Summer Nails on Top Trending 2021

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Summer vacation has begun and you are ready for endless coasts with white sand and blue ocean, possibly a barbecue party with your beloved people! You have shopped for the cutest bikinis, and now it’s time to head to the salon and give your nails a makeover or try a cute design at home if you are skillful. Check out our list of ideas for summer nails and let us know which is your pick!

Summer Nails on Top Trending 2021

Colorful Summer Nails Trending 2021

If you love summer spirits and the youthful colors it holds, this section might have what you are looking for!

Smiley Faces

What is a better fit for summer if not rainbow colors and smiling faces? Harry Styles and Dua Lipa sported the traditional yellow emojis and started a trend, and now we are making a twist out of it!

Credit: the hang edit


When talking about summer, we can’t forget about juicy fruits, and hence these designs quickly climb on top trending. Berries have such bright colors that ignite the fire within you!

Rainbow Nail Tips

A simple design with a polish and a few colorful lines on the tips, it looks graphic and summer-ish enough to earn a rank on the hottest summer nails in 2021.

Credit: cute nail studio

Beach Scene

Isn’t it cool when your nails form a miniature landscape of the beach? The patterns vary from plain colors to an ocean view and a lone ship, giving your nails a fun and unique look. Stiletto nails are the best shape to show off the intricate details!

Credit: lakierowy apacz

Powerpuff Girls Nails

Even if you are not a fan of this popular animated series, you would still love these bright, beaming hearts. The original design uses 3 colors: red, pink, and white, but you can add a new sprinkle if you deem it fitting!

Credit: yes what nails

Ice Cream Nails

Nothing holds more summer vibes than ice cream! The creamy, glittering tips with multiple colorful dots resemble our favorite ice cream… How can we say no to such a delicious design?

Credit: sweet and savvy nails

Seashells on the Beach

You know you want to visit the beach with your nails coated in the hypnotic blue of the ocean! We can mix in several patterns like seashells and waves, or use sequins for a glamorous sense!

Credit: fanni szoke nails

Swirls of Shades

Sure, we can add a few colorful swirls to our nails any time of the year, but they are exceptionally cute in summer. The best part about it is you can have a fun time playing with nail polishes without taking the technique seriously.

Cow Print

You don’t see this cute design all over the internet for no reason. Black & white are never outdated, and they are neither solemn nor casual, thus you can bring them everywhere you go! It doesn’t take an artist to paint these simple patterns either!

Credit: alicia t nails

Summer Nails for Simplicists

If you only have eyes for sophisticated designs, the suggestions below are for you!

Summer Sunset Drips

Let’s collect the colors of a summer sunset and let them on your nails if you are a fan of gradient shades. We highly recommend the coffin nail shape to commend the length of your fingers and the artistic ombre.

Credit: joely ocean nails

Fluorescent Nails

Summer and nights on the beach are the best time for fluorescent colors, and you only need them to stand out, no extravagant clothes required.

Monotone Matte

A combination of monotone nails and elegant clothes can never go wrong. You can pick a bright color to promote the summer theme and top it with a matte coat for a luxurious velvet look.

Credit: betina goldstein

Twinkle Little Stars

A basic, polished coat as the background for neon stars reminds us of the light sticks sold near the beach zone. You can buy a polish blended with stars or adhere star sequins to your nails. All you need is a great opaque base.

Credit: color camp

Glitters on Nails

If you want to put minimum effort and achieve maximum effect, never hesitate to go for a full-on glitter look. Pick a color that matches your outfit the best, and you would be ready for every occasion, from casual hangouts to parties.

Credit: paint box nails


This simple pattern will always have a spot in every list of summer nails! Who doesn’t want to look nice and stylish even when going on a picnic? Match the colors with your picnic mat if you are too much of a perfectionist!

Abstract Designs

There are way too many things we can do on a plain white base. You can create abstract patterns, adhere stickers, line the brush with different colors – let your creativity run wild!

Credit: alicia t nails

Blue Flames

Flames might be too hot for summer, but you can ease the heat by painting them with cooler colors. A broad, round shape of nails will commend this art the best.

Credit: akiko nails nyc


How about adorning only the nail of your ring finger with sequins and extravagant details and making it the opposite of the others? We love keeping the remaining nails natural and tender with polishes and a sprinkle of soft colors on the tips.

Credit: buuchan 717

Nail Shapes for Summer Nails

Square nails

People with long fingers and thin nail beds have no reason to be shy about showing off their pretty hands with square nails! Even block & bold colors won’t bother you. Instead, you will have a clean and stylish look with little maintenance needed.

Oval nails

If you are a fan of nail art, the oval is one of the best shapes for those creative designs. They also make short fingers and stubby nail beds seem longer than they actually are. A person who is into classic femininity and classy vibes would always go for oval nails!

Squoval nails

This combo of square and oval is completely for you if your nail beds are long but wide (rather than thin), regardless of the finger length. As a matter of fact, it works wonderfully for any design, especially geometric patterns.

Round nails

Even if you are a really simple person, there is something for you! Round nails give your short fingers a tidy and elegant vibe whether you decide to leave them untouched or polish them with a trendy color.

Almond nails

As long as your nail beds are long and thin, it doesn’t matter how your fingers are! You can sport every metallic and shiny polish that you like for a chic and glamorous appearance.

Coffin nails

If you can wear squoval or square shapes, you might as well try these coffin nails. They are usually available as acrylic nails with a polished coating that won’t chip or crack. Gorgeous indeed, though they require attention.

Stiletto nails

They are not for everyone due to the expensive price and the necessity of high maintenance, but if you have the time and money for them, they surely can send a strong statement and enhance the beauty of your hands.

How to maintain summer nails?

There are many factors that affect the lasting of your nail polishes such as habits and products in use, and these tips are for you if you wish to prolong the lifecycle of your new nails.

#1. Find a polish that suits you! If the current nail paint you have keeps making the texture chippy, it is a sign to check the label tags for a non-chipping formula.

#2. How you apply the polish matters! You should start from the edges of the nails (the tips, to be specific) before brushing the paint evenly. We favor thin coats because they won’t take long to dry or peel off easily.

#3. Don’t let the polish smear onto your cuticle or skin! Not only does it dry your skin out, but it will also peel the coating off your nails. We know even the experts might make this mistake, and you can save yourself from the issue with a nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

#4. Airdrying is better than drying! You might think a blow dryer helps the coatings dry faster, but pay attention to the nail stations: they use a mini fan instead of a dryer. The heat might force your polish to dry more quickly than it should.

#5. You can reapply the topcoat every two days, and it will look like it has been freshly out of the salon again! Don’t think you can’t fix the design when it looks chipped or peeled.

#6. Never forget gloves when doing chores! Cleaning products and even water can easily damage your manicured nails, and you will feel much safer while tending to these house tasks.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you have found the best summer nails to adorn this lovely season! Don’t be shy about trying bold colors or abstract designs, for summer is the best occasion for you to play with your nails in the most creative ways possible.

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