Planet Fitness Tanning Beds: Unbiased Reviews

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Whether you’re trying to prepare for the Summer days on the beach, or simply trying to maintain the color you like throughout the year, tanning beds can be one of the easiest and fastest ways to keep your skin looking sun-kissed. If you’re a member of Planet Fitness, then you might be able to take care of your fitness and tanning needs all in the same place. It’s time for you to learn more about Planet Fitness tanning.

planet fitness tanning beds review

What is Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

Depending on what Planet Fitness club you’re a member of, there are both spray tan and tanning bed options for you. First of all, it’s important to know that unlimited tanning is available only to Planet Fitness members who hold black card. Otherwise, you will need to pay a separate fee to use the tanning services.

Each Planet Fitness club has a different number of tanning beds that are used on a first come first serve basis, meaning that you will not need to book an appointment to use the tanning beds, but you may find that they are not available at the specific time you find yourself interested in tanning.

How does Planet Fitness Tanning work?

There is nothing too complicated about using the tanning services at Planet Fitness. When you are a black cardmember, you can use them whenever you want. At clubs that offer spray tan services, the hours during which you are able to take advantage of the spray tan will be specified by the club.

planet fitness tanning rules

Access to tanning beds at Planet Fitness is available during the duration of each club’s operating hours. For example, if you are a member of a club that is open 24-hours, then you will be able to use the tanning beds in the middle of the night if you’d like

If you’re new to Planet Fitness or simply haven’t yet used the tanning beds, then there are some common protocols you should be aware of. When you use the Planet Fitness tanning beds, remember:

  • You use the bed at your own risk: This means that you need to be conscious of what you wear in the bed and how long you stay under the rays.
  • There is generally no staff member manning the tanning bed area. So, you will need to work together with other gym-goers to decide whose turn it is next. Play nice!
  • You will find a cleaning solution with paper towels next to the tanning beds. The solution is meant to dry before another person uses the bed, but since there is often a line, it comes down to the Previous user to spray and wipe down the machine. Use caution and double-check to make sure the bed has been sprayed and wiped before using it.
  • If you are a black cardmember, you are entitled to unlimited use of the tanning beds and spray tan services, if available at your club.
  • Many clubs have a combination of both standard beds and stand-up booths for tanning.

Planet Fitness is a gym that encourages self-sufficiency, in general, and its tanning program is no different. Once you have a membership, it’s in your hands how you choose to use the tanning beds. If you do need help, don’t hesitate to ask a member of the staff, however.

What kind of tanning beds does Planet Fitness use?

planet fitness tanning beds uvb

If you know anything about the sun or tanning beds, then you have probably heard about UVA and UVB rays. These are the two types of rays emitted by the sun and used in tanning beds. Some beds use only UVA or UVB, while other beds may use both types of rays.

The beds and booths that Planet Fitness uses are common types, which use a combination of both UVA and UVB rays to give you the tan you’re looking for. It’s important for you to understand how both types of rays work if you plan to use tanning beds and booths (Read more about UVA and UVB here).

  • UVA: UVA rays are the ones that cause early signs of aging. They penetrate the deepest layer of your skin and affect your skin on a cellular level. Too much exposure to UVA rays can increase your risk of skin cancer.
  • UVB: These rays are the ones mainly responsible for helping your skin reach the tan color you like or get sunburned if you’re not careful. They damage the skin’s outermost epidermal layers and also increase your risk of getting skin cancer with excessive exposure.

Now that you know more about the types of tanning beds that PLanet Fitness uses, you can start to think about whether the service is something you are interested in.

Benefits of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

Before you decide whether to try tanning at Planet Fitness, consider the benefits you stand to gain:

  • Unlimited use with black card membership. The price at which you get unlimited tanning makes Planet Fitness a more affordable tanning option than most tanning salons.
  • Easy to operate. The beds and booths used at Planet Fitness are simple and straightforward, so you will not have difficulty using them on your own.
  • Extra convenience. If you use the gym facilities at Planet Fitness on a regular basis, then adding the use of tanning services will be super convenient.
  • No appointment is necessary. You will be able to use the Planet Fitness tanning services whenever they are available. That means you can use them whenever you see them free, there is no need to make an appointment.
  • Year-round Tanning. If you like to keep your color strong throughout the year, but don’t live in a warm and sunny environment, Planet Fitness tanning is an easy and affordable way to stay sun-kissed.

Are these benefits enough to make you feel like you want to try Planet Fitness tanning?

Side Effects from Using Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

planet fitness tanning reviews

Don’t get overexcited, you need to think about possible side effects, as well as the benefits of using the tanning services at Planet Fitness. Possible side effects include:

  • Skin damage. It is widely known that using tanning beds and booths excessively can lead to skin damage. This is one of the main risks associated with tanning at Planet Fitness since you are entitled to unlimited use, which is very minimally supervised.
  • Germs from others. While Planet Fitness does provide disinfectant spray and paper towels, specifying that beds must be cleaned after each use, this is something that comes down to the people using the beds. Therefore, you can never be 100% sure about whether the beds have been properly cleaned. For example, the spray is designed to dry completely in order to be effective, however, during busy hours, that rarely happens.
  • Skin Cancer. The free-for-all approach to tanning at Planet Fitness is dangerous because people who do not understand the effects of tanning may spend too much time in the beds or booths. This time can accumulate and turn into skin cancer.

It’s important to keep your eyes and ears when considering your choice of whether to use the tanning services at Planet Fitness. Remember, every coin has two sides.

