Planet Fitness WiFi & 5 Tips for Maximum Results

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Internet connection has become an irreplaceable part of our modern life, and you will hardly find a person who doesn’t need to communicate and work constantly. Even when they are busy working out on gym tools, an active network is still a requirement. It leads us to a question, is Planet Fitness WiFi available?

Planet Fitness WIFI

Is there a Planet Fitness WiFi?

The absolute and certain answer is YES, you won’t have to worry about using your data up or losing connection when you work out at Planet Fitness. Most public places offer free WiFi nowadays, and Planet Fitness is not an exception.

Why does Planet Fitness have WiFi?

Most of us can’t seem to put our smartphones away for more than an hour! Besides the need for constant connection to people who are not by our side, the phone also contains many apps that make our daily routine much more organized. However, a smart device is not at its full potential without internet access.

There are various types of people at a gym. Some of them focus on working out while others look forward to relaxing and relieving stress. The only thing that they mostly agree on is the importance of WiFi.

Planet Fitness WiFi is a production of their understanding and ambition. PF aims to be the national gym of the United States, therefore they must listen to the majority and guarantee them the best means of social communication. You might consider it another marketing strategy of them, and the truth is they have been successful in attracting new members so far.

Planet Fitness WIFI

Planet Fitness WiFi & Benefits

How to connect to Planet Fitness WiFi?

Planet Fitness tries their very best to give their clients exclusive benefits, so you need a username and a password to connect to their WiFi. You will receive the information once you purchase a membership.

If the password has been changed, you can ask the staff at the front desk for the new info. It is part of your privilege, no need to be shy about it!

Some users give feedback about having trouble logging in, but the problem is more likely to be the incompatibility of the device rather than the bad connection. Should you experience this issue, go to settings and choose ‘Forget this network’ to reset the data.

Benefits of Planet Fitness WiFi

Use Planet Fitness App

Recently, Planet Fitness has released its app to simplify and optimize your experience at the club. For a starter, you can check-in using the app and have a view of the crowd meter. It is greatly convenient during this pandemic time.

While the app is online, you can keep track of the progress while fully paying attention to your exercises.

Unlimited Entertainment

Most gymgoers like having a podcast or a music playlist playing during their session because although Planet Fitness has TV screens, the programs might not be to your likings!

Listening to your favorite songs while relaxing with your hydromassage also enhances the serene effect of the therapy!

WiFi tips for the best gym session


The first and foremost tip that we highly recommend is activating your VPN app right after you connect to the gym WiFi. The club is a miniature society, and there is no way you can tell if someone is manipulating a malicious tool and intervening in the connection. They might get access to your passwords and subsequently steal your accounts.

Before you proceed to our other tips, make sure to protect your information! Even if you are not active on an app, it might still automatically connect to the internet, and VPN will encrypt the outgoing codes for you.

Start the fitness app

You can find a lot of software for fitness, including the Planet Fitness app as well as the health apps for tracking calories burned, exercise routine, and tutorials. The gym WiFi is the best way to keep track of your session without burning all your data.

In fact, a study has shown that using a fitness app will increase your productivity. For some programs, you will even be able to have virtual trainers and share the progress with friends.

Stay entertained and motivated

We won’t be surprised if you have a whole list of upbeat songs to play during a gym session! Music is one of the best methods to boost energy, and the beat can hold your movements in an even rhythm.

Should music be insufficient to win over the monotony of a repeated action (i.e.: running on a treadmill), a movie might do the trick. Some clubs have cardio cinemas, but the chosen movies are not always your favorite. If the unfortunate happens, the WiFi will come in handy! Besides, looking at a screen from a far distance can distract you, and the convenient smartphone seems to be the better choice here.


Is the WiFi only free for members?

Yes, Planet Fitness WiFi is not for everyone! In most cases, only the purchased memberships will grant you access to their internet connection. Sometimes, though very rarely, the guests might have this privilege too.

The gym owners wouldn’t want to let others benefit from something their clients have to pay for. An overloaded network is bound to be slow, and strangers lurking around to get the signal makes their business unreliable.

What are the best VPN apps to use?

There are two factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a VPN app: the friendliness to users and the security. A few apps that meet the standards are:

– Express VPN: the best overall

– Surfshark: the best for inexpensive apps

– NordVPN: the best security

– Hotspot Shield: the best for speed

– CyberGhost: the best for streaming

You can see a detailed guide and a list of best picks here!

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Final Thoughts

While amenities such as hydromassages, tanning beds, and saunas call for relaxation and separation from hi-tech devices, it is totally fine for you to stay connected while running on the treadmill or doing your favorite cardio exercise. With a connection to Planet Fitness WiFi, secured by VPN, you are safe when browsing apps, listening to music, checking emails, and more.

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