9 Reasons to Avoid Planet Fitness | Why You Should Say No To Planet Fitness

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If you’re considering buying a Planet Fitness membership you might want to hold on for a little bit. This article will explore 9 reasons to avoid Planet Fitness.

When it comes to joining a gym, you’ll find you have plenty of options to choose from. However, this can be a bit daunting. It’s easy to go with a gym that you hear a lot about without fulling research the pros and cons of it. One gym in particular, Planet Fitness, is a popular choice, but it has some shocking drawbacks.

9 reasons to avoid planet fitness

9 Reasons to Avoid Planet Fitness

The Fees

Fees planet fitness

Every gym will have fees, but Planet Fitness has some you need to pay attention to. Besides the regular membership fee which is a monthly cost of $10, you have the choice of choosing a Black Card membership. This membership costs about $22 per month. The Black Card will obviously give you more benefits due to the high price, but you’ll have to pay for most things. A regular membership doesn’t really have as many benefits besides very basic needs.

The Strange Rules

Planet Fitness actually has a few interesting rules to follow, which are a bit strange. The first being that you have to watch how loud you are when doing intense workouts like lifting weights. While this can definitely be helpful if there’s a member that’s absurdly loud, even the smallest of grunts can cause what is called the “lunk alarm” to go off. The alarm is rather loud and will catch the attention of most people in the gym. It’s a bit embarrassing and can cause some awkwardness.

Another strange rule is that Planet Fitness doesn’t allow gallon jugs. The reason being that it can be an imitating sight to those who are using the gym.

Some Equipment Isn’t Available

Equipment planet fitness

To help prevent injuries, Planet Fitness has switched some equipment pieces to so-called safer ones. Many Planet Fitness gyms have even removed squat racks and bench presses. The gym also has a limit of 80 lbs. when it comes to weights. Sometimes certain pieces, like treadmills, will also have a weight limit.

This can be a huge annoyance to those who are trying to get a good workout in. If you’re only able to use the most basic of equipment, your workout routine will pretty much fail. You’re not offered the best equipment here which can be a bit depressing for those serious about working out.

Junk Food is Served

Ironically, heavy junk food is served at the gym, like greasy pizza. They also have a candy counter you can select from. This not only defeats the purpose of why you’re in the gym in the first place, but can be a tempting nemesis. There are no healthy food alternatives here which is a bit strange. So, while you might have just lost a few pounds working out with weights, you’re going to gain it back quickly if you buy some of the food sold here.

There is a Dress Code

I completely understand needing a dress code, but Planet Fitness’ rules for clothing are a bit over-the-top. First of all, no crop tops are allowed. String tank tops, jeans, boots, and sandals are also not allowed. Planet Fitness claims these items can be a hazard when working out, and they can be. However, the main reason the dress code exists is to make sure less-fit gym goers don’t feel as out of place with those who might be a little more athletic. You’ll have to be careful with your clothing choices when venturing to this gym.

There’s No Free Wi-Fi

No Free Wi-Fi planet fitness

Even in today’s high-tech world where everyone uses their phones for practically everything, Planet Fitness does not offer free Wi-Fi. Shocking, I know. The Wi-Fi comes with a membership fee, but the Wi-Fi the gym provides is not reliable. It tends to fade or sometimes not even work at all.

So, if you need to use your phone to record workout times or other details, you might not be able to do so. You’ll either have to remember it or write it down the old-fashioned way with paper and a pen.

It Doesn’t Have Group Classes

If you want to hang out at the gym and meet some other people, you won’t have group classes to do so. Many people often join gyms just for this purpose because it can be a motivating thing to see others work out with you. So, if you’re looking for a Zumba class to join or a cycling class, you won’t find it here.

It’s Not for True Workouts

Planet Fitness is a gym that really is not designed to hold true workouts. As you read above, it offers only a limited number of equipment pieces. This can make it extremely difficult for those who want an intense workout. Planet Fitness also tends to use shaming techniques, like the lunk alarm, to prevent true workouts from occurring. This is all for the sake of making sure everyone feels accepted at the gym. While this mindset is not bad and stays true to the gym’s mantra, it’s bad for true workouts and fitness buffs.

You Can’t Use Other Planet Fitness Gyms if You Don’t Have a Black Card Membership

You might think that with a basic Planet Fitness membership you’d be able to use other Planet Fitness gyms that aren’t your home gym. The unfortunate news is you can’t. You can only visit other Planet Fitness gyms if you have a Black Card membership. This membership is much more expensive than a basic membership.

Planet Fitness can be a helpful way to work out, but it’s not one of the top gyms to spend your money on. Like many, you’re more than likely surprised by these reasons. Planet Fitness is ideal for those who are just starting out with their workouts. However, it has a few downsides like the ones mentioned above. While it might encourage some to lose weight and stay active, sometimes the gym can do more harm than good.

