Everything You Need to Know About Planet Fitness Black Card

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Planet Fitness has established its position in the industry as one of the best affordable fitness operators. But this doesn’t mean you’re restricted to only basic or entry-level programs and equipment. In fact, they have a program with extra benefits – the Planet Fitness Black Card membership. Read on to find out what it offers!

What is Planet Fitness Black Card?

Basically, Planet Fitness provides its users with two classes of membership: Classic and Black Card.

As you may already guess, the former offers only basic access to training and equipment at Planet Fitness centers. On the other hand, with the Black Card membership, you can have some attractive extra perks.

And what are they? Let’s find out right now.

Benefits of the Planet Fitness Black Card membership

Go to any Planet Fitness’s club you want

Planet Fitness currently has over 1800 gyms all over the U.S. and some other countries as well.

When you get the Black Card membership, you have the right to go to any location you want, meaning you don’t have to pause your fitness process on travel. Meanwhile, Classic members can only have access to their designated club.

To get the full list of Planet Fitness’s locations and find a gym near you, just go to their official website.

Work out with your friend

Do you hate working out alone and want to do it with a friend of yours? With the Black Card membership, it’s no longer just a wish. You can go to any Planet Fitness’s club with a guest as long as you’re a member of the Black Card program.

But what is it about working out with a friend that makes this so great?

First off, you don’t feel so alone at a gym anymore when having a buddy to talk to. Many have complained that they feel so bored when they know no one in the gym.

Now working out can be actually fun!

And more importantly, having a partner can make a real difference in your training results. It enables you two to do more exercises that are impossible without a partner. On top of that, your friend can make you more accountable for the fitness process.

Access to tanning beds

Black Card members have unlimited access to the tanning beds in Planet Fitness’s gyms. They are allowed to tan for free with both stand-up and lay-down beds, which is also a great way to show off your training results.
But keep in mind that you need to start slow unless you want to become a lobster in your first session.

Access to massage chairs

After a day of stressing job and heavy workout, your body deserves a rest. And there is no better way than treating it with massage chairs in Planet Fitness.
Spending some minutes in a massage chair at the end of your workout is one of the best experiences you can have. Additionally, it brings many benefits as well, such as reducing stress, muscle relief, and improving sleep.

With Black Card membership, you can enjoy them with unlimited time of use.


Hydromassage from Planet Fitness typically provides both lounge chairs and hydromassage beds, which use water to massage your body. It’s a newer alternative to the more traditional massage chairs above. Hydromassage can help rejuvenate your body and soothe tired, sore muscles.

Total Body Enhancement

All members of the Black Card membership have free access to this advanced machine, which is a full-body toning and exercise system. The Total Body Enhancement looks like a typical stand-up tanning bed. However, it also comes with a vibrating floor and a red light.

The purposes of these machines are giving users an energy boost, toning your body, and reducing stress.

But what can the red light help you?

The red lights are put there not based on random choice but actually science researches, which has shown that when you let the red light expose to your skin cells, they will produce a lot of adenosine triphosphate. In turn, this leads to greater cellular activity.

Apart from this application, this light therapy method is a common way to treat many cosmetic problems like stretch marks and wrinkles.

Discounts on cooler drinks

If you are serious about fitness and your health in general, one of the most basics you must know is never letting your body dehydrated, especially in activities like exercises.

The obvious solution is getting cooler drinks after working out to make sure that your body has enough water to recover. Planet Fitness makes sure that all its members can access those healthy beverages when they are at the gym.

But guess what? Black Card members need to pay only half the price!

Other benefits

On top of those amazing perks, members of the Black Card program are also subjected to the benefits of the Basics members as well.

They include 24/7 access, free training, and free Wi-Fi.

Is Planet Fitness Black Card membership expensive?

While a standard membership of Planet Fitness is only $10/month, you need to pay $21.99 per month to access those benefits. But if you want to save money, you can wait for Black Card deals from Planet Fitness, which are as low as $19.99/month.

Is the Black Card worth it?

If you compared the Black Card membership from Planet Fitness and its benefits to other programs, it’s totally worth it. If Planet Fitness has any gym near you, we recommend you to check it out as soon as possible.

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Final words

While costing more than a basic program, the Planet Fitness Black Card membership is still one of the best value for your money with its wide range of amazing benefits. Have you made up your mind to join this membership yet? Feel free to share your thoughts with other fitness lovers here.

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