Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

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Going to the gym is a good habit and hobby to adopt, but how do you know if you have found the right gym? There are many names where you live, and you might have received recommendations on Planet Fitness. However, we still need to research what the gym has in store for us. For weight lifters, the question is: Does Planet Fitness have Free Weights?

Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

In short, yes, they have free weights, a good number of choices for you. You can choose barbells and dumbbells, up to 75 lbs. They are great for beginners, and by the time they become an easy piece of cake for you, you can proudly say your workout efforts have finally been paid off.

Each Planet Fitness gym might have different weights to offer, thus you should contact the staff for particular details. They also encourage enthusiasts to take a tour and see everything for themselves. It’s way better than asking for an opinion from a senior because everyone will have a different view on how useful the equipment is.

While beginners and commoners feel satisfied with the weights available at Planet Fitness, bodybuilders and weight lifters will find these gyms lacking. They usually don’t have a bench press for heavy lifting either, therefore you only have their exercise machines to push your muscles beyond limits. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t want to go too hard and trigger the lunk alarm by accident.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

In short, Planet Fitness has free weights because the clients always aim to be stronger, and free weights offer more than machines do with many benefits such as burning calories and strengthening muscles.

Free Weights are Functional

After hours of working out in the gym, our performance in daily routines is the best proof for efficient practice, and free weights help you achieve this versatility. Normally, you will sit down or stay in the same position while pushing or pulling weights, but you have to be more agile in real life. Even the most basic weight exercise can get you somewhere.

Unlike with machines, you have a lot of things to do with the weights. Your movement is not restricted to a fixed pattern, and you have to put extra effort to keep yourself steady while lifting the weights. This way, every part of your body has to work, which strengthens them significantly as a whole and improves your balance.

They burn calories

Resistance machines don’t always pressure your stabilizer muscles but free weights always make them work harder. For example, a reverse crunch with dumbbells will require you to lie down before lifting your legs and lower back while holding the weight behind your head. Your whole body has to work to accomplish this position and subsequently burn more calories.

You can find more practical exercises here!

Lower risk of injuries

In most cases, injuries happen when your balance is off. Free weights constantly provoke your muscles and force them to strengthen, eventually eliminating the imbalances. With the weights, you will immediately know if you have differences of strength in either half of your body, and they can help you regain balance too.

They are convenient

Outside of Planet Fitness, you might still want to trigger the same hormonal excitement and boost your productiveness. With free weights and enough creativity, we can come up with thousands of exercises even in the most confined spaces.

Free weights are obviously more affordable than resistance machines, especially if you are looking for something you can use at home on a budget. They don’t take up much space either, hence they become the best choice for people who want an extra workout in a humble living space.


What is “Lunk Alarm”?

The purpose of Planet Fitness is to give people a place for training without feeling pressured and judged, and thus they created a function named ‘lunk alarm’.

When you exert beyond ordinary limits, you might emit grunting noises and drop the weights. However, if you do so, the alarm will go off, for such sounds are not encouraged at Planet Fitness. Maybe you aren’t trying to be noisy, yet some folks actually do it for attention. The newbies might find it distracting, but how can they casually confront a buffed-looking stranger about it?

If the person stops after the alarm goes off, the staff will allow their session to proceed. On the other hand, repeating the mistake might lead to having themselves banned from Planet Fitness or their membership canceled.

Nonetheless, in most cases, the definition of the lunk alarm is simply on the wall for everyone to read, and the staff won’t take action unless the behavior doesn’t change even with warnings and complaints. People have various opinions about the lunk alarm, so what would be your thoughts on it?

Free Weights vs. Machines

You can’t go wrong no matter what choice you make! There will be preferences but you will only maximize your plans if you use both forms of workout. The fitness instructors will gladly help you out of any problem. If they feel like you are ready to level up your routine, they will surely let you know.

Can You Deadlift at Planet Fitness?

There are signs specifying that you can’t deadlift at Planet Fitness gyms, but it might differ as well. If unsure, you can ask the staff in advance.

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Final Thoughts

Does Planet Fitness have free weights? I hope the article has answered your question and provided you with enough information to decide. Never forget that Planet Fitness focuses on common people who want to exercise and keep themselves healthy rather than fitness buffs. The price is affordable, and the Black Card membership will offer you spa-like features.

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