Rainbow Nails – Summer Trend

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If you are looking for a fun way to add sprinkles of colors to your life, rainbow nails might be it! The brightness suits summer days without a slip, and it can set a good mood for you when autumn finally visits.

Rainbow Nails – Summer Trend

Best Designs for Rainbow Nails

Pastel Rainbow

If you are hesitant because rainbow colors are too bold, pastel shades will solve your dilemma! They are a classic favorite due to the feminine and dreamy vibes, and you will find them far from boring if you arrange them for a smooth transition. They can go in any type of clothes and occasions!

Credit: the trend spotter

Mixed French Tips

Gigi Hadid blew up a new trend when she adorned a rainbow design on her nails. Every single finger is painted with a different color, the same applies to the tips. It is so random and spontaneous that it can fit us all.

Credit: nails by mei

Ombre Rainbow Nails

Ombre brings you the smoothest transition of colors! Even though the traditional manicure promotes darker shades on the cuticles that fade towards the tips, we can totally do something extraordinary like a reverse pattern or a horizontal spectrum. There are many choices of polish for you, but matte pastels remain the best.

Credit: pinterest

Pastel Stripes

When you use two contrasting colors, they might create an effect as strong as the whole spectrum. We recommend trying neon or glitter polishes for a vibrant style.

Credit: imarninails

Colorful Confetti

A plain manicure would look a whole lot more festive with a few neon dots. Doesn’t it remind you of the childhood game where you try your best to gather the ‘gems’ at one spot or the décor piece with floating flecks of various colors?

Credit: my townhouse uk

Vivid Prints

You can unleash your creativity here! Summer styles often go with many patterns: rainbow mixes, glitters, smiley faces, stickers. Paint each nail with a different design, and it will be so much more fun.

Credit: anouska anastasia

Watercolor Effect on Nails

Do you love the way watercolors blend and melt into one another on the blank canvas? If the answer is yes, then you will love this easy design. First of all, you will need a white base before adding a bit of each desired color. Use an acetone-soaked brush to smear the hues as you would like!

Credit: pinterest

Jelly Nails

Sheer jelly nails have got an ethereal sheen on themselves, and they look almost like they can melt if you poke them gently! Now they will be even more beautiful with an ombre of rainbow colors.

Credit: the nail cakery

Lines of Spectrum

You can’t possibly go wrong with a transparent base! Give your nails the bold straight lines in neon colors, and the effect you receive would resemble laser beams. Who doesn’t want it?

Credit: so hot right nail

Fish Scales

We don’t need to paint a real spectrum on our nails for rainbow art! Take the creative route and turn the ombre transition into an interesting and intricate fish scale. The glitter is optional but very recommended!

Credit: enchanted nails by kellie

Black & Rainbow

Most of the time, we have been associating the rainbow with bright bases, but a black canvas can leave a stronger optical impression and be a better background for the patterns you want to paint. If a white base is for beach picnics, then a black base is definitely perfect for night parties.

Credit: pinterest

Across Rainbow Art

We are having a whole list of rainbow nail designs because the possibilities are endless. This idea captivates us with the interesting spacing that turns the patterns into pieces of a puzzle. You would want a base that matches your skin color for the most realistic look. We also suggest you highlight two or three fingers with clouds or birdies!

Credit: pinterest

Glitter Tips

We have seen too many French tips for summer and rainbow nails, but not everyone thinks of enhancing the simple design with a bit of glitter! Keep it light for a casual look and go chunky glitters to send a statement!

Credit: freckle pus nails

Emoji Vibes

This design is where you can be as spontaneous and random as you want to! Put the rainbow art on the finger you want to highlight the most and give the rest enough attention with your favorite emoji.

Credit: shore ditch nails

Glamorous Crystal Cuticles

Rainbow nails can still be classy and not childish at all! We recommend long nails so you can flaunt the vibrant shade and the crystal gems attached to your cuticles. If you need a design with minimum effort and maximum effect, try it right away!

Credit: jade tang the artist


Fashionistas never get enough of this chic pattern! Give your nails an ombre for transition and scatter a few black dots for the cheetah look! Even if you choose a simple outfit, the effect will still be tremendous.

Credit: yari’s nails

Rainbow Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is receiving so much attention right now, what is stopping you from incorporating it in your nail design? It looks like the perfect combination of clouds and watercolors on the simple and elegant white basecoat.