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23 thoughts on “9 Reasons to Avoid Planet Fitness | Why You Should Say No To Planet Fitness”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how people expect to get champagne for the price of the cheapest beer! I have never set foot into a planet fitness so my opinion is totally unbiased. Much like the people who refuse to fly spirit because the have to pay for a can of coke so they pay $100. More for their ticket to fly a bigger name airline even though they have to pay a higher price for checked luggage but hey, that coke was free!
    Bottom line, you get what you pay for and for what your getting at planet fitness it’s quite a bit! If you don’t like it then by all means don’t go! But quit you whining about it or any other business that thinks outside of the box to bring you exceptional value!

  2. What Planet Fitness are you speaking of?!? 😳 80lb weight limit, no group classes??? I know we’re not attending the same gym. Tfs!

  3. My main reason for leaving a comment here is because of the statements used: “most locations”, “sometimes” etc. I use this gym 5 days a week, with none of the issues you mentioned above. I would hate for this poorly researched article to discourage someone who is overweight and looking for a place to be “comfortable “ at to read this an d believe it. I think it’s a bit irresponsible as well.

    • “You Can’t Use Other Planet Fitness Gyms if You Don’t Have a Black Card Membership“

      That’s the only reason I might not wanna disagree out of 9. And even though you are only allowed to use your membership card in one location; otherwise, they would charge you $5, I have no problem with this rule at all. Planet fitness is a chain fitness business but different locations are owned by different owners. You should understand this point from a business point of view.

      The other 8 reasons sound like you dislike planet fitness because you wanna dislike. I don’t wanna get too much into your comments but your reasons don’t stand a point.

  4. Mine has free WiFi, weights go over 80 pounds, girls were laughing and no lunk alarm sounded. $40 annually isn’t bad when you compare it to other gym memberships that start at $30 a month. If you want to work out half naked, then pay a higher price elsewhere to do so. Planet Fitness exists because it appeals to people for the reasons you’re complaining about.

  5. I have had planet fitness for 3 years and love it. There is no dress code and I get an amazing workout each time. Never seen junk food and people grunt all the time. Just not allowed to drop the weights. I also have Orangetheory which I pay $179 a month for and it’s way more strict and sometimes dirtier then planet so don’t always believe what you hear or read. Worth the $20 a month and their tanning beds are the best.

  6. I would just like to say this article is bogus. I have a membership at Planet Fitness and none of these things mentioned are true. Before you even sign up they are up front with all the fees, I have a black card membership so $22 a month is awesome. There is an annual fee but again they do tell you all of this. Even if you join online it tells you everything. They also are very clear on the different things you can do with the different memberships. Another thing that bothers me about this is how you say there’s weight limits to the machines and that is 100% not true! I’m a big girl and I’ve never had someone tell me I can’t use the treadmill… cause isn’t that the point of going to the gym? I feel like I can go on and on about how everything listed is a lie. The only thing true is yes the do serve pizza one day a month as a reward type thing but if you don’t want to partake in it it’s not like they force you to eat pizza. This article obviously had no research done. I love Planet Fitness, it’s my home away from home!

  7. I like articles like this. It really makes you question what is a ‘true’ review. Being a
    PF member myself, this ‘article’ with its ‘reasons’ is laughable, immature, and bogus at best. When joining average-joe-gyms like PF, you have to remember you get what you pay for, and I’ve looked high, low, and in between. Planet Fitness’ Lunk Alarm nowadays is a fun way to remind everyone to be be mindful of each other, as well as the dress code. Go to the club if you wanna dress that way. Junk food? Have you read the ingredients on a nutrition bar? It’s about as close to healthy as this article is to being accurate. To wrap this up, not every gym is for everyone, so do your own research before you believe anything you read on the internet!

  8. I love planet fitness too !! They are so helpful and friendly if it’s not what your looking for no one is twisting your arm go somewhere else !! They have so many different circuit training places you can go to a different one every day or do the elliptical or walk treadmill whatever you feel like doing that day !!

  9. This article is full of prestigious bias and it was actually hard to read without rolling my eyes in the back of my head. While planet fitness may have its cons, it is certainly a great option for those looking to get out and do better for themselves. This is a heavy criticism and so discouraging to those looking for an affordable gym. Perhaps someone should criticize your writing skills in this manner so you can improve.

  10. Whomever wrote this has never stepped foot inside Planet Fitness, nor have they ever lifted weights. I’ve been a member for over a year now..
    Yes, there IS free wifi. No, there is NOT a dress code, I have traveled across the country and have yet to see one that serves junk food, I have also yet to see one that denies my Black Card benefits. “True Workouts” mean to follow through with the weights, not letting the weights go and slamming them down setting off the alarm.

  11. If you think Planet Fitness is so great, wait until you decide to cancel your membership, for whatever reason. Like so many other things these days, it is so corporate; they put their oppressive rules and regulations in the fine print in “paragraph 15(c) on page 3” of the Agreement which no one ever reads and which they never read to you but as soon as you try to cancel your membership, they’ll promptly say “it’s in your agreement”. The reason they have all these rules capping the weights you can use, what you can wear, etc. is to limit their exposure to any potential liability (can you say Corporate!). That’s why there are no free weight barbells and why you can’t do any powerlifting or Olympic lifts in their facilities. It’s all about limiting or eliminating their potential liability from injury(ies) one might incur while using their facilities. Wait until it’s time for you to cancel and see how difficult they make it for you to do that!


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