How to Get Rid of Spray Tan Smell? 5 Super Easy Methods!

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You have many reasons to love a spray tan. It doesn’t require you to expose your skin under the sun or in a tanning bed, reducing the risks of these two methods to a minimum. However, everything has downsides, and for the spray tan, it must be an unpleasant smell. How to get rid of spray tan smell then? We have had some tips for you!

How to Get Rid of Spray Tan Smell? 5 Super Easy Methods!

A Guide on Spray Tan

What is Spray Tan?

Not so different from self-tanners, a spray tan is a formulated product for darkening skin, but it stands out due to the mechanism of spraying (misting) instead of applying and rubbing. The formula always includes ingredients that can bronze and brown our fair complexion in a short time. Although water has little effect on the result, it is still recommended to minimize water exposure if you want the tan to last longer.

You will find spray tan in various forms: an airbrush device, an aerosol can or bottle, or even a tanning booth with nozzles and spouts in designated directions to distribute the substance thoroughly.

How Does Spray Tan Work?

When it comes to functioning, spray tan has the enhancing effect like cosmetics do, but it is quite complicated to use.

The primary component in spray tan is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). It will react with the amino acids in our epidermis and add colors to the skin tone, ranging from yellow to brown. According to your requirement, you can choose the product with a suitable color. (1)

After you successfully spraying your skin with the mist, give it a few minutes to dry and absorb. The new shade will stay for a few days before fading off. During this phase, you can also reapply the spray if you want to!

How Long Does It Last?

From a rough beginning, the manufacturers have gone a long way, they created products that last for a whole week and more. However, be aware of how different skin types and characteristics will have different reactions to the chemicals.

The experts from these cosmetic companies also make sure their products fulfill other requirements besides tanning such as moisturizing and nurturing. Sometimes, the additional ingredients take away the durability of the spray tan, hence it depends on your purpose in the end! Do you prefer a longer-lasting tan or a healthy tan?

Another aspect to pay attention to is how you maintain and take care of your skin. Therefore, we will suggest a few solutions below!

Is It Expensive?

The price is probably the first factor we think of when buying something. If you are looking for an inexpensive spray tan, try the aerosol bottles for approximately $8. Meanwhile, the bronzing mist will cost you around $40.

As usual, a DIY kit would save a hefty sum for you, even though the price seems high at first. You will need a product with the right formula, an airbrush machine with accessories, and a protective tent to prevent the spray from making a mess. The total fee is $150 – $300, fairly cheap compared to the cost of $25 – $60 per session at the salons.

If you try searching, you might find tanning technicians nearby who will come to your place and spare you from the trip to salons. It is kind of obvious that the payment for them is about the same as the salons, though it might vary due to service charges, transportation fees, company offers, and so on.

How to Get Rid of Spray Tan Smell? 5 Super Easy Methods!

Why Does Spray Tan Smell Bad?

Every spray tan we have come across has a scent to it. Besides the pleasant perfumed fragrances, there is always the unmistakable smell of DHA. This component reacts differently to each user once applied, hence the reports about its odor vary from wet animals or old socks to yeast. Therefore, the scent you catch at the first whiff isn’t all you will have.

Fortunately, the unwanted smell seems to not linger after a shower thus you mostly need to deal with it during your tanning session only.

How to Get Rid of Spray Tan Smell?

If you somehow end up in the unfortunate group of users who still have dizzying odors clinging onto your body, we have a few tricks for you to try at home without succumbing to an early shower and washing all the tans away.

Find the right spray tan

The presence of DHA is permanent in tanning, but you can choose products with natural scents to ease the unwanted smell. DHA reacts to each user differently, hence it might be a matter of trials and errors until you find the suitable spray tan. The staff at the cosmetic shops and the salons will always be of assistance!

Drown it with your shower gel

If you are willing to wait until your first shower after tanning, then a shower gel with a strong smell will be more than enough to solve all problems at once. However, it should be too harsh, or the rinsed water might wear your tan off if it gets to your body.

Mask the scent

Baking soda and baby powder are two ingredients that can hide the overwhelming smell after you spray tan, even though the effect is not long-lasting. With a mixture of a 1:2 ratio, you can absorb the scent from the dermis and easily remove it with a dry wipe.

Consider Individual Attributes

If you sweat profusely, this irritating smell might be stronger than usual. Your diet and medication also play an important role in the scent radiating off you.

