Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers? 5 Questions to Ask!

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For new gymgoers, having an instructor at the gym will help them from the beginning to the intermediate phase. What can they do for you? Does Planet Fitness have personal trainers? Knowing about these matters will give you the chance to make the most out of your membership.

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

The answer is yes and no.

First of all, they no longer have a one-on-one policy if it is how you define “personal”. This method has been replaced by group sessions.

As you might have seen from many sources, including our articles, Planet Fitness focuses on normal people who look forward to exercising and keeping a healthy fit rather than gym rats. It is understandable when the commoners are not familiar with the machines like squat racks and bench presses.

Hence, personal trainers are necessary. They will explain how each tool works and what you can achieve from working with them. When having enough knowledge, the newbies will feel more confident and comfortable in practicing in front of others. Trainers will also check the form, which is extremely important.

Besides giving instructions about the equipment, the trainers are responsible for introducing offers of the gym to the client and planning suitable programs based on the desired goals. If you follow the mapped routines, you will find yourself attaining the achievements much more easily.

Last but not least, they are also the core of the [email protected] program offered by Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is the initials of Physical Education at Planet Fitness. There will be a personal trainer with a group of members. They will form a class, which can include people with the same level of fitness or the same target. Here are the benefits you might get:

– It is completely free for both normal and black card memberships. The Planet Fitness app and the front desk are ready whenever you want to sign up.

– The club will have 11 – 14 sessions like this every day at various times, so members can choose the most convenient to attend, regardless of their schedules.

– Attending multiple classes for different goals is totally permitted.

– You can have a plan customized for you with the “Design Your Own Program” session. After registering for it, you will meet up with Planet Fitness professional trainers to discuss further. They need to know about your medical background, workout history, and fitness goals to come up with a suitable program.

– Although the number of participants in each session is limited, you can reserve a spot to make sure you are booked.

What Classes Do Personal Trainers Teach?

So, you can join different classes for multiple targets, but what options do you have?

Orientation is kind of a class for beginners. The instructor will introduce you to the available equipment and show you how to use each of them.

Core targets the obliques, the lower back, and of course the abdomen.

Back & Triceps targets the muscles of your back and your arms through pushing and pulling exercises.

Chest & Biceps includes curling and pressing for the other muscles of your upper body.

Legs & Shoulders leaves an impact on your upper as well as lower body, focusing on the improvement and the strength in your function.

30 Minutes Express Circuit gives your entire body strength and cardio exercises.

Stretch is what you need after an intense workout. It relieves the tension in your muscles and makes your flexibility better.

Pros & Cons of Group Workout


Even without the former 1v1 training sessions, the group method still delivers positive effects that the majority of Planet Fitness clients approve of.

#1. You won’t exercise in the wrong way. The trainers know the correct position as well as the most beneficial order of exercises, and they have the responsibility to let you know if you are making a mistake and explain in detail. Even when you work alone, the knowledge will come in handy.

#2. The instructors have studied coaching properly. They know how to answer questions about dieting and health without throwing all the complicated data and numbers at you. Many people are shy about approaching their trainer, yet they shouldn’t be!


Everything has drawbacks. While we don’t think these cons should stop you from working out with a group, it is good for you to be aware of them!

#1. Although the recommended fitness level for each class has been specified, there are chances that your groupmates won’t choose the right class. Maybe you are way ahead of them, and they might slow down your routines.

#2. Exercises such as overhead presses and free barbell squats belong to the advanced category, but due to the policy of no judgment and no intimidation, instructions for these exercises won’t be a part of your session.

#3. Instead of having a properly timed rest, you have to wait for your turn to perform, for there are probably several people in line.

Planet Fitness One-on-one Training

Many people misunderstand the term “personal trainers” and think they will have a private professional at Planet Fitness. You can have one-on-one talks with the trainers, they can help you to create a decent workout plan, but you get to choose whether to follow the program or not.

Planet Fitness personal trainers are basically teachers in the aforementioned classes, and each session includes members in the plural. They, therefore, won’t be by your side throughout your exercise time.

Additionally, you have the freedom to communicate with your trainer outside the gym, yet the policies don’t allow you to bring your own trainer along.

What to Ask a Fitness Trainer?

The trainers have many duties including showing you how to do an exercise and explaining why you should do something or avoid a bad habit. You are more than welcome to give them questions when you are confused, and here are suggestions!

#1. How can I brace my core?

With or without the gym, tightening your core is essential. With a strong core, you can take part in pretty much every activity, no need to worry about injuries.

#2. How long should I rest?

The resting time between sessions can optimize the results for you. If you don’t rest, your muscles won’t receive enough relaxation for a harder push. On another hand, resting too long will reduce your ability to move.

#3. What should I eat?

It is obvious how important nutrition is if you want your training program to be a success. The trainer who created the workout plan for you is the one who would know what food is the best.

#4. Am I doing this exercise correctly?

The technique has a big impact on your results and your safety. It takes you some time to learn a position accurately but also saves you the time needed to correct the falsity.

Furthermore, some exercises require a different warm-up and cool-down, and the same goes for each individual. You have all the right to ask your trainer for a demonstration.

#5. How often should I exercise?

It depends on how much workout your body allows you to take and how busy you are. You can make cardio exercises like swimming and walking a daily routine, but sessions with high intensity will call for one or two rest days.

Questions You Should Expect from Your Trainer

In return, you should prepare to receive questions from your instructor as they need to ensure safety and efficiency based on your conditions.

#1. Your health and medical history.

There are special protocols for people with health problems. If you have any unfavorable conditions, don’t hide them from your trainer. They should be aware of it as well as your workout experience before they create a training program for you.

#2. Your lifestyle and habits.

Besides the medical history, your training routine will be based on lifestyle and nutritional habits too. Information such as how much you smoke, whether you drink, how active you are. The trainers are not going to judge you! Their only purpose is to know about your conditions and help you achieve maximum results.

#3. What are your goals?

The core of your workout program will come from your aims. The more specific the goals are, the easier for the trainer to do their job.


How to find a good gym?

We have searched for different opinions from professional gym instructors, and they advise newbies to keep in mind a few things:

You should feel motivated by the club you choose. Do you prefer a gym near your house? Is a luxury gym with high-end amenities what you look for? The place should be where you can show up frequently.

Pay attention to your budget. Planet Fitness is a budget gym with many types of equipment and few amenities, while a luxury gym has everything. You need to keep the fee within an affordable limit.

Make sure the trainers are right for you by reaching out to staff at different branches and decide whether you will attain your purposes or not. Sometimes, the friendliness is to cover the lack of experience, and the wisdom is hidden behind aloofness.

Big box gyms & boutiques, what would be better for you? Do you want a ton of services or a small community to get to know everyone else?

What is the best time for practice?

Here are a few factors you should consider when choosing a time to practice.

– For most people, the ideal hours to work will be early morning, during lunch break, or after dinner.

– If you have an irregular timetable, it is important to determine the most convenient time that you can keep up with persistently.

Does Planet Fitness have dress codes?

Planet Fitness is very encouraging and supportive when it comes to your comfort. However, they don’t allow clothes that are too revealing or potentially dangerous such as:

– Clothes with inappropriate slogans that others might find offensive

– Trousers with grommets

– Shoes or sandals that reveal toes

– Greasy or soiled clothing

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Final Thoughts

Does Planet Fitness have personal trainers? You now have your answer! The membership offers you everything you need to get fit with a minimum expense and without judgments, and the professional instructors will help you achieve your goals and encourage you to remain motivated. Don’t hesitate to start a conversation with your trainer, they are very friendly and helpful!

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