Oversized Pink Jumper | 5 Ideas on How to Wear It

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Have you ever been in awe seeing how stylists come up with different outfits using the same item? It all comes from their creativity, and I can assure you, the oversized pink jumper we are talking about needs some styling to reach its potential.

Why Do We Love Jumpers?

Timeless and useful, jumpers are always trendy when winter comes. Besides the warmth and the comfort, we have many reasons to love this item.

  • It goes well with different hairstyles and creates impressive looks, be it feminine or masculine.
  • Adapting to all circumstances, from a formal business meeting to a relaxed rendezvous with friends.
  • Ecological due to organic wool of alpaca, sheep, angora, or mohair.
  • Affordable with various price ranges for all sorts of budget.

How to Choose an Oversized Jumper?


Keep in mind what you are looking for in a top piece and avoid getting lost in the wide variety of materials used for making jumpers. The most used fabrics in the market are sheep wool, alpaca wool, cotton, line, cashmere, or a hybrid material.


Cotton is always on top of the material list when it comes to pullovers. Light and durable, it can protect you in unusually cool summer nights as well as cold winter days. However, the most compatible season for cotton is spring, when your skin needs warmth and air at the same time.

Moreover, we all know how inexpensive cotton is, both in terms of price and maintenance. The only noticeable limitation about cotton must be the excellent wetness absorption. If it is wet, it makes sure you feel every bit of the wetness.

Sheep wool

After cotton, sheep wool might be the most widely used fabric for sweaters. The level of comfort and softness depends on what type of wool you have. Recently, customers prefer smooth textures over big-knit models.

Alpaca wool

The name might be foreign, but alpaca wool is nothing strange in South America. It is as good as sheep wool at retaining warmth. Alpaca items like gloves, ponchos, hats are more common than sweaters – unless originating from South America – because large manufacturers are not quite familiar with this fabric.


The name comes from Cashmere goats, and we are all aware of how well-known it is in fashion! Cashmere provides less warmth than wool, but the distinctive softness makes up for the downside. The texture turns this material into a high-quality and versatile choice in clothing.

Cheap cotton & Polyester

Nowadays, blended materials seem to be getting so much attention from the society and although I am not denying the advantages they have, the flaws from certain combinations are worth discussing.

Mixing cotton with polyester might lower the cost, yet the hybrid material has a hard time maintaining its original form after multiple washing sessions. The accidents where a sweater for adult becomes tiny enough to fit a doll might be exaggerating it, though not too far away from the reality.

Moreover, I also notice these mixed materials do a poor job in retaining heat, even if they feel thick and even heavy. It has nothing to do with the quality of the fabrics. The inability to preserve warmth is in their primal properties.


Like every other piece of clothing, the size determines how your sweater looks on you. Since we are styling an oversized pink jumper, you can be comfortable with measurements. However, in other cases, you would want to pay attention to chest size, overall length, sleeve length.


Despite being oversized, the style of your jumper still plays an important role. You can go for a turtleneck or a off-shoulder, depending on your preference.

  • Basically, when you look at a jumper, ask yourself these questions: Is the material durable? Or is it going to shrink after washing?
  • Will the sweater pill or crumble?
  • Does the fabric feel soft or scratchy against the touch?

Oversized Pink Jumper 2021

Turtleneck Cropped Sweater in Pink

This piece from Monki Bilba radiates comfort and warmth from the appearance alone! With a cropped top, you would love to adorn high-waisted pants to cheat a little bit and make your legs seem slimmer. You can choose jeans, leather, or velvet for the trousers. Nothing is off limit!

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Oversized Pink Jumper

Neon Pink Knitted Sweater

Sweaters are usually seen as soft and casual, but this extravagant neon color breathes a new life into it. If you haven’t tried wearing your oversized pink jumper with leggings and boots, you definitely need to give it a chance now!

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V-neck & Low-Dropped Sweater

Loose patterns on knitted jumpers might be somewhat childish, while tight patterns don’t have the signature look of sweaters – worry not, H&M gives you the perfect balance of both, plus the feminine cut for the neck! Pair it with sporty jean shorts for a relaxed vibe!

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Oversized Pink Jumper

Pink Oversized Cardigan

If you are not looking for a pullover, why not take a look at this beautiful cardigan? Intricately handmade with premium yarn, your skin will be pampered all the time. Furthermore, the product also features a braided belt, giving your creativity more room to bloom. A skirt would enhance the femininity of this cardigan, yet you can also mix it with ripped jeans for a change.

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Sweater with Volumed Sleeves

Without a miss, gorgeous top pieces with some volume in the sleeves make us feel like royalties! Since the design of the sweater is already eye-catching, we suggest keeping the lower half simple and chic, preferably with jeans, leggings, and boots.

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Oversized Pink Jumper

Sweater Dress

Whether you want a dress or a jumper in your wardrobe, this item can nail it for you, especially if you want to feel the luxurious tenderness of a sweater without dealing with the patterns or textures. You can style it femininely or sportily – the decision is all in your hands!

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Oversized Pink Jumper

Jumper, Sweater & Pullover

When you venture deeper into the fashion, clothes won’t be limited to shirts and pants. If you don’t invest more time in researching, there is a very high chance of you being confused about items that share a lot of similarities. The first example is right here, in this article. You might have heard people using jumper, sweater, and pullover alternatively. Are they drastically different from the others?


The term ‘jumper’ is more popular if you live in the UK or use UK English more often. It is a top with long sleeves, usually knitted and crocheted like traditional sweaters. However, you will also find jumpers with cotton and jersey fabric. The materials and the designs determine how casual or formal the jumper is.


If you come from USA, you will be more familiar with the word ‘sweater’. Same as jumper, sweaters can be a standalone top or a piece to wear with T-shirts and coats. The fabrics for them are not different from jumpers. If anything, where you reside decides the term you feel accustomed with.


If you see someone referring to a jumper or a sweater as ‘pullover’, don’t be surprised! Since both of them don’t have buttons or zips, you can simply pull them over your head when putting them on, and so the name ‘pullover’ was born. However, the term also includes many more different styles such as turtleneck, which is not the same with jumpers or sweaters.

Other Styles of Jumper

Aside from the oversized pink jumper we discuss in this post, the jumper category covers a wide range of garment choices. Small details can lead to big variations in clothing, hence getting to know them will be useful for you.


The most noticeable difference between hoodies and jumpers is the hood attached to the back of the neck. People often like their hoodies a little bigger than their actual size because hoodies are made to be a top layer.

The design of hoodies is less formal than jumpers and sweaters for most people due to the outerwear purpose and the comfortable size. They appear sporty either in zip-up or pullover models.


Made from fleece – a specific material – and based on the essence of jumper (or jacket), a fleece is distinctive in both style and texture. Despite being not too thick, fleece can keep you warm and leave the room for other layers, making it a favorite choice of many people.

Varsity Jacket

These jackets have the same materials with jumpers and sweaters, but with a zip on the front. They easily remind us of vintage looks in the old movies but the sporty vibe is never outdated. Uniforms for students or sport teams would be user-friendly if you give varsity jackets your faith!

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While winter is still around, don’t miss out on the opportunity to dress yourself in a beautiful oversized pink jumper! The possibilities are endless, however, so we would love it if you share your ideas and outfits with us! Happy holidays, and we will be back soon!

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