5 Best Beginning Training Routines with Planet Fitness Equipment

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Have you just decided to begin your fitness training with Planet Fitness equipment? A great choice you have there since Planet Fitness is one of the best affordable gym options right now.

The next step is finding the beginning routines, which can raise your confidence and help you get the hang of it if you do it right. To help you with that, we’re going to give you a quick glance at all the Planet Fitness equipment and a recommended beginning training routine at Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Equipment & How to Choose Your Routines

Knowing what equipment a gym has is the first thing you need to know before planning what you’re going to do there.

Why is that?

Keep in mind this simple fact: different machines lead to different results. Choosing the right exercise routine and equipment plays an important role in fulfilling your training goals and enhancing the workout results.

However, not all training equipment is the same.

So it’s necessary for you to determine your ultimate workout goals. Keep asking yourself this question: “Why am I doing this?”. On top of that, be realistic about your level of weight training experience to make sure you will pick up the most fitting machines and routines.

All the best gyms must make sure that they offer a wide range of training equipment for all kinds of routines. Let’s have a look at the types of equipment available at Planet Fitness to see whether they’re the right choice for you. (1)

Planet Fitness Equipment

Planet Fitness Equipment Reviews

Fixed machines

You will easily notice these machines in the Circuit Training section. At a time, they are mostly intended for just a single major muscle group, such as your abs, upper thighs, or shoulders.

The primary advantage of this method is it can avoid unnecessary stress in other parts of your body. This is achieved by focusing only on your effort on just one muscle group and ignoring other movements.

They are especially useful for beginners who are often not sure what kind of exercise they want to do first. In addition, fixed machines reduce the chance of injuries happening when you try to target a specific muscle group.

Free weight equipment

On the sides of Planet Fitness gyms, you can get the dumbbells and barbells stacked on racks in front of large mirrors. Free weight equipment is different from typical training machines since they are small and not fixed to any location. Though depending on the routine, those weights usually target more than just one muscle group. They allow you to do compound movements – an ideal option to strengthen both core and overall strength.

Cable machines

This is the type of machine that falls between fixed machines and free weights. Cable machines still provide a sense of structure and allow more leeway at the same time. Intermediate trainees – who have picked up some basic techniques yet still don’t find training with free weights comfortable – will have a great time with them.

Smith machines

They put a barbell – a type of free weight – to a fixed plane. This mechanism will help trainees increase their muscle balance and stability while offering improved muscle isolation, just like a fixed training machine.

It’s a great alternative for many exercises such as squats, shoulder press, and bench press. Smith machines also provide a safer environment for those who are new to weight training.

Recommended Beginning Training Routine at Planet Fitness

We recommend you to set up a habit of going to the day several times a week as soon as possible. It will make a big leap in your fitness progress and make working out an essential part of your lifestyle.

Remember, always warm up your body and muscles before training. And though many people may not know this, cooling your body after each session is actually just as important. It can be easily achieved – for example, you can wait for a few minutes on a treadmill.

Have you already warmed up? Great! Now let’s head to the simplest yet effective workouts when it’s the first time you visit a gym.

Cardio Workout

Go to a cardio machine, such as the elliptical or the treadmill) and exercise with it for about 25 minutes. You can freely adjust this number as long as it’s doable for you. Start gradually and slowly. Adjust the speed, resistance, and incline to whatever value you can handle.

As we have mentioned, cardio machines are a great way to begin your routine and get the hang of training equipment and its environment. They also provide a manageable volume of exercises for newcomers.

You can push the training limits as much as you want, just make sure that you don’t feel uncomfortable or breathless.

Lower body workout

Now, let’s switch to the muscle groups of the lower body. They are important in various daily activities such as jogging, climbing stairs, and playing fetch. Do multiple exercises – from glute bridges, calf raises to stationary lunges, and box squats – to strengthen your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. They are all entry-level routines to help beginners improve their lower bodies.

Upper body workout

To make everything balance out, you should also put some effort into your upper body. On the third time you visit Planet Fitness, complete these exercises in three rounds:

Lat pulldown

Get a low weight, then sit down on the seat. Your thighs should be under the pads. Grab the bar while keeping your grip wide open and make sure that your hands are shoulder-width apart. Pull down the bar to the height of your chin while maintaining a small angle of your back. Let the bar go up slowly to its starting position. Now you have completed a repetition (rep). Try 10 reps and take a break.

High plank

Start with both your knees and hands on the ground while your back is parallel to it. This is called the table-top position. Once your posture is stable, stretch your legs back until your entire body makes a straight line, starting from your heels to your head. Now flex the abdominal muscles to trigger your core. Stay in this position for around 15 seconds then slowly return your knees back to the ground.

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Final words

Getting started the right way is crucial for anyone who wants to take advantage of their gym membership. We hope with the information about Planet Fitness equipment and a beginning training routine at Planet Fitness above, you can start off your fitness journey with the most confidence.

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