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For the records, head wrap and sneakers might not be the best of friends, but sometimes we can’t resist adding edges to your daily attires. Since they both come in handy on all casual occasions, I thought of combining them, and I was more than pleased with the result.

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However, creativity shouldn’t be limited here. There are many styles of head wrap that you might love to try. What do you need to know about them and how to rock them? Take a peek at these gorgeous models and find out!

What is a head wrap?

The simplest definition of hair wrapping is to comb your hair smoothly, keep the strands neat, and tie a scarf around your head to ensure the hair is wrapped in the garment.

The process is remarkably difficult for people who have thick and long hair, for they will need to involve bobby pins in the hairstyle. However, hard work always pays off! With pins, the hair might end up looking a whole lot more badass and feeling very secure.

The materials used for making headscarves also deserve a talk. Some fabrics can cause serious damage to the hair if worn for a long time. Besides investing in haircare, knowing the properties of those fibers is very imperative too.


It always ranks first in the list of materials for sensitive parts of our body. Pillowcases, scarves, and hair wraps (of course!) are greatly enhanced when made of silk. It is breathable, comforting, soft, and it doesn’t absorb sweat, oil, or any moisture that is detrimental to the skin.

A silk headscarf will keep your hair from going dry or frizzy. You will still have your smooth strands even after wearing them for hours per day.


Although satin is not entirely natural like silk, it is way better than cotton when it comes to protecting your hair. The smooth surface allows it to avoid absorbing dirt and thus stay hygienic. Satin also does an excellent job of reducing tangles if you want to try a complicated style.


You might have heard of microfiber being used for towels, and it is all thanks to the great absorbing property. When you need to dry your hair, microfiber surely comes in handy. Let’s keep us reminded: the faster your strands dry, the less breakage they have to deal with.

Tips for Hair Wrapping

Keep your head wrap still

The theory is pretty simple: making sure the wrap is tight and not letting hair ends stray haphazardly. However, not everyone is on that queen level on the first try!

An easy solution is to use a wig cap. Not only does it tuck your strands neatly but it also gives the scarf some friction to cling onto. Professionals also suggest we play with a velvet wig grip to protect the hairline from being tugged constantly.

Prevent damage

Silk is the best material for your head wraps, other materials might absorb natural moisture and render your hair vulnerable. Who wants to ruin their hair with a scarf after pouring a lot of effort into keeping it smooth?

You can try braiding your hair so it won’t get stuck in the scarf and put a protective cap to seal the moisture in.

Choose the right size

The rule of thumb for the size is ‘long enough to wrap around the skull twice’. Although it also depends on the style you want to do, this size is a standard. If the scarf is too short, you will miss out on several styles.

Best Head Wrap and Sneakers

Leopard Print Headscarf

Surprisingly, this giant retailer ASOS has a fair range of gorgeous head wraps in their pocket, and the price is more than affordable. We have our attention set on a scarf with leopard print, but you will also find plain items with a solid color if you want simplicity!

Kaleidoscope Kamaria Head Wrap

Made in Nigeria, it surely preserves the very essence of headscarves. If you are looking for something unique, you might fall in love with the turquoise blue and the colorful patterns commending it. The interesting print also calls for impressive accessories such as loop earrings or makeup gemstones.

Microfiber Hair Turban

If you needed to wait a whole hour before your hair completely dried up before, the wait is now down to half without involving your blow dryer, no matter how long or thick it is. Not to mention, the pastel pink color looks super adorable, coupled with cartoon prints. What is there to dislike?

The Isla

Your hair would thank you if it could speak! Investing in this piece of mulberry silk offers extra protection for sensitive strands. You can combine the glamorous emerald and peacock colors with a fashionable outfit or put it on before bedtime. We all know how severe nightly damage can be.

Satin Square Baroque Scarf

If you’re in the mood to turn the simplest costume into something chic, don’t miss out on this 2-piece set. You should definitely mix loop earrings with the baroque pattern of the scarves for an interesting but not any less elegant vibe.

Adjustable Satin Slouchy Hair Cap

Have you ever thought your hair is too thick for a headscarf? If yes, this slouchy beanie might be your best friend. The material is comfortable and breathable, with an extra strap for you to adjust the cap as you wish.

credit: kilahmazing

Bow Style

1. Find a suitable head wrap

In most cases, a rectangular scarf will be the most suitable choice for this style. The standard stands at 10 x 55 inches.

If you are looking for a tender vibe, chiffon and silk might be your best bet. Meanwhile, viscose and jersey have more texture. There are various choices at vintage shops, department stores, or even specialized shops if you are lucky.

2. Tie your hair

The easiest way to prepare your hair for a bow head wrap is to tie it into a top knot. Loose strands of hair will have a hard time staying tucked under the tight wrap. You don’t need to worry about it if you have had short hair already.

3. Put the scarf on

Wrap the scarf around your head with the center on the back and the two ends extending forth. Make sure the fabrics have no wrinkle and the whole of your scalp is covered.

Next, use the two ends to tie a knot right above the hairline. Keep it in the right position then tighten the knot by tugging at the ends before folding them and creating an oversized bow.

Adjust the bow as much as you need to. When you deem the result satisfying, handle the spare ends by tucking them into the flaps.

Since the style is enough captivating, I prefer keeping my whole outfit as simple as possible: oversized blouse, jeans, and sneakers.

Headband Style

1. Make a high bun

Whether you are after a stylish look or simply trying to keep your hair neat, you need to start by pulling your hair back and putting it into a bun. Ponytail, afro puff, or short hair with no fringe also work brilliantly.

2. Put the scarf on

Fold the scarf in half by its width and put it around your head, starting from the back. The bun will remain exposed, yet the entire back of the head should be covered. If the scarf is not too wide, folding it wouldn’t be necessary.

With the ends of the scarf extending forward, proceed to make a double-knot on the center of your hairline. This type of knot will be much more secure and pretty than the single-knot.

3. Adjust the head wrap

Hide the ends by tugging them backward and tucking them into your scarf before adjusting the piece to the common position of a headband. As long as you feel comfortable, it will be all good!

Twisted Crown Style

1. Find the right scarf

From the appearance alone, it is easy to tell we will need a very long scarf for this look. For testing, you can wrap the fabric around your head and see if the remaining length is enough for you to twist and style it as you wish.

2. Wear the scarf

Put the scarf on without folding it and make sure the material covers the whole of your hair. The ends should be equal in length.

Skip the usual knot and start twisting the two ends. It is almost like how you squeeze water out of a towel but not as forceful.

Once you have twisted the length several times, put it around your head and finish on the front with the ends tucked into your new crown.

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