15 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles

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Summertime is all about plaits since there are many ways for you to get creative with braiding, such as wrapping the strands in different shapes or weaving in some accessories. Knowing how the endless lists of braided hairstyles might leave you overwhelmed, but we are here with a shorter, more selective collection!

The Most Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles

Braided Hairstyles for All Occasions

You will usually find braids in these forms:

– If you have long, soft hair, gathering all strands in a single braid will be an amazing choice. It can be around the head in the classic ‘milkmaid’ style or dangling over a shoulder. Either way, it is very feminine and dainty.

Multiple braids mean dividing the hair into many small sections. It can be cornrows or box braids, French or classic, but it usually needs time and experience.

– When you stop braiding before reaching the full length, you have partial braids. They often are the signature of a transition between two different hairstyles, which gives you plenty of room for creativity.

1. Feed-in Braids

This style is for professionals. They will ‘feed’ extensions to your original hair with knots and braid super long, seamless strands without putting tension and weight on your scalp.

Credit: the trend spotter

2. Afro Updo with Braids

Braids incorporated into this stunning updo surely enhance both styles and combine them smoothly. It fits any length of hair!

Credit: coconut and concrete

3. Upside Down Braids with Buns

Multiply your classic braids and turn them upside down with cute buns on the crown of your head! It looks showy, but it is much easier than you think.

Credit: Tasala HQ

4. Braided Ponytail

Although it looks intricate, a braided ponytail is one of the easiest styles to sport for every occasion. Wrapping some of your braids around the base to hide the elastic is an interesting trick too.

Credit: the trend spotter

5. Waterfall Braids

As a derivative of French braiding, it is very feminine and elegant. Instead of weaving all your strands, you will stop at the top part of the hair and leave the long hair falling down your back seamlessly.

Credit: beyond the ponytail

6. Half-done Box Braids

Box braids are gorgeous, but leaving the ends of the hair undone will give your hair more volume!

Credit: Karwai Tang @ Getty

7. Katniss Braids

Are you a fan of The Hunger Games movies? Two Dutch side braids joint and tossed over one shoulder are something you won’t hesitate to try!

Credit: Jeff Vespa @ Getty

8. Colorful Box Braids

You will also hear about it under the name of two-toned box braids! It’s simply beautiful when the contrasting colors mingle and complement each other, and you won’t need accessories to send a statement.

Credit: byrdie

9. Crown Braid

With double French or Dutch braids pinned to the top of your head to form a crown, you will have the look of a princess, which is why it has become a hairstyle for weddings and proms.

Credit: Evan Agostini @ Getty

10. Mermaid Hair

Also known as the rib cage braid, it might take you a while to master, yet the result is like something you see in fantasy comics. You will start with a high ponytail and braid a simple plait. Next, take a small strand, twist it, and tuck it into the braid. Do it with both sides and keep it at half the length.

Credit: john frieda

11. Snake Braid

You only need to know the basic braiding technique for this style! Start from the temples and braid the chosen sections of hair before making the pattern visible and tying the braids together. It is simple but still fantastic.

12. Ombre Braid

Braid is a good friend of ombre hair since the pattern makes the transition of colors smooth and effortless even if you have a brunette or something more exotic like pastel pink and fairy blue.

13. Braids & Undercut

You can show off your daring undercut or hide it with braids as you wish! Who doesn’t want to transform between elegant and powerful?

Credit: Bobby Bank @ Getty

14. Faux Fishtail

If the original fishtail is too difficult for you, try faux hairstyling with this bubble ponytail! It still has the strong bohemian vibe.

Credit: verily mag

15. Single Cornrow

We can’t have enough words for the classic cornrows, but did you know you will still look cool without braiding your whole hair? Yes, only one cornrow with a colorful thread for decoration is more than enough.

Credit: lacy red way

Techniques for Different Braided Hairstyles

The more braiding techniques you master, the more choices you have when there is a specific event you need to attend. The texture of your hair as well as the length, the volume, and the strength all have a crucial impact in determining the style of braiding you should use.

Classic 3-Strand Technique

If you are a beginner, this method is the best for you to pick up. Even children can execute it with proper instructions.

First of all, separate the desired hair from the rest and divide it into three sections (evenly or not). Placate each strand over another and alternate between them until you reach the length you want. Seal the braid with a hair tie or an accessory of your choice.

French Braids

The way you handle the hair remains the same as what you do for a classic braid, but you will start from the roots of the strands instead of the nape. Another difference is French braids begin with a small amount of hair, and you will add more to it as you proceed.

As a matter of fact, the hair strands are bonded by the roots and thus woven on the skull rather than dangling freely. You won’t feel the weight of the braid.

The Dutch version is where you alternate each hair section under and NOT over another.

Plait Braids

The alternation principle stays in this technique as well, though you will be adding strands as you continue. A newbie will find it very difficult to remember which strand should be on top. Technically, you can add as many strands as you want, depending on your skill. Starting with four or five strands and leveling up when you feel more confident.

Fishtail Braids

The mermaid look is one of the loveliest braided hairstyles for summer, but it can consume time and feel tedious to try all alone.

For the start, we will part the hair in question into two sections. From the underside of a section, take a small tassel and pull it to the opposite side, and repeat on the other side. It is confusing at first and definitely challenging, but the result is totally worth it!

Rope Braids

Unlike the classic technique, the rope method only requires two tassels of hair, hence you might call it ‘twisting’ too. What we will do is twisting these two strands in opposite directions before twisting them together and tying the end with an optional accessory. The individual twist is enough to hold the strands together.

Ladder Braids

Ladder braids might be a category itself because there are several ways for you to nail them.

– The original technique visually resembles a real ladder with two strands as the posts and the third section woven in to be the rungs.

– The second method is more like weaving strands around an anchor ponytail for a loop-ladder effect.

Lace Braids

It is quite the same as the French braid, but you will focus on braiding the ends of your hair together instead of weaving it onto the scalp. If you are trying to grow out bangs or front layers, this style helps you keep the strands neat all the time.

Crochet Braids

These braids are meant to be hidden, and some people might start wondering what is the point of such a hairstyle. However, their role in hairstyling is much more important than you imagine. Being super tiny, they can keep hair extensions firmly and hide the joints flawlessly. Nonetheless, it takes a professional to achieve perfectly woven and secure.

Lattice Braids

Have you seen a basket with threads woven in both horizontal and vertical directions? You can do something similar to your hair, although it requires patience as well as assistance because of multiple parts that you can’t see for yourself. A partner can check if the lattice is secure and make necessary adjustments.


What are the most popular braids?

For black women and men, cornrows are the most famous due to the protection of the hair and the room for creativity. If you succeed at braiding cornrows, you are sure to have the perfect base for other styles.

What is the easiest braiding technique?

The classic 3-strand technique is undoubtedly the simplest for beginners. You will stick to a certain amount of hair instead of adding more strands like complicated styles, which might, unfortunately, limit what you can do.

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Final Thoughts

Braiding is an important and classic technique for hairstyling, and you can adorn one of these braided hairstyles any season of the year. What would be your choice? Do you like the simple 3-strand technique or the extravagant goddess look? Don’t forget to let us know!

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