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Everyone wants the silky air of the model in shampoo advertisements. However, the dry hair situation happens more often than not. If you want to improve the state of your hair, you should understand the causes of this issue before learning how to make your moisturizing hair mask.

Why is my hair so dry?

This problem occurs when you don’t provide the hair with its necessary moisture, and it appears frizzy as a result. Some causes of dry hair might be:

Your conditions:

  • Your scalp isn’t moist enough and your hair lacks the natural moisturization it needs. Without the oil in the hair roots, the lengths receive none. As a result, the texture won’t look shiny and luscious. (Also, dry scalp means dandruff! Doubled trouble.)
  • You live in a dry (hot too) climate and spend a lot of time outdoor and expose your hair to the hot sun and the dry winds. These sources of damage destroy the cuticle of your hair. If your hair is healthy, the layers of the cuticle are tight and able to keep the moisture. It’s basically the protector of the hair.
  • You have health problems such as an eating disorder, a malfunctioning gland, or a lacking of nutrients. If you aren’t treating your hair with chemicals or harsh treatments and it still feels brittle, the problem is likely to be your diet and your body. You need a lot of vitamins for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Your habits:

  • You wash your hair too often: It’s not good, really! The shampoo will cleanse all the natural oils we are in need of. Therefore, as much as you like washing your hair every day, please refrain from doing so.
  • You brush your hair aggressively. The strokes can do harm to the surface of the strands.
  • You swim in chlorinated or salty water too often. Pool water is notorious for the harsh chemicals added in. As tempting as a swimming pool sounds, it can damage your hair badly.
  • You have harsh cosmetic products for your hair. Many people mistake dry hair for damaged hair, and they end up using the wrong products. You only need products that provide moisture. Check your purchase and ensure you have the right ones!
  • You usually treat the hair with chemicals. Using hair dye or styling your hair with heat deal severe damage on the strands. There usually are recommendations on how long you should wait before another touchup, yet the longer it is, the better!

How to fix dry hair?

In order to heal your hair from the damage, you can also adjust your habits accordingly to the causes mentioned above. However, a moisturizing hair mask is still one of the best treatments for dry hair.

Why should we use banana, avocado, and aloe vera?

Why should we use avocado for hair?

What makes an avocado mask for dry hair stand out is how well it moisturizes and nourishes the hair, thanks to the natural oils, fatty acids, and vitamins in avocados. (1)

Besides, it’s very simple to blend a moisturizing hair mask with avocado at home, as it goes well with many ingredients you might already have in your kitchen: olive oil, lemon juice, coconut oil.

What are the benefits of banana for hair?

Banana is rich in nutrition, and these substances can give the texture of your hair a boost in thickness and shine.

A mineral element named silica in banana can help your body synthesize collagen, which is essential if you want your hair to grow strong and thick. (2)

Moisturizing hair mask with banana has become very popular. But what are the actual benefits of a banana mask for dry hair?

It fixes frizzy hair, reduces dandruff, and enhances the speed of its growth.

Be careful when you use a banana mask for hair, however, as you might be allergic to it. Banana debris will irritate your scalp and make the dandruff issue much more serious.

Why use aloe vera for hair?

This succulent is best known for its effectiveness in relieving burns and surface wounds, but the moisturizing property allows it to treat dry hair and dandruff well. Also, the anti-inflammation eases the scalp irritation which might be inevitable when we pair it up with a banana. In conclusion, blend your moisturizing hair mask with aloe vera for dry hair is the key to safety. (3)

How to make moisturizing hair mask at home?


Dry Hair Mask Ingredients

To make a banana, avocado, aloe vera mask for hair, you will need them with the following quantity:

  • ½ banana
  • ¼ avocado
  • 10cm aloe vera
  • 2 teaspoons of olive oil


How to make avocado & banana mask for hair? (1)
  • Peel the banana’s skin and slice half of it into smaller pieces.
  • Take ¼ of the avocado, remove its skin and seed along with the endocarp, and cut it into smaller parts.
  • Skin the aloe vera and wash it with clean water before dividing it into little pieces.

Blend & Mix

How to make avocado & banana mask for hair? (2)
  • Blend the ingredients well and add the olive oil before mixing them all well.
  • Spread this mask for dry hair all over your head and wrap your hair in a tower or cap for about half an hour.

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You only need to do it once a month and the mixture will help you fix dry hair problems well! Nonetheless, don’t forget that your diet and your care for the hair are also very important.

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