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What the Customers are Saying About Planet Fitness Tanning

People who have used Planet Fitness tanning have come to a few shared conclusions that may be helpful for you to consider. Here are the main points raised by customers:

  • Cleanliness: customers say that because Planet Fitness expects customers themselves to spray and wipe the tanning beds after each use, they get very dirty. Members say that staff hardly ever cleans the machines themselves, so the beds can accumulate dirt over time.
  • Burning: members report that, depending on your club, you may need to be careful to avoid burning. The bulbs in tanning beds are meant to be changed out every once in awhile. Customers say that the bulbs in Planet Fitness beds are often neglected for long periods of time, and if you are not aware of when they change them, you may burn by staying in the bed for too long.
  • Value: the main reason that members use the tanning services at Planet Fitness is because of the great value. In one package you get full gym access and unlimited tanning. This eliminates what can often be a hefty cost for regular and consistent tanning at salons.

Overall, customers assert that the value of the tanning deal at Planet Fitness is what keeps them coming back. While the cleanliness and level of safety are not as high as you might find at tanning-dedicated salons, you will certainly save a lot of money by tanning at Planet Fitness.

Skin Safety Tips for Tanning

planet fitness tanning goggles

Anywhere you decide to tan, you must keep a few things in order to protect your skin against irreversible damage. Here are a few tips:

  • Know Your Skin Type: learn what type of skin you have and research how long you can safely tan in a tanning bed or booth without damaging your skin.
  • Eye Protection: you should always wear UV protective goggles when tanning, as even your eyes can be damaged by UV rays.  Check out planet fitness tanning goggles
  • Use a Timer: don’t just stay in the bed or booth until you ‘feel like’ you’ve tanned. You may be able to understand when your skin has absorbed the UV rays. The maximum amount of time you should stay in a bed or booth is 30 minutes.
  • Avoid Daily Tanning: you do not need to hit the tanning bed or booth every day. It may be tempting at Planet Fitness with unlimited access, but it’s not healthy for your skin. A couple of times per week is more than enough.
  • Check for Burns After Tanning: as mentioned before, you may not realize how much tanning you’ve done. When you get out of the bed or booth, scan your body to make sure you haven’t burned, and if you have, treat the burn right away.

Planet fitness tanning lotion

Using tanning beds and booths is a big responsibility because it can affect your skin and overall health. Make sure that you follow safe practices.
Planet fitness tanning policy

Check this post for more information about Planet fitness tanning Rules and Policy


If tanning is something that is already a regular part of your life and you’re looking for a new place to get your sun-kissed glow, you may want to consider Planet Fitness. The main reason to use the tanning services at Planet Fitness is if you are already using the gym facilities. The combination of your exercise and tanning at Planet Fitness will save you precious time and money. Remember to double-check cleanliness and focus on protecting your skin!

13 thoughts on “Planet Fitness Tanning Beds: Unbiased Reviews”

    • If you have a black card membership. You can use tanning beds for free. However you should better ask the planet fitness’s manager at your location.

  1. Planet Fitness tanning services vary by location: Here is my 2 cents based on my experience using PF Tanning:

    Clean the bed or booth YOURSELF BEFORE and after using it. Especially before.

    The writers comment about PF not changing the bulbs often enough is accurate, but you will be able to tell if they have been changed. If it feels hotter than the last time you used it, GET OUT. New tanning bulbs are dangerous and will burn you. Cut your usual tanning time at least in half. Occasionally ask them if the bulbs have been changed.

    Use an indoor tanning lotion. It helps develop and maintain color, helps prevent burning. Buy on Ebay.

    Remember, it is only $22. a month, for tanning machines that most tanning salons consider a level 3 upgrade…. its a good deal! PLUS, use the red light therapy (total body enhancement) this is a fantastic perk. OH and hydro massage is the best….. again, all for $22. a month.

    As the write said, dont over tan. Tanning every other day with just a few minutes at a time will build the best base tan and will actually render better results. Try darkening the tan with a GOOD quality sunless lotion…. like Fake Bake. Also a good deal on Ebay.

    Happy Tanning

  2. I have tanned in my own tan bed for 15 years,after tanning in a stand up bed at Planet fitness 4 times,I now have had burning and painful skin for almost 3 months.Have been to 6 different doctors,some twice.2 Dermotoligist,1 allergist,2 of my regular doctors and an emergency room doctor.No one can tell me what it is.Tried all kinds of meds and cremes and biopsy,no one knows.Anybody else have this happen to them and can tell what this is?

    • A year and a half later I still have burning skin after seeing 13 different doctors.No one knows why.And I never sunburn or tan burn until i used their machines.And I didn’t even get a tan there ,just turned my skin red and still is.

  3. I am a member of PF and use the Hydro Massage and Tanning. I’m 70 years old, had a tanning bed for years in my own home up to when I sold it and moved. I love tanning and have done so for many years. Never any problems. The key is not to tan too long a time and only a couple times a week. Also use a good moisturizer after. My skin had always been so white until I started doing this tanning. Now I am a golden tan and love it. Hides all those spider veins, etc. when you get OLD. LOL I had a bed at home but now use the stand up one at PF. It is only for 9 minutes but gives a great tan. Also the Hydro Massage is absolutely so perfect. My PF is a wonderful place and very clean and great personnel. Very happy here. All machines are very clean and everyone obeys rules regarding Covid-19.


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