How to Wear Pink? 6 Tips for Pink Outfits!

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When it comes to how to wear pink, there is no in-between. Some people love to adorn pink pieces all the times and embrace the joy it brings, while the others hesitate to try and flinch at the thought of being judged. However, if you follow our tips, rocking the pink color is not a dream at all.

Tips on How to Wear Pink

Add neutrals

A lot of people would flinch from pink due to it being quite a challenging and overwhelming color, but only when it is all alone! As long as you pair it up with neutral colors, your pink clothes will be on a calm balance. The choices vary: black, white, tan, navy are all good with pink. You won’t go wrong with these shades in your outfit!

Try pink makeup looks

How to Wear Pink?

Credit: makeupvincent

If pink makes you shy, you definitely should brighten your visage up with a rosy makeup. Pink makeups are often feminine and skin-flattering – a subtle touchup for your pink outfit.

How to wear pink makeups? Try blushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows with this color. The secret is using products with the same shade or else you might appear clownish, and we for sure don’t want such an accident. We recommend pink eyeliners for an adventurous feeling, with the rest of the makeup being tamed and simple to commend the captivating liner.

Choose the right tone

Never forget that pink has multiple shades, and they are not all equal. Nothing is more important than picking the most suitable shade of pink for your skin tone.

(The determining factor is the skin undertone: pink, yellow, or neutral. You can make your prediction by inspecting the veins on your wrists. If they appear blueish, you are likely to have a pink undertone. Green means your undertone is yellow. Lastly, should you find veins with both colors or fail to spot the difference, the undertone is neutral.)

With a pink undertone, you will be radiant enough in cotton candy pink. Meanwhile, yellow undertones will call for a coral shade of pink. What about the in-between? Stay loyal to natural hues that hold a tinge of red instead of blue. In contradiction with common beliefs, ladies with dark skin look effortlessly amazing in the most daring pinks.

How to Wear Pink?

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Use pink patterns

People hesitate to wear pink sometimes because solid pink pieces are quite a challenge, yet pink patterns might be a game changer. Choose clothes with lovely pink patterns rather than a plain shade. Patterns will surely draw more attention and tone the bright color in a pleasant way.

The same rule of adding neutrals applies to the patterns as well. Make sure the prints on your clothes include pink and neutral colors such as navy or black. These neutrals will commend the pink patterns as well as keep them subtle.

Mix in chic flairs

When alone, pink is indeed a color of femininity. Although there is nothing wrong about adorning a Barbie-like costume, you can definitely add a twist to it, using chic flairs is the way. Textured pieces such as ripped jeans, leather skirts, mesh tops, or feisty accessories will create a nice contrast against the delightful pink.


Now, if you want to wear pink without knowing which part of your attire should be pink, go for outerwear. First of all, it can be the key of the whole set. Secondly, in case you feel uncomfortable, outerwear is much easier to handle than a T-shirt or a blouse.

The rest of the set should be neutral colors, unless you want your attire to look like something from a Barbie wardrobe. Try a pink cardigan or pink-washed denim jacket if you are looking for something sporty. Don’t be shy to play with materials and give your look more textures.

The trend: Millennial Pink

When you are ready to catch up with the trend, keep your eyes on Millennial pink. It is close to peachy and rose gold pinks, radiating a sufficiently sweet and tender vibe without being too extreme. What makes it a favorite is the warm finish, unlike other bold shades.

Great Choices for Wearing Pink

Below is a couple of popular pink shades and equivalent suggestions for your reference!


We can be sure many women adore rouge – a mixture of pink and red in perfect balance. The color is alluring and skin-flattering, compatible with pretty much every other color. If you are feeling bold, give it a shot!

LilySilk – Silk Slip Dress with Cowl Neck

How to Wear Pink?

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Millennial Pink

Close to rose gold with a tinge of peachy hues, millennial pink has gained adoration everywhere it appears. We love how versatile it is. This color can emphasize femininity while still looking energetic and strong.

JOIE – Pink Lian Blazer

How to Wear Pink?

