LA Fitness Guest Pass: How To Get LA Fitness Guest Pass For Free: Ultimate Guide

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Are you searching to find a home gym you can use to workout in? If so, you might want to check out the LA Fitness Guest Pass. This guest pass will allow you to explore what LA Fitness has to offer guests and how it can help you not only get a better workout but live a healthier lifestyle. This article will highlight what this gym features and how you can obtain a 2 week guest pass to explore it.

What is LA Fitness?

LA Fitness is a large gym chain the U.S. that offers over 700 different clubs across the country. You’ll find plenty of great resources in all of the gyms, like swimming pools, basketball courts, and high-quality fitness equipment at your disposal. It offers memberships you can buy as well for two different clubs: the Multi-Club and Single Club.

What Does an LA Fitness Guest Pass Cost?

LA Fitness Guest Pass

If you don’t have a friend who is already a member of this gym, then you can obtain a guest pass for this gym on your own. An LA Fitness guest pass is absolutely free during its 5 day activation period but after that you have to wait a few weeks before you can get a new one.

However, if you are a member and want to have more guest privileges, it will cost you about $20 per month for these passes which have more features that come with them compared to the free one. Keep in mind though that once a guest receives this guest pass they’ll only be able to use it for a short amount of time before it expires.

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Do Free Guest Passes Come with an LA Fitness Membership?

14 - day VIP Guest Pass LA fitness

Yes, an LA Fitness membership includes free guest passes you can give to friends and family. This guest pass is different from the free one mentioned above as it is an LA Fitness VIP guest pass. This 2-week guest pass is issued by the manager of the gym the member goes to and allows the member’s guest to visit and use more of the club’s offerings than the previously mentioned one does.

Also, for each guest a member brings along with them that joins the gym within 90 days of obtaining their guest pass, that member can earn reward points for their LA Fitness account, which can go toward earning fitness gear like water bottles, bags, and headphones.

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LA Fitness Guest Pass Rules

LA Fitness guest pass

When you go to obtain a guest pass LA fitness, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind. These are important to remember to prevent yourself from breaking any rules this gym has.

  • Any guest to the gym must take an orientation class before being able to use the gym and its equipment.
  • A guest needs to have a fitness analysis done before they can use any equipment.
  • Only one LA Fitness unlimited guest pass can be used by a single person every 6 months.
  • To get the guest pass, you need to sign up on the LA Fitness site. Here you’ll find a form you need to fill out (name, email, address) so you can find a local club. You then need to sign a form stating you have read the instructions and then you can print the pass out.
  • Any guest needs to be at least 18 years old to use the gym on their own. Guests aged 14 years old and up can use the gym but need to have an adult with them at all times when they come here.
  • A photo ID is needed in order to get into the gym so you can use the pass.
  • You can only use the pass at one location – your local club.
  • You can’t use all the amenities with this pass due to you not being a member and some equipment and spaces might require you to pay to use them.

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The Benefits of Using an LA Fitness Gym

la fitness reviews

Image credit: ewhowell

There are plenty of benefits that come with trying out this gym. Below are some of the amenities and features most of the clubs offer. However, keep in mind that these vary depending on the club you visit and some clubs might not let you use all of them due to you not having a membership.

They Offer Many Classes

LA Fitness offers numerous class types for all people to try. You’ll find the unique Aqua Fit class, which is held in the club’s heated swimming pool and designed to help with healing aching joints. There’s also Belly Dancing, Hip Hop, Mat Pilates, Cardio Jam, and Tai Chi to name a few. These classes last about an hour and even have a helpful guide that tells you what to expect and bring during your class.

They Have Personal Trainers

If you want one-on-one help with your fitness routine, you can use the services of a professional fitness trainer to assist you. They can help you to create daily workout plans and even long-term goals. Better yet, they’ll be able to help you with creating special workout routines while at the gym and help show you the ideal equipment you should be using for your fitness goals. They’ll also create a fitness assessment which will allow them to better help you.

You Can Earn Rewards

As mentioned above, this gym offers reward points you can use. Each time you use the gym or invite a guest, you’ll be able to earn rewards which can let you obtain cool gifts. One gift you can win is an Apple Watch once you get up to 25,000 points.

You Can Create an Account

LA Fitness clubs

A unique feature of this gym is that you’ll be able to create your own account which can help you to schedule classes, workouts, and review the history of your gym visits. It can even let you reserve courts in the gym you might want to use to play tennis or racquetball. This account is a helpful way to help organize everything and let you keep track of your fitness routines. You can use this as well to add guests so they can receive a guest pass.

An LA Fitness guest pass is a great way to help you experience much of what this fitness club has to offer. You’ll find plenty of helpful amenities and rewards you can use and earn which makes this club ideal to consider using. So, if you’re looking to find a club to workout in, definitely consider using a guest pass to become more acquainted with this gym.

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