15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas – Join the Party Now!

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Halloween is truly my favorite holiday of the whole year, and thus I can’t help but indulge myself with costumes and simply have some fun! But I do know it’s the busy season for everyone, so I feel like a compilation of last minute Halloween costume ideas is totally necessary. You need no planning for these looks. Let’s check it out!

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Squid Game

If you want to catch up with the latest trends, don’t hesitate to invest in a Squid Game cosplay. There are two main choices for you:

If you would love to stick to the old characters from the horror classics, we have more ideas below!


15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

The skull is an iconic inspiration for Halloween themes, and we choose this design due to how simple it is. You don’t need to be a makeup expert to paint your eyes dark and draw stitches on your lips, and the result is still scary enough!

Credit: skullspiration


15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Classy, elegant, and sexy – the witch costume never disappears from Halloween parties. You can make the best out of a plain black dress or add some impressive traits such as ripped jeans and fishnet stockings for a modern vibe!

Credit: hacksandknacks


15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you have ginger hair (especially with a red shade!) then it’s time to rock the legendary Chucky look! The reboot last year has certainly boosted the popularity of this scary doll again. Smokey eyes and vampire lips can be done within minutes as well!

Credit: twinsdish


15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Who said a Halloween costume has to come straight from a horror movie? You can always rock the party with this colorful unicorn look. The colorful ombre is extremely beautiful, and you can whip up the horn using paper before sticking several glitters on your skin!

Credit: themandiemarie


15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

The franchise SAW is undoubtedly popular among horror fans, and if you belong to the Jigsaw cult, you would need little time to draw the spirals on your cheeks and finish the look with smokey eyes. Last but not least, there is something incredibly attractive about the modern suit!

Credit: britco

KFC Colonel Sanders & Chick

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Your white suits can come in handy! With a fake mustache, you will look almost the same as Colonel Sanders, the symbol of KFC. Don’t forget to give your partner a fluffy costume as the chick and carry a big box of nuggets. It completes your cosplay and saves you from anger if necessary!

Credit: hikendip

Rainbow Vomit Filter

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

You probably haven’t forgotten the classic rainbow vomit filter on Snapchat, and you can bring it to life in only a few minutes. Get your base powder and face paints ready! A small notice is blushes and sparkles will give your face a captivating glow.

Credit: britandco

The Incredibles

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Edna would have to approve this mix of red T-shirts and black miniskirts! Sunglasses will be a great alternative if you don’t have the same eye mask. You can make it a dress code for your squad and style your hair like the Incredibles as well!

Credit: simplifyingcollege

Hector (Coco)

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

As one of the most successful cartoons in recent years, the characters from Coco will never fail to turn heads and catch eyes! If skull makeup is too plain for you, hopefully, these Mexican clothes will change your mind!

Credit: yourtango

Mean Girls

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Everyone will be so amazed and amused if you show up at the party with your best girls as the famous squad from Mean Girls. Skirts, cardigans, jumpsuits, high heels – make sure they are pink enough to fit the Queen Bees standard!

Credit: hikendip

Georgie (IT)

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

The image of the baby boy in a yellow raincoat chasing after his paper boat and ending up swallowed by Pennywise has been haunting the audience for a long time. And you will impress the whole crowd with this look even though it is super simple!

Credit: offbeatbros

Cat Woman

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you have a tight jumpsuit, it will be absolutely perfect. Otherwise, a fitted sweater and a pair of skinny jeans would also recreate the elegant and sexy appearance of The Cat Woman. Don’t worry about the mask! it is up for grab at your nearby Walmart!

Credit: hacksandknacks

Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Audrey Hepburn and her famous portrayal of Holly Golightly are such an inspiration for women all over the world. However, we don’t need to go extreme and expensive. A black dress with matching gloves, multiple necklaces, and perhaps a tiny crown will get you ready!

Credit: rusticwedchic

Kid Zombies

15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Let’s not forget about the babies! If you are willing to sacrifice several shirts and tights, you will get a perfectly tattered look for a zombie costume. The makeup shouldn’t be a challenge to you either – make use of the dark colors in your cosmetic sets!

Credit: ladyshoup


15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s pretty easy for girls to dress up as SWAT cops, especially if you have black shorts and shirts ready in your wardrobe. The badge and the handcuffs should be available at toy shops. A small warning though: fishnet tights might be quite fragile when you want to get loose and have fun.

Credit: laurendundee

History of Halloween Trick-or-Treat

2000 years ago, the Celts residing at the place now known as Ireland had celebrated a festival called Samhain on the 31st of October. They believed the dead would return on this day and thus lit large bonfires as well as offered sacrifices.

At first, participants of the festival disguised themselves with costumes made by animal skins and danced around the bonfires to send phantoms away. They also spared food for unwelcome spirits.

Later on, costumes turned more creative with ghosts, demons, and many other creatures seen in horror and thriller films mostly.

Americans were the first people to visit neighbors for treats. As the 20th century began, Halloween in America has become an opportunity for neighborly activities rather than ghosts and witchcraft. The parties now focus on food and games, involving both adults and children.

Halloween Safety Tips

For the costumes

  • Only use contact lenses if approved by a professional in eyecare. You should also buy lenses from a credited store to avoid low-quality products that cause inflammation and infection.
  • Be careful with accessories like canes and swords. They can be dangerous, especially for children.
  • Choose fitting and flame-resistant costumes.
  • Stick to non-toxic cosmetics. Although we are talking about last minute Halloween costume ideas, you should only use products that you have tested before.

For home decoration

  • Children can draw faces on the pumpkins, but carving pumpkins would be too dangerous for them.
  • Instead of a candle, lit your pumpkins with a glow stick or a flashlight.
  • If you are welcoming little trick-or-treaters, keep your garden and home free from hazards such as toys, lawn items, hoses, and aggressive pets.

For trick-or-treaters

  • This year, festivals have become a sensitive topic due to the pandemic. You should be vaccinated and follow regulations in public.
  • Plan a safe route for your older children and accompany the little ones. If you are unsure of the safety in your neighborhood, find activities available at earlier hours and enjoy the party at home!
  • Teach your children how to call 911 and stay away from houses without lights.

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With our last minute Halloween costume ideas, we hope you can truly enjoy the party even with your packed schedules. Don’t forget to keep yourself and your family safe, especially the children because they don’t have enough experience to deal with unexpected situations!

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