Best Low Calorie Meal to Lose Weight

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If you’re trying to lose some weight, you will need a few recipes for a low calorie meal in your pocket for flexible changes and adjustments. The first healthy meal for weight loss we introduce to you will contain black rice, corn, peas, and eggs – pretty much the ingredients you see every day, but do you know about their actual effects on your body? Let’s discover them and try preparing a delicious dish!

Ingredients for A Low Calorie Meal

ingredients for low calorie meal

Black rice

Although black rice isn’t used widely like other types of rice, it is not lacking in terms of nutrients. In fact, it provides enough for your body, so you can maintain a strict diet without starving and exhausting yourself.

The key to black rice’s effect is how rich it is in fiber. Do you have digestion problems? Do you easily feel hungry after having your meal? Fiber will help you. It controls the even movement of the bowel and keeps the satiated sensation for a good while. Moreover, as your stomach takes a longer time to digest fiber, the glucose will also be absorbed more slowly, thereby regulating sugar levels at a consistent rate.

Black rice does have its carbohydrate content, of course. Nonetheless, it also provides a small amount of protein, which is irreplaceable if you aim to lose weight in a healthy way and gain some muscles.


It’s no secret that many people use eggs for weight loss. They are low in calories but rich in nutrients, especially protein. The fullness you feel after eating some eggs is the key to putting a limit on your food consumption.

Eggs also give your metabolism a boost and burn more calories. Coupled with their ability to prolong the satiety and reduce the intake of calories for 24 – 36 hours, eggs are a great choice to start your day with. (1)


Considered a vegetable and a cereal grain at the same time, corn is beneficial in certain aspects with its nutrients, including improvement of eye health, digestion, and diverticular issues. However, being a part of the cereal category, corn is fairly high in starch, which will prevent you from losing weight instead. In our recipe, we only use a sufficient amount for the necessary nutrients.

Cucumber has everything you can ask for in an ingredient for weight loss. It contains little sugar and calorie, yet rich in fiber and water content. A diet with a lot of cucumbers ensures your body detoxified and hydrated.

Many of us might have known about the vitamin A content in carrot and its positive effect for our eyesight. But aside from that, vitamin A can also be converted to retinoid chemicals. They interact and influence the new fat cell growth to reduce belly fat. Carrot is also a good source of fiber.

Another veggie usually included in weight loss meals is pea. It, too, contains protein and fiber that slow down digestion and promotes fullness.

How to prepare this low calorie meal?


  • Cooked black rice: ½ bowl
  • ½ corn
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ carrot
  • ½ cucumber
  • Pea: 1/3 small bowl



prepare the veggies
  • Grate the carrot’s skin off before cutting them into small cubes.
  • Separate the corn kernels from its core.
  • Cut the cucumber into thin slices and place them on the plate in your desired pattern.


cooking and mixing
  • Boil the peas along with carrot and corn for 2 minutes.
  • Boil the eggs and remove the shells before cutting them in halves. Be careful and gentle if you want the eggs to look nice later!
  • Mix the black rice with the boiled veggies and arrange them neatly on your plate with the eggs.
complete and decorate

Use our recipes with these useful weight loss tips for better results (2):

  • Set mini goals for yourself instead of going straight for the large deal. One can lose weight quickly or slowly, don’t let the numbers on the scale dishearten you.
  • Don’t starve yourself or label a food as bad. It will make you want to eat, crave food even, and it isn’t healthy for your body, mentally and physically.
  • Rely on people. Entrust your family, friends, and doctor to give you advice about behavior changes and health information.
  • Last but not least, build a healthy daily routine with enough sleep, exercise, and entertainment. The lack of sleep and joy leaves negative impacts on your bodyweight.

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The delicious meal for weight loss is ready for you to enjoy now! How do you like it? Let us know? Do you want more recipes for dieting like this? Subscribe to us and stay updated!

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