Does Planet Fitness Have Showers and Locker Rooms? 2 Rules to Follow!

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If you are not sweaty and exhausted after working out, the session might not be as effective as you expected! And when you are tired, there is nothing better than taking a shower. However, the question is, does Planet Fitness have showers and lockers room for your convenience? Do they have any relevant policies you should be aware of?

Does Planet Fitness have showers and locker rooms?

The short answer is yes. Planet Fitness has showers and locker rooms that are free for members to use, hence you don’t need to hesitate anymore if you are considering a membership purchase.

As a gym brand popular for its affordability, Planet Fitness membership offers a lot of benefits at only $10 per month. When owning a membership, you will get unlimited access to their clubs and the equipment, including showers and locker rooms.

They come in a package. Showers will help the gymgoers cool down after an intense session and locker rooms will keep their belongings secure. All Planet Fitness gyms receive positive feedbacks about hygiene since the staff does their cleaning duty every day, hence you can be at ease about it, even though not all the clubs have the same quality.

does planet fitness have showers and locker rooms?

Planet Fitness Showers

All branches of Planet Fitness have showers with separate stalls and curtains. Following the law of the United States, they have facilities for each gender. The staff is the one responsible for cleaning these rooms, but it doesn’t mean we can forsake common etiquettes in a public shower or restroom:

– Be quiet. Silence is very precious in this kind of places. If it is something you can say in a bathroom, it surely can wait for a few more minutes.

– Phones stay untouched. They look suspicious in a private place like restroom, and one-sided conversations bother people even more.

– No need for handshakes if you recognize someone. Even if most of us are decent enough to wash our hands right after, the thought of where your hands were a minute ago might be quite disturbing.

– Don’t get too engrossed in SNS or games! Other people might in a rush and making them wait is simply impolite.

– If you try to turn the doorknob and it doesn’t budge, it is more than clear that there is someone using it. No need to scare the person by knocking the door loudly or jiggling the knob!

– Don’t leave anything behind when you are done using the shower. Soap and shampoo might not be dirty, but no one wants to see a huge slob on the wall or the toilet.

– Don’t ever use your feet to do stuff that you are supposed to do with hands, specifically flushing the toilet, because people will touch it later. If you wear your shoes while at it… you seriously need to fix this attitude, my friend.

– Put your empty toiletries in the garbage cans instead of letting the staff do all the work.


– Planet Fitness towels are usually not available, so make sure to bring yours! If unsure, you can always ask the staff for more information, for we have seen some of their gyms provided towels when the clients forgot theirs.

– There are no free toiletries either. We should prepare everything on our own and avoid awkward situations!

In a few Planet Fitness gyms, they have changing stalls, for your convenience and privacy. Otherwise, the locker rooms are a good choice too. Let’s move on to the section dedicated to them!

Planet Fitness Locker Rooms

Same with showers, the locker rooms are also divided into two groups: for males and for females. The scale of the gym decides the number of lockers available, though we recommend bringing your lock and not putting anything expensive there for safety since Planet Fitness has stated that they are not responsible for any lost items.

Another thing to keep in mind is the no reservation rule. You don’t have a personal locker at Planet Fitness. The locker should be empty and the lock should be removed when you leave. If the staff finds a locked compartment, they have the right to break the lock and mark the belongings inside as lost items.

Should the staff have enough reasons to believe there are suspicious things in the locker, they can require you to open it or do it by themselves.

As we have mentioned, people can use locker rooms as changing rooms if they have no other choice, but keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with seeing others naked! To avoid causing unnecessary discomfort, you shouldn’t use your phone in the locker rooms. (1)


Can you still shower at Planet Fitness at night?

Yes, the gyms and the majority of amenities open 24/7, the shower room included. Even if you are running a late session, you still have access to the showers, as long as you have a membership.

Nonetheless, Planet Fitness doesn’t always have towels available. You should prepare towels and toiletries in advance. Unlike the minimized offerings, their shower room is quite spacious with various lockers to use.

If you have never used a public shower room, no need to get nervous either! There are signs in the area with rules expressed in the simplest way. The staff can always help too, should you need to ask for more details.

What is Planet fitness dress code?

Even though Planet Fitness is a place with no judgments, we can’t wear whatever we want. You need to follow a dress code. (2)

– Clothes with too much exposure or offensive messages are not welcome here, for they can ruin the friendly atmosphere.

– Don’t wear anything that might put you in a dangerous situation, flowy tops for example. It might involve others in unwanted accidents.

– Shoes and socks shouldn’t show your toes. Also, picking a pair of shoes and socks that fits your size is extremely important in gym.

– Comfortable clothes are great, but baggy outfits tend to be more troublesome than comfortable.

– Jewelry might enhance the outfit you choose, yet you wouldn’t want these dangling jiggling pieces on your neck and arms when you are working out.

When is the best time to go to Planet Fitness?

You can visit Planet Fitness whenever you want!

The first and foremost purpose of Planet Fitness is to build a friendly, accessible gym that gives the clients no pressure and welcomes them even in the most uncommon hours.

If you want to avoid crowds, you can type Planet Fitness + address on google and read the graphs for business hours. From the info, it should be easy to find the most suitable time for you. Usually, the clubs are very busy from 17:00 to 20:00 on weekdays, 9:00 to 15:00 on weekend.

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Does Planet Fitness have showers and locker rooms? Yes. They even have separate facilities for women and men! You will enjoy your time here as long as you use these amenities responsibly. If this question was the final reason holding you back from becoming a Planet Fitness member, you can comfortably go there and get a nice workout session!

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