Can I Get a Planet Fitness Family Plan?

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If you have enjoyed what Planet Fitness offers, we wouldn’t be surprised if you started thinking of taking your whole family with you. Exercising is a good habit that should be indulged in, and working out with your beloved people makes the process more fun, less tiring. However, the affordable membership might become a remarkable expense if purchased in mass. So, is there a Planet Fitness family plan? Is it possible to have an alternative?

Planet Fitness Family Plan

Why Work Out in Groups?

You have a mini-community: If several individuals are working out together, they might have the same goals and challenges to overcome. Not to mention, you will receive encouragement and support from your group, especially when they are also your family.

You have someone holding you accountable: Only the machines and tools can tell that you have felt lazy and skipped the routine if you work out alone, but the group members will do a better job at reminding and cheering you to go on. Many new gymgoers end up dropping out after the first month (or week) because they have got no accountability.

You have motivation and fun at the same time: It is normal for us to feel competitive when surrounded by a group. It motivates you to try harder for the goals that, once achieved, become a mutual satisfaction. The sense of intimacy strengthens your bond with your people.

Planet Fitness Family Plan: Not Available

We know what you have planned in mind! You like the modern equipment and the kind instructors, you think it would be great for the family to practice together, and you want to somehow save the expense that would be a toll on the budget if you purchase multiple individual memberships. Unfortunately, Planet Fitness doesn’t have a family plan.

Specifically, you can’t simply give your Planet Fitness membership to anyone, not even your family or spouse. If you don’t plan to renew the membership anymore, you would have to cancel it under your name, and the person who wants a membership has to register using their own info.

Although Planet Fitness doesn’t offer a family plan, they still have beneficial choices you can consider, and the next minutes you spend reading our article will pay off well!

Alternatives for Planet Fitness Family Plan

No-commitment Plan

With $10 per month, you can get access to fitness training, a shirt, and a home gym. The fee might vary a little between different gyms since they have various discount promos and benefits, depending on the regions and the seasons.

The expense won’t be a big sum to spend if you have a small family of 3 or 4, yet it is still better to grab this membership during a promo.

Black Card Membership

We believe you will find this option more useful, worthy of the $29 payment each month.

You get the same benefits from the non-commitment plan plus full access to PF locations such as hydromassage, haircut, tanning bed, and more at a discounted price. The best part about it is you can bring a guest with you, which is a humble version of your desired family plan. However, keep in mind these conditions: (1), the guest must be by your side all the time, and (2), they don’t have access to any Planet Fitness service aside from the equipment for working out.

What Does Black Card Membership Offer?

Free access to the gym

Planet Fitness opens 24/7 in order to accommodate different customers with different timetables. Now you have no reason to skip a gym day! And the best part about the deal is you can access all tools, all amenities as long as no one else is using them.

The gym equipment varies for each gym, but you can be sure the basics will always be available: rowing machines, treadmills, stair climbers, dumbbells, squat racks, and more. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t worry about how the gyms are different, for the black card membership grants you entrance to all branches under the name Planet Fitness. Even when you are traveling, your healthy routine won’t be interrupted.

Besides the all-day gym, you will receive a shirt and a personal trainer at no cost. The trainer will let you know what should be done for maximum results.

Multiple Options

Planet Fitness has many attractions other than the 24/7 gyms. After working out, giving yourself relaxation is also an important process. There are massages, light therapy, hairstyling, tans, and many more. These services are usually occupied hence you need to wait for your turn. Unfortunately, most Planet Fitness gyms don’t have a sauna.

Here are the offerings of Planet Fitness:

Hydromassage beds and chairs are massagers with water-based. The pressure and the heat are extremely suitable for your sore muscles and joints. Read more about it here!

Tanning beds might come along with spray tanning and tanning booths, depending on the branch. You can easily operate the beds and the booths, but you will need a professional to spray for you.

Light therapy is a method where your body is immersed in red light and vibration, enhancing both your beauty and health.

Hair salon is only in some Planet Fitness branches, yet you can only access it when the stylists are available.


The benefits spread beyond practicing and chilling. The clients with black card membership can purchase cool drinks at half the price, shop at Reebok with a 20% rate, and enjoy services from for 90% of the original fee.

Guest Passes

If you opt for a black card membership, you are not the only one gaining benefits from it! You can invite a guest (above 13 years old), given that you can assure the guest will always be with you. This person can use all of the gym equipment, but not the therapy services. We think this membership can act as an alternative to the Planet Fitness family plan you are looking for.


Does Planet Fitness have a kid policy?

Planet Fitness doesn’t provide any service for kids (they won’t look after or take care of children), yet they allow black card members to bring a child over 13 years old. In general, guests must be over 18, with a valid ID.

How to cancel Planet Fitness black card?

It happens. You might prefer another gym, want to reduce the expenses, struggle with the facility, and it calls for a cancellation of your membership. Be informed that you need several steps and probably a cancelation fee to get it done, which have been such a bore to many gymgoers.

Check out our article about How to Cancel Planet Fitness membership!

Can I use a time stop on my membership?

A time stop is the best choice if you don’t have time for gyms at the moment but you would like to return when the schedule is more compatible. However, you won’t have a time stop in the first year of your membership. Afterward, you can apply for a time stop and get a lower billing rate for a period of time.

Besides, you will also need to submit medical proof to get your request approved. The chance of your proposal being denied still exists because each branch has different rules and policies.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

You can’t let another person use your membership but you can transfer it with a fee of $35 in two payment methods:

Paid in Full: Either party has to have a note and pay for the transfer fee. Party B will own the remainder of the membership.

Direct Debit: B pays the same as A does and takes up the remainder if within the contract. The transfer process is not complete until party B completes all forms in the club.

Final Thoughts

Although the Planet Fitness family plan is not available, you will find similar perks in a black card membership. What do you think about the customer policy of Planet Fitness? Will you give this beneficial membership a try? Don’t forget to share your experience by commenting below!

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