Recently, has acquired as a new project, expanding our topics to fashion and style.


Nurtured and crafted by Ada, was launched and improved with nothing less than passion. Ada has always been fond of creating new looks ever since she was young, and this enthusiasm has surpassed a common hobby. Not only does she wish to come up with stylish and unique costumes, but she also wants to share her ideas and inspires others.

A view on

Aired in 2015, has been consistent in the fashion journey. The blog doesn’t stop at mix-and-match items. Instead, it covers various fields such as new trends, shopping tips, styles, and more on how to make the most out of your wardrobe.

For example, when someone has to spend $200 on one attire, you can have three or four sets if you invest a bit more cash in accessories. Incredible, right? With useful tips delivered in a friendly and witty tone, styling has never been simpler.

What will come next?

As you browse this page, has acquired the domain The acquisition will open up the area our blog covers. Although we have plenty of posts on skincare tips, guidelines to choosing different beauty products, and compilations of manicure trends as well as hairstyles, it seems to be missing something. Therefore, we will now provide a new category including fashion trends and style tricks, staying true to the motto “No Ordinary She”.

From now on, will be operated by the writers from We hope to bring helpful and comprehensive articles to our readers and add a sprinkle of positivity to their life.

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