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Not entirely pink or purple, magenta is the balanced combination of both. Therefore, you can play with these two shades while wearing magenta. The combination is more on the seductive and mature side instead of childish if you style it correctly!

R. Vivimos – Long Sleeve Pencil Dress

How to Wear Pink?

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It might be too babyish when you first think of it, but hear me out! Something like this shirt will also keep you on the track of fashion with the tie-dye look. The patches with different shades will save you from being too extra.

Whistles – Tie-Dye T-Shirt

How to Wear Pink?

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Hot Pink

We have no doubt that hot pink is a color of statement, especially if you go for a full set. Nonetheless, should you find it too extreme, using the color in a piece of clothing or an accessory is also a smart choice. Carrie enjoyed styling a feminine pink dress with badass black boots.

Sail to Sable – Hot Pink Dress

How to Wear Pink?

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The Meaning of Pink

Let’s have a little chitchat: How do you feel when you see something pink?

The feelings you have for a color usually have a connection with your cultural and personal experience. And, here are the most commonly seen reactions to the color in discussion!

Feminine & Radiant

You probably won’t be surprised at all if someone tells you they think pink is radiant and feminine. If you pair bold pink with black, you automatically feel energetic and astute. Otherwise, a combo with light colors will ensure a sweet and romantic vibe.


Many people referred to pink as the color of spring when asked, and they have a point! Pink is usually associated with newly bloomed flowers – the epitome of renewal and inspiration. It is also a popular option for house decoration when a new year arrives.


For dreamy souls, the pink color naturally holds an artistic vibe to it. Multiple folks reveal that a sprinkle of pink in the study corner often makes them productive and creative. It might be a flower pot or a planner.


Pink also brings the sensation of happiness to our souls. No matter what your favorite color is, pink simply hits different. If you have a pink decoration, you will feel at ease as soon as you come home.


It has been recognized that different shades of pink evoke different emotions from viewers. For example, a person dressed in hot pink will give you the impression of someone full of life and personality. Meanwhile, pastel pink can represent innocence and youth.

Reasons to Wear Pink

It is not a surprise that most people think of pink as the epitome of girliness, thus not suitable for men. Many folks would describe pink as tender and sweet, making it more compatible for females, especially young girls. But is that all?

Everyone Can Wear Pink

In the 1950s, people believe that there should be a sign for them to tell what the gender of a newborn is. The pink color was like a marker on baby girls. However, it is only a concept. No color is exclusive for a gender or age, and there is no written or spoken rule saying men are not allowed to put on some pink outfits.

Let’s not forget that pink has various shades to suit every skin tone and age, which means it will be good on everyone. A fashion lover won’t put a boundary on themselves, at least not in terms of colors. Clothes should make you beautiful and confident instead of being a gender identity.

Femininity is not weakness

Taking pink clothes as something less important and masculine is an unreasonable hierarchy. Just because you wear pink, it doesn’t mean you are fragile and weak. If you wear pink at a business meeting and perform excellently, you have proved yourself to be feminine, smart, and audacious. A color doesn’t determine how professional you are.

If you are a woman and you love pink, don’t be shy about it. As long as you feel confident adorning a color, it is all yours.

Pink is NOT inappropriately suggestive

Maybe men are easily attracted to women in soft colors, but they are not allowed to assume you are tender and freely flirt with you as they wish. We need to put a stop to catcalling, and you can become that woman.

Be the center of attention

Although there are many things to be said about the vibes that pink gives off, we can all agree that this color easily draws eyes towards it. Pink ribbons were given to the participants in New York Survivor Race in 1991. The same ribbon also symbolized Awareness of Breast Cancer. As you can see, they focus on the positive feelings delivered by pink instead of wondering if it fits a gender or a generation.

Pink is friendly

Yes, you can combine it with almost every color due to the variety of pink shades from dark to light. They tend to create an impressive contrast with the other color you choose. Furthermore, you will find a compatible shade of pink no matter what skin tone you have.

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Whether you are a man or a woman, you should never be afraid of wearing a color only because of common standards! With our suggestions on how to wear pink, we hope you will feel confident rocking various styles!

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