Fall Nail Designs | 20+ Amazing Autumn Nail Designs Ideas

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When you have dolled up with glowing skin, a unique hairstyle, and fashionable attire, best believe the attention will fall on your nails – fingers and toes. So why not give them a makeover with the most amazing fall nail designs of 2020?

nail designs 2020

Designs for Short Nails

Don’t let the length of your nails stop you from trying the prettiest fall nail designs autumn is calling for! They are as fancy as long nails if you know the right way to beautify them!

Do you have pink pretty nails that you don’t want to cover with paints? Easy as a piece of cake! The gradient sparkle effect with tiny ample leaves will make you feel glamorous.

short nail design

Credit: Stay Glam (110193)

You can have the festive look even with short nails! Pick a darker base and decorate it with zigzags of different colors before finishing up with a layer of gloss. It’s not too colorful, don’t worry! Any age can adorn fall nail designs like this.

short nail design

Credit: Instagram (55444)

Glitters on all nails might be too extravagant, but what if gradient glitters aren’t enough for you? Try the combination of elegant nude color and full-on glitters on one nail only! It surely will captivate all eyes!

short nail design

Credit: An Unblurred Lady (45638)

We find it fun to combine the trademarks of autumn – green, cream, nude, light brown – and paint some gloss on top. You don’t need to leave your comfort zone if you are into simple colors rather than intricate patterns!

short nail design

Credit: Mint Arrow (41142)

Halloween Nails

When we talk about fall, we can’t forget the infamous Halloween. However, going all black and goth for Halloween is so last decade, I’m telling you! Instead, you can achieve a funky yet sexy aura from the patterns known to be for Halloween only.

Since we are promoting Halloween vibes, how can we forget about spiders? These scary buddies are extremely artistic and attractive in fall nail designs. One nail each hand, painted with a contrasting color and a spider will give you THAT mysterious look!

halloween nails

Credit: Share Video Trends (36020)

Boost your classic spooky ghosts to a new level with a deep blue background! It’s an irreplaceable addition to your Halloween costume.

halloween nails

Credit: Stay Glam (15215)

Adorn your manicured nails with Ghost Face and some ‘blood’, and you certainly will scare some reserved bubs! It looks fairly simple with the main colors – black, white, and red – yet it’s undoubtedly the spookiest fall nail designs acrylic nails can sport!

halloween nails

Credit: Glaminati (10686)

Acrylic Nail Designs

Acrylic nails are the way to go for many people who don’t have enough time to paint their nails regularly since the maintenance is simpler and the lasting time is longer compared to gel nails. It’s also easier to draw patterns on these nails!

Try polish-free fall nail designs for autumn! The soft pastel purple is such a bomb for sophisticated ladies. You would want to enhance it with soft clouds as well as crescent moons and little stars!

acrylic nail designs

Credit: Trends OK (90747)

Black nails won’t be an ‘emo’ look if you pop it with a burgundy matte. We love flourishing lines on wine color and tiny rhinestones on the nocturnal hue. You won’t need any gloss on top.

acrylic nail designs

Credit: Stay Glam (65979)

If you believe autumn is too nostalgic and thus some colors are necessary, don’t be afraid to paint your nails with different colors and zigzags. Some glitters will be great as well!

acrylic nail designs

Credit: Cuded (35686)

Gel Fall Nail Designs

When you have invested in the expensive gel nails, you wouldn’t want to leave them neglected! Take a peek at the beauteous fall nail designs to make your hands alluring and graceful.

Add some sexiness to your coffin nails with jet black foundation, gradient glitters, and gloss to finish. You will stand out in parties and gatherings with such glorious nails, queens!

gel nail designs

Credit: Pinterest (43755)

Let’s not forget autumn is the wedding season! We love pastel pink and simple geometric designs on the beautiful bride’s nails! A streak of tiny gems to borderline the pattern will be lovely!

gel nail designs

Credit: Wedding Forward (64937)

Ombre on hair is absolutely divine, but how about on nails? Blend various shades of red on your nails, and you easily possess the enigmatic vibe of an enchantress.

gel nail designs

Credit: The Fashion Spot (34087)

Does it look complicated? But all you need is polishes – brown for the background and gold for the tiny trivia later – and a detail brush. Be attentive to the outlines, and you will be ready to rock all autumn parties.

gel nail designs

Credit: PiggieLuv (28775)

Nothing is more suitable than matte black, nude color, and glitters if you are going for a glamorous and royalty look. Well-manicured nails are already very eye-catching, therefore, people can only be hypnotized with this challenge!

gel nail designs

Credit: Vogue Clash (26264)

Fall Nail Designs for Toes

If someone thinks toenails don’t matter, they are completely wrong! Believe it or not, people glance at your little toes more often than you think. You are likely to leave a stronger impression on them when you are well-groomed from head to toes. Let’s take a look at trendy fall nail designs – toe version!

Matte tops are such a bomb in nail designs in 2020. Whether you are a fan of pastel colors or bold shades, it’s never a bad choice to glamor the top with matte. Doesn’t the yellow top look like sunshine? Decorate the big nail with a dainty drawing, and the result is breathtaking!

toe nails design

Credit: Nail Designs Journal (3167)

Who said our toes can’t shine like diamonds? You can always be indulgent and add some rhinestones to the big toes with the plain base! One outstanding gem is more than enough. If you overuse the stones, it will look a bit too extra.

toe nails design

Credit: Nail Designs Journal (4058)

Ladies who love simplicity, this toenail design is for you! A few strokes of silver on a dreamy purple background will do the trick perfectly. This dark color will also commend the milky white skin.

toe nails design

Credit: Lasdiest (11193)

Creating an interesting contrast between the big nail and the rest seems to be a trend in fall nail designs 2020. They placate some rhinestones and paint dainty patterns to emphasize the difference. You will never feel shy to show off your toes again!

toe nails design

Credit: Embellishmints (9553)

If the summer vibes still linger somewhere in you, don’t hesitate to try colorful designs for toenails. Bright shades and polka dots will give you a cheerful feeling during the autumn, which is known for being fickle and melancholic.

toe nails design

Credit: Ameba (73266)

2020 nail designs

If you are ready for stylish autumn with our suggestions of fall nail designs 2020, be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to our site for the latest beauty trends!

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