apps to keep track of your stats (heart rate, blood pressure, and more) and see the effects with your own eyes.

How often should I use a sauna?

The advice you will mostly hear is to start small, 1 – 3 times per week and 5 – 10 minutes per session before you prolong the duration to get the best results.

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Final Thoughts

Does Planet Fitness have a sauna? If you happen to live in one of the areas with more high-end clients and clubs, there is a high chance of your Planet Fitness gym having saunas or steam rooms as part of their service. You can always contact the staff in advance before deciding to purchase their black card membership for even more amenities in use! 

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