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Breakfast is the most important meal for us. However, it doesn’t mean you must disregard your diet and eat a lot to make sure your energy is fully charged! A healthy breakfast for weight loss is what you need. And no, it won’t be bland or boring! Today, we will show you how to prepare a meal with nutrients and scrumptiousness.

What are we going to use for our healthy breakfast?

Black rice

the healthy breakfast and its benefits

Have you ever heard of ‘the forbidden rice’? It is what we are talking about. Let’s turn back time and travel to the ancient era of China when the noble class claimed their possession over this variant of rice and reserved it for royalties only. The commoners had to grow and harvest it, but they are under surveillance.

Nowadays, it is no longer forbidden. However, the consumed amount is still little compared to other types of rice. If only everyone knows about the benefits it holds, I’m sure it will become much more popular.

It is not loaded with sugar, but fiber. This content gives you a full, satiated feeling, which effectively stops you from munching on more junk food. Also, it reduces insulin resistance, saving you from the risks of obesity and diabetes.

Besides fiber, black rice is rich in antioxidants and protein as well. They are the best allies to any vegetarian or dieter. Unlike its rice fellas, black rice requires no primary processing before it becomes usable, thus able to retain most of the nutrients. (1)

Chicken breast

As a very rich source of protein, chicken breast is your great support on the journey to a healthy body. Like fiber, protein also keeps the hunger from coming back to you after a meal, so you won’t be tempted into taking in more calories.

Every expert will advise you to maintain a daily exercise routine instead of relying on food only, and this protein content will help you gain lean muscles while losing weight. Compared to red meat or other parts of a chicken, the breast contains a low content of saturated fats. Many of you might have known it already: saturated fats cause blockages in the arteries and lead us to heart diseases. (2)

Additional ingredients

The way you prepare the black rice with chicken breasts is very important. All the benefits mentioned above might be rendered unavailable if you use too much oil, bread crumbs, batter, sweet sauce. Herbs and spices would be a better choice.

In our recipe for weight loss, we use bell pepper, onion, carrot, and pea. They all contain no fat but a good dose of fiber and nutrients that enhance our metabolism and the taste of the meal for losing weight.

How to make a healthy breakfast for weight loss?


  • Black rice: ½ bowl
  • Chicken breast: 100gr
  • Bell pepper: 1 piece
  • ¼ onion
  • ½ carrot
  • Pea: 1/3 small bowl



main ingredients - black rice & chicken breast
  • Boil the black rice.
  • Boil the chicken breast. You can add a piece of garlic if you like the smell of it.
  • Use the forks or anything you deem fit to rip the meat into shreds. This step helps the spices added later to get into the fibers and makes your dish much more delectable.
  • Slice bell pepper, onion, and carrot into small pieces.
vegetables for healthy meals


healthy breakfast - cook & mix
  • Pour a sufficient amount of olive oil into the frypan along with mashed garlic.
  • Add carrot, onion, bell pepper, and pea. By now, you can already smell the delicious scent.
  • Season your dish with salt, spaghetti, and pepper powder.
  • Finally, mix the seasoning with chicken and rice. Make sure the movement of your arm is steady and even, so the spices will be spread thoroughly.

The only task to do now is serving this healthy meal with several slices of your favorite salad and enjoying it before letting us know if it suits your taste!

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Last but not least, every type of food is only healthy for our body if used with a moderate amount. Even though we have combined the ingredients that are compatible with each other for this healthy breakfast, we still highly recommend a well-planned diet with different ingredients on rotation. Check out our other recipes for weight-loss meals right on this site!

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