Save Your Room from Spray Tan Smell

If you spray tan at home, the rooms might be infused with the unwanted scent whether you have a tent or not. What methods do you have for this issue?

  • Spray the room with your favorite scent.
  • Clean the floor with a disinfectant.
  • Wipe the surfaces with a solution of water and soap.
  • Wash the sheets with a scented softener for fabrics.
  • If you have mattresses and carpets, the smell might persist. Peppering baking soda over the surfaces and vacuuming them clean is the right way to go!
  • In case you are having a sunny day, leave the objects outside for a few hours.

Spray Tan Tips

How to Get Rid of Spray Tan Smell? 5 Super Easy Methods!

Before Spray Tanning

  1. Wash your hair so you don’t need to worry about it for a couple of days. Shampoos and conditioners are considered harsh enough to wear off the newly developed tan.
  2. Remove hair underarms, legs, and more a day before using the spray, so the pores have time to recover. With smooth skin, you are more likely to achieve an even and flawless tan.
  3. Waxing is alright but beware of the possible irritation. If you get bruises and rashes from waxing, it means your skin needs more time to regain the ideal state for tanning.

When Tanning with Spray

  1. Take a special bath and don’t go for an ordinary shower! The best choice is a 20-minute bath with exfoliation. It will remove everything from dirt and dead skin cells to daily cosmetics (soaps, lotions, moisturizers, makeups, perfumes).
  2. Besides the exfoliating scrubs, don’t use any product with dense moisturizers on D-day!
  3. Stay naked throughout the session for full coverage without tan lines. If you are tanning at a salon and uncomfortable with the idea of not wearing anything, keep your 2-piece bikini on and be ready to say goodbye to it. No matter what you choose, you would want to protect your hair with a swim cap or a head wrap.
  4. Apply Vaseline on spots you don’t want to tan such as eyebrows, mustache, or tattoos. Some folks want to shield their knees and elbows from spray tan as well, for the folds of skin on these parts make them look darker than necessary.
  5. Once you have the substance applied properly, let it dry and avoid every contact with water. If you need to wash your hands, you still need to wait for the spray to dry first, or the upper side and the wrist won’t be safe from water.

After Spray Tanning

  1. Make it a goal to avoid hot and spicy foods even if you love them, as they can make you sweat buckets and worsen the odor. Furthermore, ingredients with a strong scent like garlic and onion will add more to your body smell too.
  2. Ensure your clothes, shoes, and socks are clean and free from sweats.
  3. Be gentle when taking your showers and moisturize generously. There are many extender products for you to choose from!


How long does it take for spray tan to dry?

Here comes some good news: spray tan takes the least time to dry compared to other tanning products. Since the substance comes out of a nozzle as a mist, it clings to your skin as a very flimsy layer and dries after only 5 – 7 minutes. However, we advise you to be generous and give it a few extra minutes to reach its ideal state.

Also, some formulas contain heavy ingredients in various amounts, and they need more time to dry.

It is okay to use a fan to speed up the drying, but keep the settings low or medium, so you won’t accidentally blow the spray off. Your ceiling fan or airdrying would be a great choice too, as long as you can assure you won’t sweat buckets!

How often should I spray tan?

If you manage to find a compatible spray tanner for your skin, you will love the effects it has on you as well as the additional benefits. Even when the instruction says the tan will last for 5 days, you can count on it to not start fading until a few days after the deadline, especially if you take care of your tan or sweat little.

In case you enjoy the skin tone, you can reapply a couple of days after the tan starts fading. We recommend a frequency of two weeks, your skin will have a short break from the spray and always remain in the prime state.

This little break is more important than they seem. You will know what brands are safe upon research, and the manufacturers tend to add properties like vegan, gluten-free, non-toxic to meet the requirements of as many customers as possible, but you might not share the same reaction with everyone else. For assurance, test the product on a skin patch and go for full coverage after.

How long does fake tan smell last?

Now you have got a nice tan, yet the smell is bothering you so badly and you want to have it gone instead of waiting idly (why else would you be here reading this article?).

8 hours is the shortest duration for your spray tan to develop a nice tone. The more impatient you are, the longer it will last. A shower would be tempting, but remember to not use a shower gel in your first wash after the time.

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Sunless tanning always calls for lotions to extend the ton’s longevity, and the additional substances might also be your best friend in terms of how to get rid of spray tan smell. Now you have nothing to worry about trying these safe tanning products and flaunting your sexy bronze skin! Enjoy, and good luck!

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