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If you can only think of ponytails and messy buns when we mention summer hairstyles, you are missing out a lot! There are many tricks and funs we might have with the hair, even during the scorching, hot summer.

Summer Hairstyles | Easy & Pretty Hair for Summer

Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

Beach Waves

Before you start to wonder why it is here when it is not new at all, let us tell you: there are tips for getting texture and not using heat. You simply wrap your hair around tights or scarves or sleep in with braids, and the strands will set without being fried.

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Deep Side Part

We know how troublesome it is to go through 3 months of summer with thick hair, but a deep side part flipped over one shoulder would solve the problem. You won’t be getting hair all over your face, which improves how you look too.

Slick Back

It is super simple, especially if you have straight hair. All you need to do is working the ordinary strands backward with pomade, and you have a very chic, sporty look to flaunt.

Credit: The Trend Spotter

Mini Beehive

Our hair feels frizzy under the effect of humidity and heat, but we can turn it in our favor while trying to gain the smoothness back. The beehive style is great for formal occasions.

Credit: pinterest

Top Knot

You aren’t enjoying summer if you don’t try a top knot at least once! Honestly, people with longer know how essential this hairstyle is, especially on hot days when even a misplaced strand can ruin your mood!

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Faux Bang Top Knot

Don’t hate on your long hair just yet! They are pretty good when you need a faux bang (perhaps to cover up acne, who knows!) without actually cutting your hair. All you have to do is making a top knot and keeping the ends falling over your forehead.

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Summer Short Hair

Sleek Bob

Bob haircut is a trouble-free hairstyle that many women adore, but did you know it can look so sleek and elegant if you apply a hair gel and brush it back nicely? It is another hairstyle to adorn for parties and formal events.

Credit: Steve Granitz / Getty

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut gives you a sporty and cool look, and you surely have fewer problems to worry about. If you want some texture, pomade is the only thing you need.

Credit: Vera Anderson / Getty

Slicked Baby Hair

Yes, your baby threads can come in handy sometimes! Give your short hair corn braids and play around with the baby hair for a lovely appearance. It is perfect for casual and formal occasions!

Credit: Steve Granitz / Getty

Statement Accessory

Don’t ever think short hair is bound to be boring! All you need is a bold piece of jewelry to commend the color and the length of your hair. This style speaks for itself!

Flowers Tucked Behind an Ear

Yes, it seems extremely simple and you might have seen it a thousand times before, but have you ever seen people getting tired of it? A big flower is an accessory you need to complete your sundress and matching sandals.

Credit: pinterest

Flower Crown

If you are out in the wild, might as well take advantage of what mother nature has given and make a crown from fresh flowers. In most cases, a thin metallic string is all you need to get the crown done.

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Summer Hairstyles with Accessories

Scarf & Bun

If you are a fan of buns yet still keen on a surprising addition, try weaving in a colorful scarf! It can be matching with your clothes or completely contrasting.

Credit: Christian Vierig / Getty

Pinned Back Pieces

Prove whoever said curly hair is not for summer that they are wrong with only a few hairpins! You get to pin back as many strands as you wish and put your beautiful face under the spotlight.

Credit: Getty

Twisted Scarf Bun

We will never get tired of twisting a colorful, lovely scarf in our hair because the variety of designs is too good to be true! If you find the low updo somewhat ordinary, this trick is a simple way to enhance it.

Turban Style

 A cultural line in the scarf category is a worthy piece in your accessory section, and it provides your hair with more thorough protection against possible sources of damage. It guarantees a diva look if paired up with large earrings.

Summer Braided Hairstyles

Cornrow Box Braids

Box braids look beautiful themselves but beyond gorgeous if combined with cornrows at the roots. They can protect the texture from hot and humid months while keeping you all stylish and energetic.

Credit: pinterest

Braided Crown

You can curl your hair slightly before giving it milkmaid braids, and you will have a lovely crown that makes your quarantine days much better. It will survive hours of lazing around with pillows and blankies!

Credit: Claudio Lavenia / Getty

Double Braids

Pigtails are not entirely childish if you add a sprinkle of French braids to them! You can follow this amazing instruction on how to braid hair on Glamour!

Waterfall Braid

It is much easier to do than it seems, and you will have a fairy-like hairstyle. When you want to engage in energetic activities, you can simply wrap the long hair into a neat bun.

Credit: twist me pretty

Loose Fish Tail Braid

How can we leave a mermaid hairstyle out of a summer list? If you have long hair, you can keep it loose and tossed over one shoulder for a charming and feminine vibe.

Credit: pinterest

Double Braided Buns

The perfect combination of buns and braids gives you the best of both worlds. You can keep them a little bit messy for less work, fewer troubles, because this style meant to look carefree despite the effort you need to put in it.

How to protect hair in summer?

You might invest in a sleek hairstyle at the salon or attempt a DIY look at home, but the same requirement remains: you need shiny, silky, healthy strands.

The sun is not the only concern for you here. Styling your hair with heat and dyes, or damaging it with chlorine from pools and saltwater is much more crucial. Rather than trying to fix a frizzle hair, we will show you some prevention methods.

Always wear a hat

When you go out, a hat will be your best friend. Baseball caps and floppy hats are never outdated, but scarves can also fulfill the role while looking as chic as ever. However, this mere coverage won’t be enough yet.

Use protection products

These products are designed to be a shield against UV rays, and they are extremely important if you have dyed or treated your hair with chemicals. Keep an eye on the products that have properties like UV protection, both cream and spray formulas are great.

A common mistake people make when using hair and skin products is getting comfortable with cloudy days and not reapplying the substance during the day. Now you know about this tip, don’t forget!

Shampoo & Conditioner

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is essential regardless of the season. If you have the best products for your hair type, they can strengthen the effects of the production chemicals and even prevent oxidization.

Be wise when swimming

A bathing cap should have a stable spot in your luggage when you head to the beach, and you have various models to choose from.

Every expert would recommend you to not jump into the pool with your hair still dry. Wetness will reduce the chlorine absorbed in your strands, and a wash after swimming would remove the chemical for you.

There is a product called ‘leave-in conditioner’ for beachgoers. It clings to the follicles and keeps the chemicals out.

Take care of your scalp

The hair can’t completely protect the scalp from damage. Scalps can also get painful sunburns, hence they need their own SPF products.

You can try one of our hair masks to nourish from the strands to the roots and the follicles. These healthy recipes can add some shine to the texture as well!


How to handle long hair in summer?

If you have long and thick hair, the best choice is a layered cut. You will feel less weight and heat that way. Sweaty days also call for dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner, but you should stick to a routine of 2 – 3 days instead of washing your hair every day.

For the style, ponytails and buns are the quickest way to keep the strands out of your face. However, if you don’t want to put too much pressure on the scalp, braiding will distribute the weight more evenly.

What hairstyle is best for sleeping?

Every braid style is good at keeping your strands from entangling and breaking. Not to mention, they will create natural beach waves. Remember to not braid the tassels too firmly.

However, if you have shorter hair than average, leaving it loose is the safest method to sleep in. It allows air to regulate and reach the roots of the hair.

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Final Thoughts

Have you realized it now? Every hair type and texture will have compatible summer hairstyles that commend the best traits of it, therefore you needn’t exclude yourself from the fun! Stay healthy and beautiful, and we will be back with more compilations of style for your summer!

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