Credit: Justine marjan

Glitter Rainbow Nails

Who said rainbow nails can’t get along with a bit of sparkle? It would work even better if you own the chic stiletto nails. You can try two colors on each nail for more vibrancy, or choose a color to be the base and blend it with another shade.

Credit: anouska anastasia

Crystal Rainbows

Let’s end our list of ideas for rainbow nails with something completely different! We will use rhinestones to create colorful lines and achieve our unique rainbows. Separating each line with a neutral shade for more impact is a great concept too.

Credit: jessica washick

Available Polishes for Rainbow Nails

Classic Crème

They are the start of everything, and they can’t possibly go wrong. Other than coloring, they aren’t responsible for creating effects, which guaranteed durability. You won’t be needing high maintenance for this type of polish either.

Glitter (Shimmer)

On the contrary, nail polishes with glitters shimmer under the light and seem like much more fun! They are usually transparent with floating sparkling flecks, though they chip easily and need a good topcoat to achieve the best result.

Due to the flecks, sometimes it might be more difficult to remove glitter polish with most polish removers, but the result is most likely worthy!

Chrome (Metallic)

Go for chrome polishes if you want to leave a strong impact and catch all the attention in the room. Moreover, the products tend to include coconut oil, green tea, and many other ingredients that benefit the condition of your nails.


As a branch of the chrome (metallic) category, it has a special texture, variant, and easy to reflect lights. The way it shines is similar to aluminum, hence the name ‘foil’ is born.


Many DIY guides and salon processes include gel coating in various possibilities because they last longer and have less chance of chipping. With that said, gel polishes require low maintenance, and they are not plain at all with almost all colors available.

If you want to start discovering gel polishes, they are very ready in all the shops you can find where you live. You won’t have a hard time removing the polish, and it doesn’t cost you as much as the salon does.


You might have heard of it as the star of festive seasons, but it actually looks good all the time! It doesn’t have a shiny look. Instead, the depth from high-quality ingredients promotes a distinctive, elegant vibe.

There are two lines: matte topcoat and matte polish. When used as a top coat, it generates a velvety, smooth texture on the manicure and thus becomes a favorite of many manicurists although it takes longer to dry.

You also need to be extremely careful with the lotions and oils for your hands, as they can turn the matte into the exact opposite: glossy and wet. However, a piece of cotton soaked with alcohol will help you out of the trouble.


If you are in the mood for nostalgic aesthetics, never say no to neon polishes. They are usually available in eye-catching colors like hot pink or bold orange. You can say they have the same color range with matte polishes but with more vibrancy.

Manicurists often suggest a plain white base for neon polishes. The finish is extremely vibrant and festive.


Iridescent and enigmatic, holographic makeups quickly get us falling helplessly for them. It reflects the lights and creates an ethereal effect, thus becoming an irreplaceable beauty trick for festival seasons like summer and spring.

We recommend painting your nails with an ombre effect for better results.


An elegant lady would like to shine without blinding other eyes, and the pearl is a perfect choice. You can let it have all of the spotlights or put it on top of a soft polish for a pearlescent appearance.


We can safely say it is leading the current trends. There are tiny particles of metal in the polish that will react to the magnet (typically installed in the cap of the bottle), and the artists use that trait to create wanted patterns on the nails, such as waves, stripes, and many more. You can rely on chrome polishes if you want a glamorous and flashy look.

Despite the description, it is not too difficult to use at home. Plus, the exciting process might be part of your sleepover.


How to do rainbow nails?

First of all, you need to make up your mind and choose a design (or more) you want on your nails. For polka dots, you can use a toothpick or a polish brush if you are confident. Straight lines and balanced swirls might be more challenging, yet practice will improve your precision significantly. Another easy yet effective technique is decorating your nails with stickers.

You can find YouTube tutorials for complicated patterns. Professional manicurists offer step-by-step guides that make the process way easier.

How to do rainbow marble nails?

Marble patterns are for sure a statement even though you definitely need patience for it! You need a cup filled with water at room temperature, probably a disposable cup that you can dispose of after. Next, add a drop of each desired color and use a toothpick to draw a pattern in the polish until you are satisfied with the effect.

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Final Thoughts

Are you ready for a vibrant vacation with rainbow nails? Do you like these ideas? Will you keep them as they are or add your personal traits to the pattern? Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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